Maxine Waters Unlocks The Door

March 24, 2009

From a tip in comments – You unlock this door with the key of imagination.

Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into the Twilight Maxine Zone.

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  1. Willis says:

    It’s obvious that The Juice at Goldman Sachs are part of a secret cabal running the banks and the country!!!!!!!!!!!They’re everywhere!

  2. ac halle says:

    …..Cold opening for a new Star Trek series.
    We is in a heap ‘O trouble.

  3. ginger snaps says:

    Dan et al. The other funny part of today is that Geithner and Bernanke were wearing the same tie. A tie which some say was buy one get the second 30% off at Brooks Bros. Too funny. What a day.

  4. jimzinsocal says:

    Maxine. Look at your ceiling tonight at 1:00 AM
    This message will appear

  5. in_awe says:

    She was getting worked up to spew out some anti-Semitic comment and just ran out of time. Maxine Waters is one of the most despicable (and stupidest) people in Congress. She is a pox upon our nation.

  6. Mark Turner says:

    With this level of dysfunction among members of congress (and Waters is by no means the only one), is it any wonder that the country is in the degenerated state it’s in now? Of course, she may just be echoing the concerns of her electorate — which is also rather disturbing.

  7. mike191 says:

    Maxine,you are living proof why the ghosts of the Committee of Public Safety lives on today in your insane mind. I know what the community feels about Goldman Sachs,you tell me ,or off with your head.

  8. MarkJ says:

    Grim joke:
    Question: If we discover that another airplane has been hijacked by terrorists and is headed toward Capitol Hill, what should we do?
    Answer: The only logical thing: post aircraft beacons along Pennsylvania Avenue to ensure the plane doesn’t miss.

  9. Tom Jones says:

    Snotty cow.

  10. Jack says:

    Maybe I’m just projecting, but I love Geithner’s look around 3:40.

  11. Junkyardgod says:

    Have you now, or have you ever been a member of Goldman-Sachs?

  12. Peg C. says:

    MarkJ, thank you for saying that so I don’t have to. I’ve had much the same thought since about 2003.
    Again, I say, read Vince Flynn’s “Term Limits.”

  13. Beth Donovan says:

    “Maybe I’m just projecting, but I love Geithner’s look around 3:40. ”
    me too. Most admirable thing I’ve ever seen Geithner do.
    And ya know, I have to wonder what the ‘connections’ are between Maxine Waters and little green men from Mars are.

  14. Jack is Back says:

    Obviously, there is no branch of Goldman-Sachs in Compton or Watts. But Maxine, amazingly, was on to something but she just doesn’t have all the thread to do all the knitting. There are plenty of dots to connect: Paulson, ex-chair of Goldman, Sachs, appoints Ed Liddy to AIG as a $1/year savior who takes the first two tranches of Fed loans and distributes to the investment banks like Goldman that took out CDS (credit default swaps) from AIG Financial Products division. Why do people think AIG faltered? Because, it was over leveraged in CDS’s (which are insurance policies for loss risk on CDO’s). So, like in Sci-Fi, there is a nugget of truth there.

  15. JorgXMcKie says:

    Sure, Jack is Back, but let’s consider here. AIG is an *insurance* company. It is failing due to having more claims than assets (essentially). We decide to save it by giving it more assets (in return for 80% of its stock or something). It then uses these assets *to pay off* the claims. Heavens to Betsy. Who could have foreseen that rescuing an insurance company would amount to enabling it to pay off its claims?

  16. Doug Santo says:

    Don’t laugh too much folks, this is our government!
    Doug Santo
    Pasadena, CA

  17. OCBill says:

    It’s too bad she’s so stupid. There has been some discussion of whether this is a bunch of closely-connected Wall Street execs distributing money to the companies where they have the closest connections, e.g. companies where they had been CEO. She could have skipped the innuendo if she’d bother to do ANY reasearch in advance of her questioning, and by so doing made what I think was going to be her point. Given that, I think her would-be point is largely irrelevant to the current crisis and its resolution.

  18. Peach says:

    Too bad we can’t hold hearings and grill Maxine about her and her husbands very, very questionable relationship with One- United – a bank with unethical practices itself.
    Why people elect criminals is beyond me.

  19. TM says:

    What I can’t figure out is what did people think AIG was going to do with the bailout money. They needed to be bailed out from making bad trades in the financial markets. Since trading is a zero sum game, meaning as one side makes money the other loses money, then what we can learn here is that AIG was not very good at trading. So who would they give the bailout money to? The people who they were losing money against. Who are thise people? Other wall street firms. Why is that so difficult?
    To make it easier, let’s assume you did some work on your house and you owe money to a couple of contractors. You don’t have the money. I give you the money. Who are you going to give the money to? You aren’t going to give them money to your neighbor or put it under the bed, you are going to give it to the contractors to pay your debt.

  20. Rulewriter says:

    Hey now. I live in MW’s district and as much as I think she’s an unqualified, racist, conspiracy theorist; Queen Maxine did fight to keep the King-Drew Medical Center open even though its level of incompetence rivaled her own…

  21. Cargosquid says:

    Why is it that anyone ever answers this woman? She already has her answers and no other answers will matter. It is true that Waters is actually onto something. The bailouts were invented so that Congress can save THEIR money and THEIR friends…..

  22. Swamp Rabbit says:

    I would love to get her and Barney Frank, locked in a room together with Glen Beck.
    OsamaHusseinIslamObama 2012′
    (the terrorist choice)
    -It’s never to early to campaign-

  23. Oh My says:

    You know she wanted to say “A small cabal of joooooooos is to blame, aren’t they?”

  24. Jaafar says:

    Well, yes, Maxine Waters knew what she was doing. She was asking a whole series of questions she already knew the answers to. The only thing she wanted was to coerce “Yes” answers from Geithner. I actually felt sorry for him, but he should have had the presence of mind to challenge her. To wit: “You are asking a whole list of questions, and you already know the answers to those questions. So could we please skip to the point you are trying to make?”
    Then she might have been able to slip in some comment about The Joos. But, since that would be political suicide, she just left it Floating In The Maxine Zone.
    A truly, truly nauseating performance.

  25. Bawney Fwank says:

    If Maxine Waters is such a despicable moron, howcome she keeps getting re-elect…wait, nevermind. I’m pretty sure I just figured it out.

  26. Boomer says:

    I’d love to sit in a hearing where she could ask me questions. I’d love to frustrate the daylights out of her by repeatedly saying “I don’t understand your question.”, and make her repeat her insipid droning. When she gave me that “Yes or no?” line she’s so fond of, I’d just respond “It’s not a yes or no question, Ms. Waters.” My god this would be like shooting fish in a washtub.
    Just for laughs I’d get too close to the microphone so the sound was distorted with pops and buzzes, the way she does, and I’d grab the mic every 10 seconds or so just to show how easily I can be distracted.
    Man if they weren’t dealing with my money this would be the funniest show on television.
    More’s the pity.
    Where’s Casey Stengel when you need him the most?

  27. Todd says:

    Sure, Jack is Back, but let’s consider here. AIG is an *insurance* company. It is failing due to having more claims than assets (essentially). We decide to save it by giving it more assets (in return for 80% of its stock or something). It then uses these assets *to pay off* the claims. Heavens to Betsy. Who could have foreseen that rescuing an insurance company would amount to enabling it to pay off its claims?
    Posted by: JorgXMcKie | Wednesday, March 25, 2009 at 09:39 AM
    The question remains as to why the holders of credit default swaps issued by AIG should be paid back 100 cents on the dollar; and if so, why this shouldn’t be considered TARP money these firms should also have to pay back in full before they can be free of government restrictions on executive pay? Essentially, these payouts are back door payments in the tens of billions of dollars without any strings attached to investment banks, one of the major recipients being Goldman Sachs whom Hank Paulsen was recently CEO of. It was the responsibility of these firms to have done some due diligence on AIG’s ability to pay on all the CDS’s they wrote, and these firms should accept a payout substantially less than 100% on the dollar based upon their poor due diligence.
    The US government (read US taxpayer) will never get back anything close to the $165 billion (plus any future billions to go to the bottomless pit of AIG) but should be entitled to have future claims on the earnings of all the entities that got paid 100 cent on the dollar by AIG, when they should have gotten only say 70 cents on the dollar.