Jesse Griffin: Latest Developments

August 5, 2009

After not hearing back from Alaska School Superintendent Carol Comeau's office, I continued to call them until I reconnected with an assistant in her office. Based on more detailed conversation, all I can do at this time is present my working theory, which may change before going on air with Eddie Burke at 8 PM ET, 4 PM Alaska time tonight. That should be available live here.

After some discussion, she began talking about politics and First Amendment concerns, etc. This caused me to become concerned that Jesse Griffin's statements were correct. But that he may have resigned to try and make this go away, and prevent any further investigation.

The assistant agreed to listen to some of his more disturbing content posted consistently on his blog and also explain the MySpace linkage. Questions as to why this may have taken so long to be appreciated by them, or for them to become aware of the story can be answered at a later time.

Whether they now opt to call me, a blogger, back, and discuss the issue in general terms while respecting any personnel laws, or regulations as I suggested, I can't say. However, I did advise them that, along with Eddie Burke tonight, I do know that both Mark Levin and Bill O'Reilly seem to both be tuned into this story to some degree. I offered them a chance to get in front of the story before it became larger news, or perhaps an O'reilly producer showed up in Alaska with a microphone and camera stuck in their face.

Whether they do, or not, and how this may play out and be covered, … or not, going forward, I can't be sure. But I do hope to make the case to Alaska listeners of Eddie Burke tonight that this can not be allowed simply to go away because an apparent liar in smearing Sarah Palin just quit and may need looking at in further, even more troubling ways.

When doing this type of blogging, I endeavor to show readers as much as I can about how news develops, not just how it turns out. I thought I'd provide an update to that end. If more people understood blogging and treated them with more regard than they do, America might actually start getting better news. But then liars no better than political hacks, and often worse, like Jesse Griffin don't do much to advance that cause in the end.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Cubachi says:

    Thank you Dan for your great reporting. I can’t wait to hear you on Eddie Burke.

  2. John says:

    Very impressive work Dan. Thanks for the time and energy you put into this so I can stay glued to your site for updates. You just turned on another small light bulb in our dark world of politics. Kudos to you for having the stones to do so!

  3. I wouldn’t expect Comeau to cooperate with you. I’ve tried to ask Anchorage School District about policies and the like in the past and there’s not a lot of discussion involved. I hope your efforts to uncover the truth are rewarded. Keep it up.

  4. upinak says:

    Good Luck Dan.

  5. Jim S says:

    you are obsessed

  6. Ran says:

    Bravo Dan. Thanks.

  7. Ad rem says:

    Griffin has a daughter? Who is Kyle??? This is getting good…..

  8. Roscoe says:

    Ad rem………yeah, he has a daughter. And he has involved her in his little game:

  9. w3bgrrl says:

    I’m really enjoying this. A little too much. More of this needs to happen to these lying gossip mongers who hide behind their glowing monitors and pathetic screen names.

  10. Piney says:

    Well done, Dan! Too bad the twit didn’t come on the show, but then, cowards don’t do they?

  11. Kirbside says:

    just listened to my first radio show from Alaska…
    Good Job.

  12. John H says:

    Meh. Eddie’s a good guy but it was a difficult topic to cover effectively on AM radio due to the extra creepy content. You got his measure quickly when you caught him in the first of a constant stream of lies. I can see that others are a little taken aback by you and Stacy double-teaming some low level scum blogger, but it is important that this guy be exposed to a bit more sunlight. He’s just sketchy through and through and if he’s going to get burnt by playing games with the truth about people who are now in a position to retaliate in a legal manner, he deserves all the heat he’s going to be getting.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. Ad rem says:

    So, daddy’s little “angel” is walking in daddy’s cloven hoof steps. Couldn’t bring myself to watch the video…retch….
    Great interview……I kept wishing the guy would just shut his mouth and let you talk more. Just when things were getting good, he’d jump in and spend valuable air-time reiterating what you just said….somewhat frustrating. I’m assuming “Kyle” is his little live-in buddy?

  14. Kitty says:

    It might surprise the Palin haters that you rarely mentioned her. You kept the focus on the disturbing insights into Jesse Griffin’s life.
    Great interview! You’ve got a voice made for radio.

  15. Lisa Graas says:

    I totally missed it because I got the time zones mixed up. Darnit.

  16. anginak says:

    I listened to it in real time! Keep up the good work and kudos to RS McCain too.

  17. FeFe says:

    Great job on the radio. Still listening to their news now.
    Re: Griffin – I do wonder if there are teachers or parents of any students enrolled that are feeding him Palin rumors, but considering how disturbing his behviour is, he might well be making it up all on his own. Get a name and get Soros money? Plus, Sen. Boxer (D-CA) is going to Alaska during this August recess (not sure when). Higher profile might equal Democrat party invite on a dais?
    Re: Threats – I also have to wonder if there isn’t some Soros/Alinsky or “Cry wolf” going on. I know the special education groups on Yahoo have been spammed by Obama people saying things simply to cause division. I have to wonder if many of the hate emails directed toward him are not his supporters providing deflection. Also, I believe that many sites who get hate email regarding any negative comments they have toward Palin are manufactured to toss Palin supporters into the “Cult of Personality” that Obama has. Remember just how far back Obamatons web savvy and search and destroy mission goes:

  18. Dan Riehl says:

    Thank you, folks. The audio will be up for posting via YouTube, soon.

  19. Ad rem says:

    rumor patrol,
    Peddle your crap elsewhere….

  20. LOL…..did you miss something, rumorpatrol?
    “When I heard this verse it instantly confirmed what I had suspected for some time. Too much of what was coming out of my radio show, Web site, and Sunday column was unwholesome. For some reason I had convinced myself it was my job to run down and criticize others. It is one thing to analyze policy and issues. It is an entirely different thing to tear down someone’s character with personal attacks.
    I will tell you I am ashamed of the way I have conducted myself publicly in recent years and frankly I am embarrassed by it too.”
    Meanwhile, it amuses us to no end to watch people like yourself who fully support and endorse the language used on Gryphen’s sites suddenly get the vapors over an alleged obscene text. All it does is demonstrate the complete and total hypocrisy of Palin-haters like yourself.

  21. WBestPresidentEver says:

    I really like Sarah Palin and all but there are also other things going on as well.
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  22. Dantes says:

    Thank you very much Dan for giving me some hope that conservatives will now begin to fight back against smears and lies that we have seen from the left wing blogs for some years now. Without any retaliation. This is not just about Sarah Palin.
    I’d also say that Sarah Palin owes you a drink or two, you have done more in several days then a expensive lawsuit would achieve in many months.
    I am looking forward to further developments.