State Controlled Media Has Arrived

June 16, 2009

This is the stuff of apparatchiks and Politburos, not a healthy, ethical free press. ABC will become the Obama network to sell his health care plan for an entire day.

I was going to start by saying, unbelievable. But given the media's coverage of Obama from the primary to November, it may not be as unbelievable as it should. This is the single most dangerous thing for this Republic I've seen from their dysfunctional relationship since Obama announced and they fell in love. Health care reform is a major issue that will ultimately impact every American living and to be born. If anything, we need a balanced debate by a media that hasn't picked a side.

I'm not even sure it'll help Obama as much as he may think, but the principle here is even more important. I don't know if ABC will cave, but if they offer Republicans a half hour at the end, or an hour some other night, it is not the same thing. This can't be happening here.

On the night of June 24, the media and government become one, wen(sic) ABC turns its programming over to President Obama and White House officials to push government run health care — a move that has ignited an ethical firestorm!

Highlights on the agenda:

ABCNEWS anchor Charlie Gibson will deliver WORLD NEWS from the Blue Room of the White House.

The network plans a primetime special — 'Prescription for America' — originating from the East Room, exclud(ing)e opposing voices on the debate.

(Ken McKay - RNC Chief of Staff) — As the national debate on health care reform intensifies, I am deeply concerned and disappointed with ABC's astonishing decision to exclude opposing voices on this critical issue on June 24, 2009. Next Wednesday, ABC News will air a primetime health care reform “town hall” at the White House with President Barack Obama. In addition, according to an ABC News report, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, WORLD NEWS, NIGHTLINE and ABC’s web news “will all feature special programming on the president’s health care agenda.” This does not include the promotion, over the next 9 days, the president’s health care agenda will receive on ABC News programming.

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  1. carolyn says:

    It’s time to boycott ABC and let them rethink their position of bias which is not only dangerous to this country, but will lead down the path of facism. LEt’s call a nationwide boycott and see how it will hit them, right in the pocketbook. We cannot allow this demogogory to go on any longer. I am all for boycotts because they work. We have to take back control of this country, and money speaks louder than ideaology with these corporations. THis isn ‘t a democrat or republican issue, this is an American Issue, and it begins with a fair, balanced and free press.

  2. No one’s going to tune into that unless they already have an opinion. Obama will just be preaching to choir. Or should I say, The Dear Anointed One, the Lamb of Chicago, He of the Glistening Pecs and Radiant Halos, will be reading a Teleprompter to the Moonies and Kool-Aid drinkers who adoringly worship his shadow.

  3. Joseph Brown says:

    We’re already going down the road to fascism,IMnsHO. Watch any History/History International channel show about the rise of Adolf Hitler and see the same thing happening now that happened then. You know, all the manchild has to do is declare martial law and he’s got a lifetime job!
    It seems that any crackpot idea he comes up with, a lot of idiots go along with it. And notice how everything has to be done now or we’re in for a real catastropy, sorta like global warming.
    And when some sort of man-made disaster comes along, the manchild jumps on AF-1(his personal Checker Cab) and flees to some place safe(for him), leaving his yes-men to deal with it.
    Most everything the manchild comes up with is just more pie in the sky BS.

  4. charles hunter says:

    i would boycott cbs [letterman]& abc [government tv]
    but i haven’t watched either for years

  5. penelopesire says:

    It’s time to boycott their advertisers! Here is one that is on the ABCNews website this morning. Let them hear from you!
    AXA Equitable:

  6. Ran says:

    Carolyn, I’m with you on the boycott. More, we already avoid GE products and NBC programming and websites. When our washing machine, range oven and fridge packed it in over the past few years – ancient beasts from the early ’70s – we outright refused to even consider GE replacements. ABC TV’s turn, and ABC radio, too.
    If ABC and NBC wish to support the war on our free-market system, I believe it’s time to return the favor by granting my support and hard-earned dollars to viable alternatives.

  7. mark l. says:

    the healthcare thing goes nowhere…
    this is not a question of obama having the votes in the senate, and trying to shore up public support to help the senators find cover. he has to go to the public for the very reason that senators from his own party will reject his plan.
    this is a last ditch effort, but the point of focus should not be ABC, it should be a matter of keeping the heat on the senators who appear to be vulnerable for 2010 AND 2012. will something pass? sure.
    does supporting the healthcare increase one’s political capital, or expend it?
    if it was the former, the president wouldn’t have to use ABC as a pulpit.

  8. mark l. says:

    a couple of days ago, instapundit asked where the tea party protests should go…
    govt controlled healthcare looks like a very rich vein. the messiah getting booed by the AMA would lead one to believe that the size of the crowds could very well increase.
    location is key. find your senator’s office. establish your time and point of protest, call your senator, and ask his office to ask if he would care to attend, so that he may defend the idea of govt involvement-on the heels of the stimulus, gm/chrysler bailout, banking bailout, etc.

  9. syn says:

    This has reached beyond the Creepy Factor.
    To all my dear political opponents in America, we may not agree on all issues (a healthy position of Liberty) however are you not as creeped out by the State-controlled news agencies (aka what Breitbart terms Democrat-Media-Complex)
    Now my political opponents can hate all things Republican, George W. Bush, Gov Palin, Christians, and Capitalists if they so choose however do you really like the fact that America no longer has this vital and necessary tool called “Free Press”?
    Seriously my dear Americans who are my political opponent, at what point will you realize that this action is the behavior of Tyrants?
    Do you really want to live “The Lives of Others”?

  10. Does anybody else remember that ABC is owned by Disney? If you’re going to boycott somebody, make it meaningful.

  11. Mr. B says:

    Come now, my conservative friends, why is it that the one party always cries foul about press attention to the other party, regardless of who is in power? If this had been a year ago and ABC would have done the same thing for a Bush promoted issue, would this same author have put up a howl about the supposed ethical principle being violated? Would they?
    Let us be honest. We are jealous and mad we can’t get our say on the same show as obama. Then again, when was the last time that ultra conservative pundits like Hannity or Limbaugh invited reasoned and thoughtful debate from the opposition on their programs? Like…never! The only opposition they allow is a short sound bite from some screaming lunatic that they can make fun of. Why isn’t this author crying about the ethical injustice on those programs and the stations that air them? I think the answer is obvious. We agree and like what they say, so that makes it OK.
    Can we say, hypocrite?

  12. xerocky says:

    “Why isn’t this author crying about the ethical injustice on those programs and the stations that air them? I think the answer is obvious. We agree and like what they say, so that makes it OK.
    Can we say, hypocrite?”
    Well, I just don’t remember ABC or Fox or anybody for that matter turning over an entire show from the white house to promote, oh let’s say privatizing Social Security. Did he? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t seem to recall that.
    And if they had, you Mr. B would go straight over to Daily Kos and tell them to remain calm, right?

  13. Mr. B says:

    Actually, I would bet that if Bush would have offered any news organization an exclusive to cover something as controversial as Social Security privitization, they would have jumped at it.
    As to the Daily Kos, I had never heard of it until you suggested it. I went there for a bit. I’m happy to say that extreme liberals are just as brainless as extreme conservatives. I have come to distrust extremism in any direction and I have no faith in information I get from anybody who is a party hardliner of either party. While my own views lean towards the conservitive on many issues, I would be saddened to be labeled as conservative or liberal.
    Finally, one more thought on the press. The history of our country is not one of the press being the thoughtful and unbiased provider of facts and news. Most use their freedom to be biased. Newspapers and entire sydicates have routinely sided with one party or one candidate and used all the powers of their presentation, thruthful or otherwise, to support their view or person. While I would wish for a thoughtful and unbiased source of news, it wouldn’t sell papers or air time. The average fifth-grade-mentality citizen wants sensationalism and conflict, not facts. He or she can always get that sensationalism from the hardliners and ultra biased of either party.

  14. “Actually, I would bet that if Bush would have offered any news organization an exclusive to cover something as controversial as Social Security privitization, they would have jumped at it.”
    But they didn’t, and no news organization offered it.
    Now, let’s be clear what you’re doing here, which is trying to avoid what your Obamamessiah and your Obama Party are doing by blaming Bush.
    Only in this case, you can’t blame Bush for it because he didn’t do it. So instead of trying to stay anchored in reality, you try to blame Bush using hypotheticals, meaning you are blaming Bush for something HE NEVER DID.
    Meanwhile, let’s be more precise. Since the Obama Party demands full control over this broadcast, they must pay for it and mark it as the commercial it is. Their failure to do so constitutes a breach of campaign finance law. I want Mr. B to state publicly that, from henceforth, political commercials no longer are required to be labeled as such and that networks must provide them for free to anyone who desires them.

  15. Ran says:

    “why is it that the one party always cries foul about press attention to the other party,” Mr. B raises an excellent point.
    Attention is one thing. Blatant fellatio is something else… Bush never enjoyed the “attention” of Fox quite like this, especially with Murdoch openly supporting Hillary and half of it’s employees donating to Demos. No… What ABC and NBC are doing falls nothing short of total obeisance. This isn’t bias nor even open favoritism… they’ve devolved into sycophantic prostitutes. ‘B’, of course, could reduce this to mere ‘open favoritism’ by pointing to even one reporter who is an outspoken opponent of the Obama machine at ABC or NBC. [Sorry, Jake Tapper is hardly an opponent. Don't even pretend.]

  16. daveinboca says:

    Back when I worked for 20/20, I met with Av Westin, the father of the current nepotistic nerd-in-charge. Like all nerds, the Westins are socialists who hate individual excellence since the family possesses none of it themselves. Ditto for the other networks, all holding tanks for third-rate “journalists” with little or no clue as to how a business works.
    Sadly, I doubt John Stoessel will be in the Blue Room. Probably Diane Sawyer, who worked in the Nixon WH before she defected and other refugees from excellence who infest the ABC newsroom.
    I’ll bet the very epitome of Chicago corruption will appear on the newscast to be interviewed by Gibson [himself from Evanston originally] and the undocumented alien BHO will condescendingly explain how he is going to ruin the US health system. Watch for lies, damned lies, and statistics from all the MSM losers who get their info from the DNC or the White House henchboys Rahm & Axelgrease.

  17. wrhr says:

    Where’s the short term memory on Obama’s Harry and Louise ad he used against Hillary Clinton in Cincinnati- that was before he adopted Hillary Clinton’s plan:
    Paul Krugman on Obama’s disgusting ad:

  18. Sophomore says:

    Give me a break. The networks went to the White House when W was President, too – I recall both serious news interviews and total fluff about the First Lady’s Christmas decorations.
    Conservatives have always been well represented on ABC’s public affairs programming. Case in point, the most recent edition of This Week, only 2 days ago – Kathleen Sebelius, Mitt Romney and John Boehner. 2 out of 3 Republicans. Another in a long line of visits from conservative voices – for crying out loud, George Will practically has an endowed chair and he’s strongly opposed to Obamacare.
    Conservatives get a fair chance to state their case; they don’t get to be the only voices out there.

  19. MKS says:

    It should be well established by now that most of the “mainstream media” in most “western” nations is extremely leftist. ABC is merely casting away the pretence of objective reporting.
    The more important consideration is what to do about it. Boycotting ABC is a start. Switching to Fox might be an additional step. For long-term improvement, however, colleges and universities must be restricted to getting money only from students, parents, and private sources (i.e., none from governments) so they can be held accountable to their customers. The tendency of these institutions to use coercive means to propagate leftist journalists, judges, and professors is gradually strangling free speech and free thought in this nation.
    I do not wish to see our current left-wing extremism replaced with right-wing extremism. I simply would like to see us cherish and protect freedom.

  20. Jeremy says:

    That anyone is still watching ABC, CNN, FOX or any of these news channels is beyond me.
    Look up the military analyst program and how the pentagon paid military advisors to act as “independent” analysts (e.g. drumming up support for the war and downplaying detainee abuse).
    The more we rely on mainstream news, the more misinformed the republic becomes.

  21. Smokey says:

    Nice try, Sophomore. I can cherry-pick isolated examples, too.
    But defending the Administration’s cozying up to its propaganda organ shows your true colors: State-controlled media is A-OK, right?

  22. mercifurious says:

    Nice. I get it. Claiming a media/gov conspiracy & using a tabloid as a source. Love to see someone get laughed out of a university for handing that in. (and way to fulfill the stereotype about education level).

  23. Try Thinking For A Change says:

    You do understand that Drudge is full of sh*t, don’t you?
    I’d say you are a real Kool-Aid drinker, except Drudge serves a saltier, and more viral, cocktail to the rubes.

  24. Sophomore says:

    Smokey – if you go back over the past year, I guarantee you there has been healthy representation of Republican viewpoints on ABC News This Week – in fact, much more than their party’s share of the elected branches of government.
    Just so you won’t say I’m cherrypicking, here’s NBC and CBS’ lineup from last Sunday:
    Meet the Press has Joe Biden, Mike Murphy, and Joe Scarborough (two Rs, one D)
    Face The Nation has Mitch McConnell and Dick Durbin. (one R, one D)
    The numbers go up and down, week to week, but there’s NO question Rs get a chance to have their point of view on air, even on the dread MSM, even on ABC.
    As for your comment that the US has a state-run media, are you watching the news from Iran today? Now that’s a state-run media. East Germany and Albania in 1985? State-run media. Don’t trivialize the repression of a true police state by comparing it to the US.

  25. Rob Crawford says:

    “You do understand that Drudge is full of sh*t, don’t you?”
    Where is he wrong on this story?