More Cash For Clunkers Fail

August 22, 2009

Well, this is special. The government all but owns GM. In effect, they took our tax dollars and used them to further erode GM and other domestic car maker's market share, as they might not yet be as competitive in the specific market the spending program targeted. These are the types of below the radar bad decisions to be experienced from a bunch of political hacks controlling an industry. Get used to them.

They used our tax dollars to give a bump to the foreign competition, as if they needed it. 

The Obama administration has declared the wildly popular 'Cash for Clunkers' program a success, saying it has revived the country's ailing auto industry and taken polluting vehicles off the road.
But the data shows that the program, which ends Monday, has apparently benefited foreign automakers more than their U.S. counterparts.
Smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles like the Toyota Corolla are top sellers, while buyers are trading in SUV's like the Ford Explorer to be scrapped, turning the already dwindling number of American car owners into the growing ranks of foreign car drivers.
Toyota vehicles accounted for 19.2 percent of the 489,269 sales, while General Motors had the second spot at 17.7 percent.

Why are conservatives so against Big Government? Gee, I don't know. You tell me. 

Oh man. Meanwhile, Obama is vacationing in a $28k a week paradise? Um, yes, he can. But no, you can't!

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  1. meep says:

    If we’re lucky, Hurricane Bill [and whatever else coming out of the Atlantic] will keep the rain hitting Martha’s Vineyard heavy while they’re there.
    So the Obamas will have to stay inside and watch TV. And see all the news reports on govt incompetence. Ha ha.
    [of course, there's probably a DVD player there, but I can dream....]

  2. capt joe says:

    What 0bummer should have stipulated was to turn in a foreign clunker and buy an American car. Oh, I forgot. The foreign cars are good cars and the American ones are the clunkers.

  3. SDN says:

    Actually, capt joe, my last two cars were Nissan’s. They were also built in Tennessee. By non-unionized workers. And they lasted me for years. Over 100k miles on both. It’s amazing how American workers when left alone by union bosses and managed competently can do anything well.

  4. capt joe says:

    I gotta think the GM and Chrysler cutback of small dealers was done quickly to reward the big Obamma friendly dealers cause they knew that the money for clunker deal was coming down the pike.

  5. Jay Stevens says:

    I have a ’91 Camry that still gets better than 30 mpg on the highway. So, although the car is nearly 20 years old, I’m not eligible. I just get to help other people buy cars the same way I get to bail other homebuyers out.

  6. Drider says:

    Obama couldn’t have made it a buy “American” only rule for this debacle lest he let his mask completely slip on his disdain for free trade.I could just see it now, Obama makes the rule that only American cars are eligible for trade in purchase and the next thing you know, the Brits are releasing terrorists for oil contracts as a counter punch.
    Or maybe the USA see spending hundreds of millions of dollars to release terrorists and the Brits counter by making sweet deals in oil contracts.
    Either way, the USA taxpayer is really taking it in the shorts…..roughly,mercilessly and endlessly and the terrorists are coming away smelling sweet as a rose.

  7. Nahanni says:

    Communists have never made a good car. This not only includes communist governments but when communist labor unions take over a car company like what happened with British Leyland back in the 1970′s.

  8. Pirates Cove says:

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    What is happening in ye olde blogosphere? The Fine 15
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  9. Bram says:

    I just traded in my ’99 Nissan with 186K. Gas mileage was too good for clunker status. I do really like my new Mazda – made right near Hiroshima Japan ironically.

  10. John Ryan says:

    The workers who are covered under national health plans just seem to be able to make better cars cheaper than our own.

  11. Cash for clunkers can’t end to soon fo all the industries it is hurting like used car dealers, car repair shops, car parts stores and car donation charities.