History Can Be An Amazing Thing

February 21, 2009

If you read much History, you might agree that events often produce very different results from what one might expect. Often times, decisions and strategies accomplish just the opposite from their original intent.

The history of the last twenty years is barely written and the 2008 election is still brand new. After election day I suspect some people thought we ushered in a new day in America. One, in their view, which would shift the country Left and accumulate even more power in Washington, DC.

Is it possible that the election will accomplish just the opposite by fueling a resurgence in the desire for maximum freedom and relief from an all too heavy government hand across the population, instead?

It's possible. But we'll have to wait for the history to be written before we actually know. One thing is certain for now, America is getting all stirred up. Stay tuned.

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  1. Anon says:

    Almost all polls show the stimulus is extremely popular, even accounting for bias I think you would have to admit that a strong majority support what Obama is doing.
    This is because they don’t know any better, same reason they supported the Iraq War for so long, and because ‘stimulus money coming to you’ sounds pretty good…
    When the vast majority of the middle class finds out that the stimulus money is NOT coming to them or anyone they know but is going to frauds, cheats, scammers, liars, criminals, bureacrats and so forth…
    Then we might have something…or not.
    This is what happens when you let your society’s values erode. People are stupid and lazy. Everyone from college students to illegal immigrants now believe they are ENTITLED to all the benefits of capitalism and democracy without any of the RISK or RESPONSIBILITY…it’s only the upside that anyone is wiling to deal with, and unfortunately for us as a country, we have been rich enough to allow and in many cases encourage these insane expectations.
    I find myself agreeing with Rush, in that I hope the stimulus fails completely…becuase if it only mostly, sorta, kinda fails but does provide some benefit to people who actually pay taxes then we might be looking at Obama as a two term president…and a welfare state the like of which has never been seen before in history.

  2. mary says:

    It seems that a lot of people are giving him a pass on the stimulus saying “well it was Pelosi and Reed’s bill”.
    Now in watching the MSM describe the housing “solution” it seems they actually think they know what it is, without really anything written, just rampant rumor, similar to the stimulus bill. What will really matter is eligibility.

  3. mary says:

    It seems that a lot of people are giving him a pass on the stimulus saying “well it was Pelosi and Reed’s bill”.
    Now in watching the MSM describe the housing “solution” it seems they actually think they know what it is, without really anything written, just rampant rumor, similar to the stimulus bill. What will really matter is eligibility.

  4. So, a small number of people who already opposed the stimulus and who no doubt voted for Reps who also opposed the stimulus are organizing demonstrations just for others like them? And, they’re making these explicitly conservative events and thus aren’t trying to peel off any Obama supporters? Doesn’t sound as effective as it could be. In order to be effective, these plans would have to reach out either negatively or positively, but these aren’t doing that.
    Something that would be far more effective – and wouldn’t require so much work – would be to embarrass stim supporters on video by asking them questions (not rants). There’s a question you can ask at my name’s link. It’s odd how people like Insty are promoting these events and promoting “jeering” senators rather than promoting something that would be much more effective.

  5. Jim Treacher says:

    This guy always knows better than everybody else, and yet nobody ever listens to him. Oh well!

  6. Jumbo says:

    I am reading your words and almost crying for your lack of humanity. Your tired attempts to wish away the prosperity and progress of YOUR NATION is embarrassing. The world is watching and waiting for some sense of adult leadership and Obama is doing it. Please remember as you hope for America’s failure that it happened on bush’s watch. it happened because of GOP policies (remember the congress was GOP for the last 13 or so years, right? The last 8 including the WH.) So to look to your fellow citizens and wish their failure (how about: there but for the grace of God go I?) without acknowledging your own party’s culpability really shows limbaugh has truly owned your mind. Thinks about it: limbaugh, the drug addicted, over sexed, overweight, blowhard, little boy lover is the GOP LEADER now. How about that? And then theres Boehner and Cantor…Boy howdy, what a bunch – you betcha. Palin/Plumber 2012.
    Folks, this is serious. Your neighbors and fellow citizens need your help. Why on earth would you turn you backs on them, just to follow orders from o’reilly and beck? Really…You know those guys are millionarires right? they don’t care about you – or me. They care about their careers – which you support. Please don’t feel good about yourselves if your choice is the gasbags on hate radio or your own family and friends.

  7. Anon says:

    There is no objective reason to believe the stimulus will work, the history of massive government intervention to forestall economic crisis is pretty bad. Economists don’t even agree whether the New Deal was a positive or negative in getting the country out of the Great Depression.
    Forget Rush, O’Reilly, there are A LOT of people who
    1) don’t think the stimulus will work
    2) don’t think that stupid risky behavior–bankers, auto executives, homeowners–should be rewarded
    3) are very nervous about heaping trillions more debt on the country already reeling from Bush’s debt
    4) seriously wonder what the ‘post stimulus’ plan is going to be once this new set of government entitlements and government jobs are already in place
    5) don’t believe the government is capable of spending the money fast enough or efficient enough to make a difference even IF the plan itself made sense [which it doesn’t]
    This collapse goes so far beyond the Bush Administration that it isn’t even funny, it has been coming since the 1980s, it is a wholly bipartisan affair, supported and enabled by Republicans and Democrats alike.

  8. southdakotaboy says:

    Jumbo it really is funny to sit here and watch you reap the rewards of all the hatered the left has pumped out for the last 8 years. Your side did everything in its power to stop the right in this country from doing what it felt was best for the nation. You spit in our faces (figuratively sometimes other time literally). Your side actively did things to harm our nation for your own political gain.
    Well now you guys are in charge and you are starting to realize how destructive that kind of behavior can be when you are on the recieving end. I for one am not in a forgiving mood. I would rather Obama fails and be worse off than let you guys succeed. Seriously. I want you guys to fail. I want all the people who voted for this guy to be misserable.
    You reap what you sow Jumbo and you guys have 8 years of hatred coming right back at you! Hope you enjoy. Maybe next time you will not be so quick to spew hate at people who disagree with you. Probably not though lefties are to stupid to learn anything.

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    George Sorros Plays Chicken Little In Reuters Report
    There goes Mr. Sorros again The sky is falling! The sky is falling!, hes yelling from the rooftops (Reuters). Well I have a bit of news for Georgie-boy: P…

  10. MarkJ says:

    How’s it feel to now be on permanent defense? Be sure to give us regular reports from “Planet Hope & Change,” okay?

  11. Mark Turner says:

    Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama all seemed to assume, quite erroneously, that their victories were mandates for the American people for unbridled liberalism. Carter only survived one term and Clinton suffered a huge political slap in the face in 1994 for his hard left turn. If history genuinely does repeat itself, the same is in store for Obama. The decisive victory in November was more about the “hope and change” mantra – the hope that Washington will change from its “business as usual” mentality (also a theme employed by Clinton); it also was an emphatic body blow to the GOP that voters were angry about the country’s strategic direction. The vast majority of the America people operate in the center-left to center-right swathe of political thought. They don’t like extremes, one way or the other. Obama represents the left extreme. His impressive popularity numbers are typical of most presidents in their first few months in office (including Bush, Clinton) — in Obama’s case, more for his personal charisma than his ideology, political agenda, or performance to date.

  12. Mark Turner says:

    OK Jumbo:
    First of all, Democratic party policy is also strongly to blame for the current economic slowdown — subprime lending is one of the root causes, and that was championed by the Democrats.
    Secondly, our current situation is the result of a combination of factors accumulated over several decades, including but not limited to: wasteful government spending as a whole, a culture of invulnerability on Wall Street and in corporate America’s boardrooms as a whole (entitlement and bailout mentality), reckless consumer spending, and reckless lending by the banking system.
    “The world is watching and waiting for some sense of adult leadership and Obama is doing it”
    On what evidence do you make this assertion? I live overseas and there is certainly not a sense that any great leadership has been demonstrated by Obama to date — actually quite the opposite. There is also extreme skepticism with regard to the efficacy of this “stimulus” package recently passed by congress. The markets have reacted unfavorably, and rightfully so. Keynesian economic spending works when there is careful monitoring of government spending and targeting to high economic impact programs and projects. This is clearly not the case with the “stimulus” as written. I doubt anyone bothered to do a cost-benefit analysis on the spending it includes, or the package as a whole.
    “…just to follow orders from o’reilly and beck? Really…You know those guys are millionarires right?”
    If you do a little research, you will find that many Democratic members of congress, major donors to the both political parties, and Obama himself, are also millionaires.
    If you are going to make ranting posts decrying GOP party policy and exhalting the Obama administration on conservative blog sites, please make sure you have your facts straight first, unless you enjoy looking foolish and ignorant.

  13. rrpjr says:

    I love the leftist cries for “humanity” and adulthood. These are the same people who would have demonstrated their “humanity” by tossing 30 million Iraqis to the tender mercies of al Qaeda just to see Bush embarrassed. And the stimulus bill represents an adult solution? It was juvenile in every step of its conception and execution, process and policy, in its a hasty and contemptuous disregard for due diligence, in its a wanton childlike grab for goodies. Jumbo, you’re a joke.

  14. Mark Turner says:

    …and Jumbo –
    While you are crying about the “lack of humanity” you read on this website, perhaps you should also be crying about the apparent lack of humanity exhibited by our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she recently vowed not to let human rights concerns hinder cooperation with China (which brutally suppresses political dissent). This is a drastic departure in foreign policy from the tone of the Bush administration.

  15. Ted says:

    Only a liberal idiot could possess enough industrial-strength cognitive dissonance to bemoan a “lack of humanity” and then say “Thinks about it: limbaugh, the drug addicted, over sexed, overweight, blowhard, little boy lover”
    I could live to be 1000 years old and never understand how any liberal person could be taken seriously, or even considered intelligent. Nothing but hatred, illogic, and willful blindness.