Palin Absolved From Email Related Charges

August 13, 2009

You see what kind of garbage the media enabled these pathetic liberal bloggers to damage Sarah Palin with? Nothing. All that nonsense about her using private email and how controversial it was? Nah, it didn't mean anything at all. It was perfectly legit, according to a judge. And don'think there weren't lawyers on the other side that didn't know it. That was never the point. Only the headlines mattered.  What a crock:

Liberals freaked out. Newspapers wanted answers. How dare Sarah Palin use a private Yahoo account! She was going all mavericky and subverting the law, hiding business from the people! They had little issue regarding another liberal hacking the email account, of course. However…..

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  1. syn says:

    Whenever the botoxed-obsessed-with-youth trash Sarah Palin I am going to remind them of the results of her effective governance-read and weep fine intellects with lovely stiffened-faces who believe in the collective-conscience called Serfdom:
    Alaska is numero uno.

  2. smitty says:

    Cart/horse inversion, Dan.
    The left went cuckoo for cocoa-puffs specifically _because_ they knew the little creep was 100% ronngg for hacking the account.
    Not sure which Saul Lewinsky rule applies, but “The best defense is a good offense”, like the rest of that fellow’s thought, still suck-starts a jet engine.

  3. IslamoLlama says:

    Whelp, nothing more to see here kids. Now that the email issue is resolved, I’m sure all
    the other
    go away too.
    Hurray for Sarah!

  4. IslamoLlama says:

    “– The left went cuckoo for cocoa-puffs specifically _because_ they knew the little creep was 100% ronngg for hacking the account. –”
    He guessed her password.
    Hacking – I do not think it means what you think it means.
    Of course, it certainly was embracing for Princess Sarah to get caught with her knickers down like that. Maybe next time the Governor of a State should follow proper security procedures spelled out by office policy rather than running state business through a yahoo account.
    Christ, can you imagine this shmuck as President? I can just see the headlines now.
    “Palin leaks sensitive national security plans after leaving shoe box full of Top Secret documents out on coffee table during White House tour. Tour group has been arrested and deported to Gitmo, for violation of anti-espionage laws.”

  5. Anon says:

    The list of alleged ethics violations pretty clearly shows that someone is abusing the process. An ethics violation for campaigning for another politician? Wearing an Artic Cat jacket?
    If I were a liberal I would be embarassed at most of these frivolous charges, oh wait, maybe that is why the Alaskan Attorney General wants to change the process to protect public officials from frivolous charges and put in some consequences for filing them.
    No, can’t be, that makes too much sense and that would indicate that the liberals DONT CARE about the truth of any allegations against Palin, as long as they keep coming.

  6. Hyman Roth says:

    Clinton routinely forgot the “nuclear football” and his authorization code-keys.
    Yet not a word of rebuke from IsLameLoser.
    Hmm. No bias there, huh?

  7. hrh says:

    IslamoLlama, have you ever met a logical point that you didn’t flee away from?
    There was nothing about state secrets, state policy, state gossip, nothing in the emails that were “exposed.”
    This has been a nothing story from the beginning.
    Yes, I think national secrets would be safe with the woman who No One knew was going to be the VP pick until she was announced.
    Who No One knew was going to resign until she announced it.
    Who No One knew she was in NYC until she called Politico.
    Who NO One has any idea where she is now or when she’ll launch her next volley against Obama’s death panels.

  8. IslamoLlama says:

    “– Yes, I think national secrets would be safe with the woman who No One knew was going to be the VP pick until she was announced. –”
    No one knew because McCain made the decision all of five minutes before he announced it. She made her decision to resign amid huge speculation that she was going to be busted on over a dozen other ethics violations. No one cares why she popped up in NYC and only the birfer die-hard wingnuts are biting on the “Obama will murder my retarded offspring!” whine.
    As for “dodging issues”, she managed to release personal information about herself, her husband, and her children while on Yahoo.
    She was lax with plenty of personal information. Some might consider that valuable. Like, I don’t know, Sarah Palin.

  9. Funny, if someone breaks into your email account and steals your private information, ordinarily the person who does the breaking in is charged.
    But in the liberals’ topsy-turvy moral relativism world, it’s YOUR fault.
    IslamoLlama is one of those typical liberal employees who would steal from the till and then argue it’s your fault for being foolish enough to trust them and that you tempted them by allowing them to handle money.