Obama: Change You Can’t Believe In

April 6, 2009

Flashback to this press release:

“America deserves a leader who speaks truthfully about the Armenian Genocide and responds forcefully to all genocides. I intend to be that President.”

Fast-forward to Karen Tumulty on Twitter today. Just words….

In Turkey, Obama avoids using the word "genocide" to describe 1915 slaughter of Armenians. In campaign, promised to declare it so.

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  1. ajacksonian says:

    Well, its a Democratic tradition. Woodrow Wilson ignored his ambassador who came back and told him about it when it was going on. Seeking backbone on the subject *now*… well just how many Democratic Presidents have we had since then?

  2. jaime says:

    For people who throw little hissyfits about what gifts Obama gives to foreign dignitaries, I can’t believe you’re actually advocating that he stand on Turkish soil (our only true Muslim ally) and call them murderers? Is this what you really want? I guarantee you if he had done what you are advocating, you would have been angry at how Obama is screwing up our foreign policy and him talking about genocide in Turkey is proof positive of that. You hate him if he does A and will hate him even if he does the polar opposite. Can you people BE any more transparent?

  3. ajacksonian says:

    How about some consistency and backbone from Barack Obama? He was the one who brought it up as something worth doing while in the Senate.
    He can say that he was wrong, then, to support talking turkey to the Turks, or,
    He can say that Senators have no damned place pontificating on foreign policy and should be ignored on it (thus ignoring his own talking on the subject and really toasting the hash of Senators), or,
    He can do as every Democratic President since the one in office when the Armenian Genocide happened and just be quiet about the topic and never talk about it, thus implicitly sanctioning it and yet showing his own spinelessness on the subject. Killing millions was good enough for old Woody to keep quiet! He didn’t want to go to war with Turkey, and po’d the Allies during WWI for that, too, which is why he didn’t get very much say in Versailles.
    If you say it and mean it, then carry through with it.
    If you have no intention of carrying through with it, ever, don’t say it no matter how much you really mean it as you are then seeking someone else to do your ‘nice idea’ while you have no intention of doing it if put up to the job. Don’t call for other people to do dirty work you have no intention of doing if you get the chance.
    Can he get criticized on all sides on this?
    Who put him in that position?
    He can look in a mirror.
    Who made the decision to run for the office where this could be done?
    Check that mirror out again.
    If you ever tout his Harvard credentials, how smart he is, how splendiferous he is, how right he is on everything, then you had best ask what sort of spine he has not to carry through with something he obviously believed in. And if he doesn’t then he does need to let us know what changed his mind about it. Some honesty from the man and his backers would be nice, for a change, and leave the excuses behind. He wanted the job, he got the job and now he has to decide if he really, and for true, meant anything he has carried on about in his extremely short career.
    He could do the right thing, by his own jaw-boning and po the Turks. Serve ‘em right after they screwed around right before Iraq hit the pot. An extra US division at the starting line would have rounded up a lot of folks that otherwise escaped… thus causing all the harping about how Iraq was carried out incompetently. Yeah, I would actually support him in cheesing the Turks and being ethical in doing as he said he would do.
    I’m disgusted that he can’t.
    If he can’t do that with Turkey, then what will he do with folks a bit rougher, like Putin, Achmydinnerjacket, or Mr. Kim and his Magical Kingdom of NoKo?
    Being President is often a ‘no win’ situation, in case you have missed that little point throughout US history. Truman had it worse. Wilson had it worse. Lincoln had it worse on nearly a daily basis. Even Washington had the Whiskey Rebellion and not knowing if the militia would come out to support him or if he was going to ride alone…

  4. Lala says:

    Harvard graduate thinks Austrians speak Austrian.

  5. seekeronos says:

    “— Harvard graduate thinks Austrians speak Austrian. —”
    lol… epic fail! (Grosser Fehler!)
    Austrians speak German (Die Österreicher Volk sprechen Deutsche.)