Another Day, Another Town

March 16, 2009

Another day, another town. A circus must roll on in America if it is to be a real circus. There's not much adventure in running away from home to join the local Shriner's Club, after all.

There are two traveling circuses in America just now, which is not to say they are both un-serious and being provided for entertainment value alone. Though I suspect one is.

Some days it is the circus of Hope, other days it's the one of pessimism. Both having been staged for effect. Today there is outrage on display in the Big Tent. Apparently it will also offer up a side show Tonight. Sometimes it solicits large donations from big benefactors to build neo-classical stages that amuse. But if the wind changes it might just rhetorically tear down those same benefactors to give you a new show.

Meanwhile another more genuine circus is making its way around America. Currently, Obama's Big Tent is starting to look frantic in its attempts to draw in the new crowd. Will it work? I have my doubts. These are two uniquely different circuses and I'm not sure they travel the same roads.

And travel circuses must. Which brings me to my real point. The latter circus doesn't need clowns, they are more of the first type of circus, at least I hope. But it must have music. At some point any genuine circus, or potential American Revolution demands it, don't you think? I do.

So I offer up the following particular bit of music not because I think it ultimately apropos. But because I like it and we are, after all, still traveling even if the destination remains somewhat unclear. And a good circus like a good train must roll along. We may as well enjoy the ride.

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  1. Philip McDaniel says:

    Thanks, Dan