Is This Sarah Palin’s Gryphen?

August 2, 2009

Gryphen reveals himself, but doesn't back down. Stacy has updated at AmSpec.

As many of you are already aware I DID receive a notification from Palin attorney Thomas Van Flein yesterday. It arrived in my e-mail in PDF form and you can read it over at the Alaska Report.

Now Van Flein is forcing me to make an admission that I have resisted addressing for the four plus years I have had this blog.

Yes I DO work in a Kindergarten class during the school year. My main job affords me some time during the day and I have chosen to use it teaching children to read, and helping them to become more independent. I do it because it brings me joy to work with these children and I believe, and have been told, that I am very good at it.

Here is the kindergarten guru referencing Trip Palin in comments on a post:

Maybe he can bring that up while the kids in his elementary school are beating his ass because he has a stupid name. 

Update: MySpace, looks like same dude, if him.

Update: Here's a Jessie Griffin on a petition to Palin of a political nature.

Jessie g The image at right is a Jessie Griffin of Anchorage, Alaska. Is it this Jessie Griffin?

I would like you to know that Gryphen of Immoral Minority (Palin divorce smear) is actually one Jesse Griffin. He must value his identity because he had his fellow Palin Hater, Dennis Zaki, black out his name in this document:

Zaki reveals that Gryphen is a kindergarten teacher of some kind: Thomas Van Flein, Sarah Palin's lawyer, threatened Saturday to serve libel papers at a kindergarten to the owner of the highly trafficked "ImmoralMinority" blog for a divorce story on the Palins.

The blog was given until 3pm Saturday to remove the story and post a retraction. The blogger stands by the story. He also admitted in his most recent post that he is a teacher, but note that he won't post his nameHere is the evidence that he is one Jesse Griffin: Gym forum page where Jesse Griffin's handle is "Gryphen:" (bottom of page)

Original item at linkHere's the letter again, with name blacked-out.

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  1. Why on earth would someone do this?
    To get David Letterman’s 15 minutes of shame?

  2. Danimal says:

    Why would someone do this? Many reasons:
    1) Hatred for someone that is so deep, that it envelops them (see Markos Moulitas)
    2) Insanity (medical condition)
    3) Paid destroyer of people’s lives (by Obama and Axelrod)
    4) Idiocy (probably falls under #2)

  3. Bc3 says:

    A young guy who’s a kiddergarten teacher? If I were the parents, I’d keep a watchful eye, especially the parents of male students.
    This guy looks like Barney Fwank’s roomie.

  4. KansasGirl says:

    This guy bit off more than he can chew.

  5. Andy B says:

    Here’s his picture:
    Jesse Griffin has worked with children at Trailside Elementary School as a teachers assistant since Aug. 24, 2006.

  6. greg says:

    A middle aged guy who looks like he spends a lot of time in the gym, working with little kids. Not saying anything in particular, but it sounds kind of odd to me.
    I’m hoping that this guy gets his ass sued off, and fired on top of it.

  7. Dan says:

    I just looked at his site. But you have to admit he makes a strong argument.
    “And let us look at that reputation shall we? Palin has been served with somewhere in the vicinity of 22 ethics complaints, she was accused of exposing her family to ridicule, she was also accused of using the GOP money for clothes shopping to the tune of around $150,000, she was called a “diva” and a “whackjob” by the McCain campaign, she was accused of having an affair by both the National Enquirer and the National Examiner, and she just quit her job as Governor of Alaska! And that final move has opened up a potpourri of potentially malicious comments and defamatory statements from almost every single media outlet in the country!
    So can my report that Todd and she are having marital problems really compete with all of that?
    I simply cannot imagine that it could.”
    If you want the link, here it is.
    He has intentionally or not has exposed the media’s Palin bias for all to see!

  8. Eli says:

    This whole divorce thing is a retaliation from the loony left for the loony right’s Obama birthers which is in part a reaction against the loony truthers. Gryphen will later admit he made the whole thing up—but to “prove a point”. The old media is in its death throws and with this kind of back and forth garbage the internet is killing itself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Dan and others are doing investigative work on Gryphen. He deserves to be exposed. But spending a few minutes on HuffPo where they are beyond vile and asking about Trig’s parentage to start THAT up again is enough to make one realize it will never end. I for one am sick of all of it. Yeah, “the truth is out there” but not very many bloggers and commenters seem too interested in finding it. They appear instead to get their jollies from making up and/or linking to the most egregious stuff to create mischief, and then fan the flames to get blog traffic clicks and prove how stupid and gullible the average partisan reader is. Again, Dan this is not directed at you. This is a general, all purpose rant.

  9. dymphna says:

    Dan,you’ve done a lot of work on an ugly subject.
    Unfortunately, this group he is part of — the anti-Palin Bloggers’ Assoc.– may drive them out of Alaska. I hope not. It is her home and her children’s home.
    There is a sickness on the Left of which this is only one suppurating example. It won’t quit until she is an old, old lady.
    They did the same thing with Goldwater and Reagan, but there were no blogs available for mean crazies to spew their garbage, to actually collaborate on it. Instead it was a steady barrage from a sneering press.
    The time has come for her to go to court. Letters from lawyers are not sufficient. Now that she’s resigned, she can turn her attention to removing all those arrows from her back.
    Come to think of it, her patron saint should be St. Sebastian. She sure has taken enough hits to resemble him.

  10. CJHill says:

    Oh good grief.
    An ‘assistant teacher’? What’s wrong with this guy – too dumb to get his real teaching certificate?

  11. democratsarefascists says:

    Uh, yeah.
    That is definitely not someone I would leave children with unsupervised.

  12. political jules says:

    The email addy that was blacked out is visible on his blog site, but here it is:

  13. Gary says:

    Here’s more info….This is the video that Jeanne Devon (AKMuckraker from Mudflats…HuffPo) has been working overtime to get banned. She and sweathog Linda Kellen Biegel have been going insane trying to get this thing knocked off of You Tube and other sites. Our group now has it hosted in France and other out of country sites, and Bob Parks at Canada Free Press did us up right:
    This video ties all of these “people” right back to Barack Obama and Pete Rouse. We all know, or should know that Barack Obama was the one behind the bogus “Troopergate” witch hunt. Pete Rouse, his campaign chief of staff, now White House advisor, and native Alaska ran point on this deal. I’m sure he was in constant conversation with all of these people. Of course, after the election, Obama paid off Alaska state senator Kim Elton, the guy ramrodding “Troopgate” with a make work job at the Interior Department. Chicago thug politics at it’s finest.
    They were going to impeach Richard Nixon for a hell of a lot less!

  14. USMC says:

    Can some of you who have seen this idiot Jesse Griffin’s blog posts, e-mail it to the principal of his school and all the teachers he works with? Having e-mails from all over the U.S. bashing this idiot Griffin in your inbox will frustrate anybody. Create a little chaos. It’s one thing to blog on differences but it’s totally different to use obscenities and cruelty. At the very least the women he works with will look at him with suspicion, whether they agree or not, and any dude who has a wife and kid will be livid.
    The link to the school staff:
    Patrick Freeman, Principal
    Lee Stark, School Nurse
    Amy Chaussee, Kindergarten Teacher
    Beth Palma, Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
    Corrie Smith, Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
    Sabrina Oyster, Kindergarten Teacher

  15. Rob Crawford says:

    “This whole divorce thing is a retaliation from the loony left for the loony right’s Obama birthers…”
    Interesting theory, but the “birther” crap started with Hillary’s supporters.

  16. KingShamus says:

    School boards and administrators hate controversy. They do not want rabble-rousers in their midst. The loathe unwanted attention more than anything else. If enough people make a stink about Griffin, action will be taken.
    I don’t know what the tenure rules are in Alaska, but the dude is an assistant teacher, which suggests he probably doesn’t have tenure.

  17. FeFe says:

    I find it odd that a grown man would brag how good he is teaching little children on a volunteer basis. Did he pass a background check?

  18. I hear there’s an iceberg headed toward the SS Anklebiter.
    Can you say “discovery hearings”?
    I knew you could.
    Certain smear-mongers in AK are about to discover the fun of having an aggressive lawyer crawl up their asses with a microscope in a public hearing. I can’t wait to see the subpoenas of email and phone records and financial disclosures.
    Also, I heard a rumor that Zaki and Gryphen were seen together wearing fursuits. They were holding hands, and they’re planning a commitment ceremony next month (Zaki is the Butch and Gryphen is the Bitch in the relationship). My source is anonymous. The only hint I can give you is that he lives in a pineapple under the sea.

  19. Anybody who had a hand in spreading this divorce rumor is a tool- and should be ashamed of themselves. Talk about desperate- hard watching the Dear Leader tank so quickly, I guess.
    Palin’s resignation obviously puts yet more pressure on Obama to finally get some results, as the soaring rhetoric isn’t hypnotizing the plebes like it used to. There’s another viable alternative waiting in the wings now… just as we hear the first stirrings of Obamania’s death-rattle.
    Alaska was a pretty corrupt system until she stepped in. Her reforms took on entrenched politicians (inc. Republicans), a mafioso-style union boss, and Big Oil.
    Wouldn’t it have been nice if Obama had been principled and brave enough to confront the corrupt Chicago Democratic Machine? Or shady political operators like Tony Rezko? Racist preachers? Instead of doing business with every last one of them?
    IMO Palin could trounce him in 2012, when Americans would vote for the Gipper-in-Heels in droves- they’ll surely being looking for such an antidote to the Bolshevik con-artist who’s taken a wrecking-ball to this society.
    Small wonder then that the far-left moonbats -along with Team Obama’s David Plouffe’s internet squad- are out to destroy her.
    Go get em ‘Cuda- there’s a lot of us behind you.

  20. bjjfiter says:

    What we really need is a team of Watchmen who go around and harass these people as much as they’re harassing others.

  21. bjjfiter says:

    Oh, and let’s not kid ourselves here: these people are NOT ashamed of themselves or their actions. That’s kinda the point…they shouldn’t be ignored; they should be confronted, fought and defeated (I’ll leave the exact nuance of this to the reader).

  22. Kevin H says:

    Is it but doesn’t this dude look like the type that blogs 24/7 in his mom’s basement or in the other room while his wife busts her butt working 60 hrs a week just to pay the bills. He probably enjoys chomping down on Cheetahs too. This dude reminds me of school punk in grade school-5th grade that like to pick on 1st and 2nd graders. They got away with until the street-smart new kid, either in 5th or 6th grade stood up to him. Then the fool quickly shut up and moved to other things.

  23. Norman Conquest says:

    Do we really want someone whose blog has so many misspellings teaching kids to read? I always thought a kindergarten teacher’s assistant just collected the milk money, lines the kids up after recess and mops up pee puddles.

  24. Kevin H says:

    “What we really need is a team of Watchmen who go around and harass these people as much as they’re harassing others”
    If our side did just exactly that, the likes of Keith Olberdork would be howling “Shades of Robespierre are lurking soon”.

  25. tsj017 says:

    “What we really need is a team of Watchmen who go around and harass these people as much as they’re harassing others.”
    Sounds good to me. I say we send Rorschach.

  26. “omeone went through a lot of trouble to create this “forgery”. No doubt that was intentional now wasn’t it? So where is the denunciation of the forger? Anybody? (crickets chirping)”
    LOL….since you’re defending and supporting this Alaskan blogger, silly Slide, what you’re trying to do is demand that other people do things that you never would yourself.
    Furthermore, given that your party openly endorses and supports forging birth certificates and other documents for illegal immigrants, your “outrage” over this is completely and totally faux.

  27. Sally Forth says:

    Jesse Griffin is a tool of the left: another useful idiot who makes himself a willing target in exchange for God knows what. Probably money, payoff from one of OZombie’s thugs (Axelrod, Emanuel, + a cast of thousands). And possibly notoriety…his “writing” indicates emotionally stunted, juvenile bedwetter. Or, both motives – $$$ and fame.
    Isn’t that what all the pitifully gullible “useful idiot” liberal followers want? To turn this country into an IDIOCRACY?
    Liberal leadership on the other hand, are among the most despicable people on earth. God-less, soul-less nihilists hell bent on the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. These vile individuals, represented best by the likes of George Soros, are surely destined to spend eternity in the 9th circle of Hades, along with Lucifer himself.
    Americans must understand that we will never conquer the scourge of liberal evil by being tolerant of it. Liberals believe that they are entitled to accomplish their goals “by any means necessary.”
    We are at WAR people. This is an outright assault on our precious Republic. We will not win this war anywhere but in the trenches.
    We will not win by wishing liberals would fight “fair” or “play by the rules”. They won’t….EVER.
    We will not win by saluting Robert’s Rules of Order.
    We will not win by discussing rules and procedures.
    We will not win by hoping liberals will FINALLY see the light, understand the truth, discern logic and reason. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.
    Only a few years ago, our culture used “shame” very effectively. When people acted shamefully they were called on it by their communities. They were expected by these same communities to be contrite and remorseful for the shameful act.
    Liberal activists and Palin-phobics Jesse Griffin & Shannyn Moore are behaving shamefully. They are entitled to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. Each one is equally entitled to the consequences of their actions.
    We are engaged in the fight of our lives. And we have to engage the enemy as if our very lives depend on it. BECAUSE OUR LIVES DO DEPEND ON IT.
    Only God can know the outcome of this war. Either they will win or we will. It’s not up to me to tell others how to fight the liberal scourge. The Palins have made their decision and I respect that.
    My family and I have already made our decision too. We have taken a personal pledge: We refuse to watch liberals dismantle our Republic before our very eyes without fighting with every talent, every dollar, every ounce of energy we possess.
    We want our precious Constitutional Republic back. To choose not to fight at all is to dishonor our brilliant founders and the memory of those fallen and wounded soldiers who have given their very lives to defend our Republic.
    As a nation we have paid for this miraculous inheritance with blood, flesh, and treasure. We cannot and WE WILL NOT ALLOW IT to disappear without fighting the liberal scourge to the very end.

  28. Danimal says:

    I think Slide is in dire need of some Mossberg colon cleanser.