CBS: It’s All Because He’s Black

August 17, 2009

With the exception of a pause due to 9/11, the Bush years were full of more hate and vitriol directed toward a president than I've ever seen in my life. Chris Cooper at CBS seems to not have noticed. Yet, now the government is spending money it doesn't have by the trillions and taking over large parts of the private sector. Their approach to passing legislation seems to vary from rush it through, to sneak it through, to Rahm it through if we must. Now, given the vigorous push back against them taking over health care and running another significant portion of our lives, obviously the protest can't simply be a policy dispute. No, it's all because Obama's black! They call it Baracknophobia. I suppose blacknophobia, which is what was meant, was too incendiary for CBS.

I'm so sick of this agenda driven crap the media tries to pass off as objective thought. If they think the nation is opposing Obama simply because he's black, I wonder what their excuse is for such a large segment of the public despising them more vehemently than it ever will reject Obama.

If Obama turns out to be a failed president, it will be the media's fault, as much as anyone else's. If they had done their job during the campaign, fewer people might be getting blind-sided by an inexperienced, bumbling academic Leftist they likely wouldn't have wanted in the first place.

Almost from the day the Obama administration took office, the refrain has gotten louder and louder, egged on by a fringe pushing rumors that Obama was a Muslim or that Obama was a Kenyan national and thus in violation of the U.S. Constitution. when you step back from the day-to-day, it's clear that health care reform is only the latest reason for Obama's most unyielding critics to vent. With angry demands about wanting back "their America," what is it that they really want to say?

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  1. Dan, conservatives must stop financing the tools of our own destruction. We watch CBS, NBC, CNN, etc., and shop with those companies that give them advertising dollars. As long as we do that, we are providing the money needed to attack and potentially destroy us. When we call the local grocery stores, department stores, home improvement stores, and tell them that we will no longer give them our money to give to CBS, NBC, CNN, etc., then we can change their message, or perhaps even destroy the message. It all comes back to us.
    The liberals know this. That’s why they started the boycott against Glenn Beck’s advertisers. It’s time we did the same thing.
    Think globally, act locally.

  2. cindi says:

    In my 52 years, I have NEVER heard the race card being called so much as in the past few.

  3. Rob Crawford says:

    “With angry demands about wanting back “their America,” what is it that they really want to say?”
    Oddly, the left used the same rhetoric — “take back America” — throughout Bush’s term. What was it they really wanted to say?

  4. I have to wonder if this is being co-ordinated by the media as of late, perhaps with the help of left wing groups. We have been seeing this talking point about destroying the president and about it being because he is Black pop up more and more the past couple weeks. Consider, Mike Luppica, who should stick with sports, had the same kind of article in the NY Daily News today (
    Since they cannot defeat the people who are against the statist health system proposals with reasoned, adult discourse, they resort to their typical Alinsky tactics.

  5. JustOneMan says:

    what is it that they really want to say?….um…er…….duh…The President is an incompetent asshole?

  6. jjp says:

    He’s black? Hmm, I thought he’s bi-racial, neither black nor white.
    It’s really because he’s a socialist. Period.
    Group rights. Group think. Collectivism. Statism. Rule by academic “experts”.
    That’s why he’s tanking.

  7. JustOneMan says:

    Why cant we all just get along!!!!!

  8. Conservative Mom says:

    When are the people who blame everything on racism get a clue and realize that it is about values, morals, constitutionality, and common sense? I don’t care what color Mr. Obama is – it is his policies, his agenda, his campaign lies, his crooked cronies, etc. that I am offended by. And I would feel exactly the same way if he were white, green, blue or purple!

  9. Lala says:

    Yes, Mike Lupica’s article smacked of “talking points.” Boring too.

  10. Jay Stevens says:

    Well, actually, he is more white than black. Hell, he is more Arab than black.

  11. SacTownMan says:

    “Well, actually, he is more white than black. Hell, he is more Arab than black.”
    Wait!! You mean to tell me he’s BLACK!!!
    OMG!!! I never KNEW that before!!
    The Dems just keep trying to play the race card and call Americans Nazi’s and “Unpatriotic”!!
    It is tooo freaking unbelievable how stupid the trolls are!!!
    Pawlenty say’s with Xerxes it’s not
    “Change you can believe in” but
    “Change WHAT you believe in”!!!!
    There is a change coming’s just the sound of the moonbat “progressive” movement being run out of town on rails starting in 2010!!!

  12. mark l. says:

    running down a checklist of why I don’t like obama, I have never once considered his race.
    once it was clear he was “liberal”, nothing else mattered.
    I await msnbc/cnn to tell me that “liberal” is now a code word for “black”.

  13. Rich K says:

    Good call Mark. I remember when hillary as asked to define her politics and she replied that the term she liked was progressive.Being the idgit she is I doubt she realized that the original american communist movement identified itself as the progressive movement. HEHE,Idgits all of them.The ONE is no different,just more evasive.

  14. WBestPresidentEver says:

    In judging Obama, race has never entered into it. I agree with Conservative Mom. You nailed it, and Mark, too.
    He is just not presidential material. His values are and always have been
    that of socialist view. There is no doubt about that.
    I am glad that true Americans are coming out in masses to protest his way of thinking.
    Congress is even worse with the majority drugged crazed old hippies in charge now. I can only hope they all get voted out and people with moral and values more than just their own will come to be.
    WE THE PEOPLE deserve better. I hope more people will get involved with the political system and wake up and will go to the polls in 2010 and 2012 and beyond. They “will” make a difference if they get involved and get up off the couch and participate IN THE POLITICAL PROCESS. It is the only way we can get the people in congress back to where they should be. To protect the rights and views of WE THE PEOPLE.
    Arlene Spector just today put his foot in his mouth today in what he said. PEOPLE ARE REALLY PISSED, TOO !
    I doubt we will see him back next time around. He is a very confused and senile individual.