Republicowards Afraid Of Sarah Palin?

July 10, 2009

It seems the media just can't get enough of Sarah Palin. When it comes to some of the typical Republicowards, not so much. Credit Blunt, Grassley and I'd imagine other conservative and more principled Republicans on the Hill for not being Scaredy-crats. The irony is that many of these weak-kneed, big government Republicrats are probably less popular than Palin. We really do need to see more primary challenges from Republicans who are serious about less government and fiscal restraint. Or, conservatives need to think about abandoning more and more Republicans who are almost as bad as Democrats. Settling for Democrat-lite isn't going to get it done.

Republicans facing tough elections in 2010 don’t want Sarah Palin campaigning with them.

Though the soon-to-be-former Alaska governor is seen as popular with the conservative grass roots, several Republicans said she’d help them by staying home in Wasilla.

Several of these Republicans hail from districts or states carried in 2008 by President Obama, a frequent target of Palin’s criticism. Republicans must keep these districts and win others where Obama is popular if they are to gain seats next year.

GOP Rep. Lee Terry (Neb.), who squeaked out a victory despite his district’s overwhelming turnout for Obama, said he’d rather have House colleagues campaign for him than Palin.

“There’s others that I would have come in and campaign and most of them would be my colleagues in the House,” Terry said.

Rep. Frank Wolf, a Republican from Northern Virginia, which is increasingly becoming Democratic territory, offered caution when asked whether he’d welcome a Palin fundraiser.

“I don’t generally need people from outside my district to do a fundraiser,” Wolf said.

Several other lawmakers indicated a wariness about accepting help from Palin, but did not want to criticize the GOP’s vice presidential candidate from last year. They said Palin could hurt them by firing up Democrats.

An unnamed GOP lawmaker representing a district that Obama carried in 2008 told The Hill that if Palin came into his district, his opponent would “probably be doing a dance of joy.”

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  1. JLM says:

    If folks want her to go away so badly, WHY DO THEY KEEP BRINGING HER UP???
    Jeez, obsessed much? (er, not you Dan…)

  2. unseen says:


  3. Rob Crawford says:

    At the base, this is about people intent on harvesting some of that good old-fashioned Chicago Democrat machine graft have no desire to associate themselves with someone who is known to be effective at fighting corruption. Even if they kept their office, it would mean the money hose would get turned off.

  4. narciso says:

    It’s a shame, I used to think that Frank Wolf, meant something ,since he was always speaking of religious liberty in China, and Russia, seemed strong on defense, looks like another worthless RINO to me. It’s a bit of egotism to think she would want to support him anyways.

  5. unseen says:

    What I find funny is who says Palin would even want to campiagn for these people? She stated she will only campaign for those that agree with her positions. She is not going to campaign for those that do not believe in her postions. What people do not understand is Palin will decide who she campaigns for not them. SHE IS THE BOSS NOT THEM
    Maybe she will campaign for Mr wolf’s or Mr. Lee’s republician challengers. Who know’s All I know is that IF Palin wanted to make Mr. Wolf’s or Mr’ Lee’s life diffucult because of these insults she could.

  6. tjproudamerican says:

    Sarah forever!!! Sarah knockers NEVER!!!! You go, Girl!!!!

  7. mark l. says:

    trying to figure out the number of voters who were not going to vote in an off-year election, but will be motivated to do so, because palin makes an appearance in their district.
    versus the number of people who like palin, are conservative, but don’t like the gop, who would be willing to pay money to see her, and vote ‘for her’, via a pol who is not afraid.
    I imagine that the ratio would exceed 50 to 1, conservatively, latter case to former case.

  8. jaime says:

    “I imagine that the ratio would exceed 50 to 1, conservatively, latter case to former case.”
    And this has been another installment of “PULLING NUMBERS DIRECTLY OUT MY ASS”, I’m your host mark l…Good night!

  9. Dale says:

    Those republicans don’t want Sarah Palin campaigning for them? I guarantee you they don’t want Palin campaigning against them in the primaries. In my mind that is her greatest ability right now: stir up the Republican base against do-nothing, status-quo, Republicans.

  10. mark l. says:

    use your tiny brain.
    do you honestly know somebody who wasn’t going to vote in midterm, but will, to vote against sarah palin making a campaign stop?
    50 to 1 was a figure of speech.
    the mathematical representation was more difficult…
    a ratio of any number to zero, offers an undefinable amount.

  11. Rich K says:

    If those dumb bastards cant run on a platform that supports conservative positions then F-ck them. Most likely the district or state they represent is so damn blue they have to twist themselves into knots just to have a chance there anyway.
    Like Ive said before,If your a professional Pol you say anything it takes to get your tired ass re-elected and damn the ideals. Those things are just a bother anyway.
    IM just blowin in the wind,lalalala !!

  12. Syntax says:

    That is what is so dynamic about Sarah Palin…she is POLARIZING HER OWN PARTY!!!!! The moderates, libertarians, intellectual conservatives and independents can’t stand her and the far right love her but the far right fail in their arrogance to realize, she doesn’t have enough supporters to win elections. “Hey everybody…20,000 people showed up at a Palin rally!!! That’s more voters than all the voters in the history of voting since voting was invented! Better watch out Liberals!” Yeah…OK! “Those liberals have PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome).” Are ya sure?
    This is a woman who categorized the question “What publications do you like to read Governor?” as a mainstream media gotcha moment. WEAK! “What other Supreme Court rulings do you disagree with Governor?” BAM!!! Lethal question indeed. I’ve been googling for a week the whole “Department of Law” thing she said. I don’t even know who’s running it. Is this a cabinet post? Moderate Republicans in moderate districts should want Sarah Baraquitter to campaign for them? This woman couldn’t beat Barrack Obama in a spelling bee contest.
    Here is the problem…the so-called conservative (not conservative by any means of the definition) base of the Republican party have lashed out at everybody and anybody who dared to have a different point of view to the point that they have alienated themselves down to nothing but a smoldering nub. Sarah Baraquitter’s nub!!! The rest of the Republican party either voted for Barrack Obama or didn’t vote at all. We just got done with 8 years of a dimwit in the White House and now this small minority of political “Napoleons” who haven’t figured out that their bark is mightier than their bite (2006 and 2008 election results anybody?) want to put Sarah Baraquitter in the White House. Sarah Baraquitter who makes Ol’ Dubya look like a freakin genius.