Mark “Mr. Twitteriffic” Shurtleff – (see DUMB)

August 7, 2009

Exactly how much stupid disqualifies someone from running for Senate as a Republican today? Inquiring minds might want to know. Okay, … we may soon find out anyway.

Back in the news, Utah AG Mark Surtleff, the total mis-Twit who blew it coming out of the gate by mis-announcing his candidacy to the world. He thought Twitter was a private service. No wait, he said he was tired, that's it.

Now, just as he hits the Big Time at number 8 in Chris Cillizza's latest line.

  Af5mfollowers 8. Utah Senate (R): The somewhat strange process Utah Republicans use for picking their candidates for federal office ensures that Sen. Bob Bennett is in for a real race. Bennett will face a handful of aspiring Republicans — led by state Attorney General Mark Shurtleff — at next year's nominating convention. Bennett must win 60 percent of the delegates in attendance to avoid a primary; if he can't secure 60 percent, he would move into a primary fight against the second highest vote getter at the convention, which would presumably be Shurtleff. Bennett appears to be bracing for the likelihood of a primary fight against Shurtleff, raising $730,000 over the last three months to put financial distance between himself and his strongest challenger.

Take a look on the right to see what legendary anti-porn crusader and mis-Twit par excellence, AG Mark Shurtleff is up to on Twitter now. Yes, our mis-Twit of the year, I know it's July, we're closing nominations … AG Shurtleff, noble porn crusader that he is, is one of the top followers of Affair5m.

Af-hw-U-doin And just who is Affair5m? I don't know, but she's got awesome Twits. Now we know why he blew his announcement all over Twitter.

AG Shurtless Shurtleff – maybe you'd better start Tweeting with two hands? Or, you know, hire a consultant to do your Tweeting, or a smarter one … unless it's a pleasant distraction when you're on a plane, of course.

If this guy gets the nomination and wins because he's a Utah Republican, I'm thinking he might want to just go on and hire an aid to step on those insidious streams of toilet paper that can catch on one's shoe when leaving a mens room. Republicans have had enough embarrassments in Washington lately, especially in mens rooms.

Forewarned is forearmed. And we really do need to be prepared if they intend to elect us one more. AG Shurtleff is following the StripperNetwork, PornRules, and, eh, go through the list yourself. By the time you strip out the free dishware, teeth brightners, various out-call services and assorted Twitter Tramps, it looks just like the type of Republican we don't need. Someone who will go along with anyone if he thinks there's something in it for him.

And as for his followers? Good luck getting CutsieCakes and 24hrCash out, I hear they're tough votes. As for anti-hairloss cream, not sure. But do see if you can pick up something for flop sweat before you run. I'm getting a feeling you might need it, dude.

Your auto adding followers. Twitter kicks those. You lose them as Followers but keep them as Following. Looks like you're sorta chasing a crowd that's running away from you. Are you sure this Twitter thing was a good idea for you? Because right now it ain't exactly helping the image, Mark.

Following 7,256 Followers 6,627

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  1. Lisa Graas says:

    I have ZERO idea who this guy is (never heard of him before this post………really) but in his defense, I’ve found people on my Twitter account that I was following that I never actually followed. I don’t know how that happens? But I go through my list now and then and see people on there that I would never follow. Also, a few days ago, I started a new service that prevents spam on my Twitter account. If someone clicks my follow button and then types in a captcha word, thereby proving they are human, my account automatically follows them back. It’s a useful tool for people like me who use Twitter to connect with the public at large…….so some further investigation here may be in order.

  2. upinak says:

    Lisa.. ever notice they always show while you are on twitter? They just appear out of now-where.
    LOL so the guy can’t figure out twitter. Oh well.

  3. Ad rem says:

    I’ve noticed the same thing. I wonder if he’s interacting with the people on these sites, or is he just listed as a “follower”?

  4. Lisa Graas says:

    No, I didn’t notice because when I go on Twitter the zombie kool-aid drinkers come after me, so I guess i miss them. haha

  5. Lisa Graas says:

    Actually, I just looked and he hasn’t tweeted one person directly since at least June 13, the farthest I went back, but there’s always DM. Still, Dan, I hope no one looks to see who I’m following because I have NO idea.

  6. Barbara says:

    Have some bloggers been paid to post on twitter? There was a hyper fuss over the
    venue out of nowhere it made no sense to me.

  7. Dan Riehl says:

    Well, Barbara, I do know that a great many political consultants post there and they Tweet things relating to the campaigns they’re paid by. So, yes, I could see how that would be Tweeting for money. But then, any spam that isn’t bot generated would be the same thing. The beauty of Twitter is that you don’t have to Follow someone. So, I’m not sure what the issue is. I never click to Follow spammers.

  8. Lisa Graas says:

    If he’s using the same service I use to prevent spam and he’s using the auto-follow feature, his account auto-follows any human person who follows him and uses the captcha to prove they’re human. That’s the way mine is. Also, before I even got the service, I’ve seen gobs of people on my follow list that I did not follow. Don’t know how they got there.
    BTW, Sarah’s Back!
    Sarah Palin Praises Bachmann; Blasts Obama’s “Death Plan”

  9. Jimmie says:

    I’d bet dollars to donuts that you’re right, Lisa. He’s using the auto-follow feature and isn’t spending any real time looking over his follower list once in a while to weed out the pornbots. A lot of them will go away in one of the occasional bot purges that Twitter does.
    Still, it shows that he doesn’t really get Twitter.

  10. Barbara says:

    Thank you for insight.

  11. tcat says:

    I have to say that in fairness here, I have had several (porn related and “make $100,00,00,00,000 on twitter”) people that I am “following” when I never signed up to follow them. I have ended up having to block these people.
    I think you might want to look into this before tarring this guy with following porn when he legitimately may not have ever signed up to follow them.