There’s More To America Than That

February 28, 2009

Two quality writers pen mostly obituaries for what it is we conceived of as America just last year.

Mark Steyn and Jonathan Kay – no doubt the work of Allah's hand in selecting headlines at Hot Air.

While it would be foolish to dismiss the impact of what's happening in Washington today, America remains more than what those gentlemen might see in it right now. However small any protest in the world there often is, there's a marked difference between what's still just beginning in America and what one is accustomed to seeing from abroad in an Internet video, or on TV.

I'm not speaking of protests aligned with the American Left we know all too well. This is something different and so too will be the path, actions and outcome from the emerging Tea Party movement. (Protest babe alert – white skirt, blue shirt as an aside) That is not the look of the all too often protesting Left here or abroad, now is it?

 No, it is not.

You might also note her color, not because it means everything, or nothing, but because it does mean something.

We are not only the racially, economically or socially divided America Obama and the media would have you believe exists. These early protests represent both the broadest and best of America. And they tell you America has something very much on her mind.

For another thing, the rage factor tends to be all but completely tamped down in what we're seeing. That isn't a bad thing; these are pragmatic purposeful people. They are the American people you rarely if ever see in the news, let alone making waves.

But they are making waves. Obviously they want to be heard. And one thing that has not yet changed in America is that when it's real population, not some fringe group, wants seriously enough to be heard, it is.

To this day there is not and has never been a military or government, foreign or domestic, that has managed to shut up, shout down, or defeat the American people when they were determined to be heard and mostly get their way.

Unless or until I see that happen for myself, stuff the obituaries, decide whose side you're on and if you're going to fight, otherwise just get the hell out of the way.

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  1. ThomasD says:

    Right now, for me it’s been a combination of too short notice, too busy, and too far – the nearest Tea Party occurring a little under four hours away by car.
    I know I’m not alone in my situation, I also know that the longer this continues that other opportunities for for participation will arise and also that more people will take time to attend and make their voices heard.
    Hold the line. Reinforcements are on the way.

  2. seguin says:

    You know, that lady in the white skirt has an incredible figure for someone her age.

  3. Mendicant Optimist says:

    For anyone who’s interested, the “babe” in the white skirt and blue shirt is Frances Rice, the President of the National Black Republican Association. According to her YouTube video, she was born in the “early forties” and has been a Republican for as long as she can remember.

  4. “To this day there is not and has never been a military or government, foreign or domestic, that has managed to shut up, shout down, or defeat the American people”
    Uhhh… have you BEEN to Hudson County?

  5. Dan Riehl says:

    That isn’t America, Snitch – that’s NJ.

  6. cindi says:

    ahhhhhhh NJ, now there is a country that needs a good bombing!

  7. joan kyriazes says:

    Amen to what Thomas D. says. Keep these little protests coming; they’ll get bigger. I couldn’t make the one in Chicago, as I had to work. But IN SPIRIT I was there. Suggestion to organizers: make them on the weekend, or, during spring break week, which is coming up in a couple of weeks; a lot of public schools are off starting March 20. Also, you might see a huge turnout by July 4th.

  8. Loren A. Jacobs says:

    This activity is refreshing to the soul. I had just sent my Senator John Cornyn a letter asking him, as chairman of the GOP Senators, to get them going on this abomination and not to take this laying down. Thank you to all who have participated now and to all who will be participating in the future. It does an “old man”‘s heart good to see the SPIRIT of AMERICA in action.

  9. 13yankeebravo says:

    Senator Jim DeMint has come out for the Tea Partys per a artical on WND.

  10. Nathan says:

    Likewise, I was planning on attending our tea party in AZ, but got stuck in a meeting at work. This is all just the start.

  11. Peg C. says:

    I couldn’t make the tea party in NYC, had to work. My heart was with all the tea parties, though, esp. Santa Monica since I worked there for so long.
    This is an excellent post. What we see going on in D.C. is about as evil as anything in this country has ever been (since slavery was abolished, certainly), but this honest, true grassroots movement shows exactly what the American people are made of. We will not take this lying down and the American spirit cannot be suppressed. We will bounce back. The frauds and con artists in D.C. had better watch their backs.

  12. Popcorn says:

    Took three ‘strikes’ to get things going at Lexington and Concord. Is this the first strike? Or are we quicker on the uptake these days?

  13. Lea says:

    I didn’t see any tea partys listed in Arkansas and it was too short notice to get to Dallas. Agree that they need to give some notice or put these things on the weekend and they’ll start getting more turnout. If it’s going to be on a Friday, most of us have to take off work, which may require more than a days notice, depending on the week.

  14. Andrew says:

    Great post! I just thought I would add a link to our video and pictures from the Chicago protest.

  15. Alana says:

    I couldn’t get a ride to the one in my area.
    But I was so thrilled at the turnout (in the pouring rain, yet)!
    I hope there will be more of these on a nationwide level, that I can attend. I don’t plan on taking the theft and looting of my country sitting down.