A 9/12 Experience: Dangerous Times

September 15, 2009

Michelle has a disturbing video posted. It's of several black students beating a white student on a school bus in St. Louis. Here's the deal. I haven't mentioned it before.

Riding out of DC on the Metro, 9/12, there were some folks from South Dakota and also another Mid-West state I can't recall in the same Metro car. We were talking, nothing special, really – politics, of course.

In the back were maybe ten or so black kids taking up that section of the car. There was no confrontation, just one or two of them talking loudly enough to make sure they'd be heard.

Without resorting to the poor diction it was along the lines of, these are the people who think Obama is the anti-Christ. That McCain he wasn't chit. Obama's going to be president as long as he wants, so these people better get used to it, etc. It went on but not really to a level that was so loud, or so confrontational that it needed to be addressed.

We just ignored them without much trouble at all.

Yeah, they were technically thugs. But the reality was they were still wannabes really, pretty young, not that big, or many. And if the several adults there for 9/12 actually needed to do something about it, the kids wouldn't have lasted very long. Maybe if they were bigger, or more numerous, it might have been worse. Or it may not have happened at all. Who knows?

But what's unfortunately becoming increasingly clear is that, for the people who thought Obama's election would make America post-racial? I'm afraid you're wrong. Some of the potential racial narratives that may still play out during his presidency might not be that pretty at all.

I can't say as I'm not concerned that America might not end up more racially divided than we've been in 30 years. And that burden is as much, if not more Obama's to carry as it is anyone else's. Whether he's up to that along with everything else, we'll have to wait and see.

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  1. ATNorth says:

    White people who voted for him because of his skin color did not do it to heal racial divides, but their own shameful liberal race guilt. The country can burn and they will be smugly self-satisfied for ‘doing their part’.

  2. cindi says:

    Not so convinced it’s about race with kids, they may have wanted you to think that on the Metro on 9/12. In general there are many teenaged (12=15
    )year olds out there who are thugs. Dangerous.

  3. Sharon says:

    What will those same thugs do when he is not re-elected? Scary thought.

  4. You know the Usual Suspects are going to deem this post raaaaacist!
    Anyhow, I think it is a matter of education and parental responsibility. I saw the same thing many times on the Metro in DC (I go there once or twice a year,) and on the MARTA in Atlanta multiple times. These kids are allowed to act, look, and talk look thugs. No one tells them any different. Then they come in looking for a job. And everyone says no. And they wonder why.

  5. Obama, this nation’s last black president, has set race relations back a century just through the company he keeps and the appointments he makes.
    And his actions? They spell the death knell for affirmative action, because now people can no longer ignore the incompetence it ignores, hell, fosters, because it is no longer affecting someone else, it is affecting all of us.

  6. Crap. Forgot to take off my sock puppet.

  7. Bordo says:

    How can anyone on this blog talk about Obama being a racist –his mother was white and he was raised by caucasian grandparents– after seeing the disgustingly racist signs at your little Glenn Beckathon party last Saturday in D.C.? I thought I was viewing a KKK weekend dance, or historical photos from Selma circa 1962.
    A black man IS president. He was elected by a MAJORITY of voters who were disgusted with the misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance of the Bush years.
    The young men on the Metro have a point, folks. He’s gonna be president for two terms. Moan and groan all you want, but the GOP has no bench strength beyond Mitt Romney, who is the only electable national figure in your whole stable. Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, et.al. may be able to raise a lot of money, but the voters know they’re too simple-minded for a complex world.

  8. AZ Cojones says:

    Someone within the Obama organization should rent the various Days of the series “24”, where Dennis Haysbert portrayed himself as David Palmer, POTUS. President Palmer seemed to have a command on all things and let the various US officials to govern. He eventually realized that he could not micromange the CTU if CTU was to effectively do their job(s). If our current President Ice Cream could command and be gracious as President Palmer, President Ice Cream would then get many more centerist issues passed and signed into law. I always remember that President Ice Cream has stated that “‘he was and is going to Transform America.'”

  9. Black people can be racist, too, Bordo. So can Asiatics. Etc.
    Funny that you should mention Mitt Romney. You folks on the Left were disgusting bigots when it came to his religion.
    Oh, and which Party has a former KKK bigshot sitting in the Senate?

  10. Bl says:

    Bordo. I guess America is not past the point where if the populace dis-agrees with the policies of the Obama administration, they are racist. And of course, young wannabe thugs on the Metro must, after rigorous analysis of political discourse, have a point. I will only ask you to remember this post, on the day after the general election in 2012, you will remember my prediction of a one term, humiliated President Obama.

  11. Marko says:

    Obama was elected by fools who believed the constant lies and attacks against Bush by a very biased (what mass graves in Iraq?, what march?, what tea parties?, what acorn?, what hard left radicals have been hired as czars? what tax cheats/thieves rule in Obamaland?) media whose aim is to promote Big Gov progressives by keeping the electorate ignorant. It has worked for 50+ years but the internet now allows the truth to get out and it is killing the MSM’s credibility. The MSM is ‘hoping and changing’ that the thug Obama can shut down talk radio and silence the net, otherwise, they are finished, like a whole slew of Democrats in next years elections.

  12. Andy says:

    I am honestly confused by what this post is attempting to allege. A group of protestors went to DC to air complaints about the Obama administration. Everyone, or nearly everyone at least, agrees that said protestors have the right to air their opinions. During the course of travelling to or from their heavily reported protest, a group of teens or preteens who disagree with the protestors made their disagreement apparent in a non-threatening way (the fact that the white passengers in question were protestors could be surmised by the date, their appearance as out of towners and the fact that they were discussing politics, presumably from a right wing perspective).
    I do not believe that anything I have written in this summary differs from how the post above describes the incident, except that I have added a little background about the protest generally, which I also do not think is controversial.
    Given that summary, what is the point of the post? That the black kids on the metro were viewed by the white, out of town, protestors as a threat? That the presence of black kids who disagree with the protestors was viewed as an attempt by someone or some entity to silence them?
    Of the two parties in the metro car, the one who clearly is jumping to a race-based conclusion is the one writing this post. Whether that conclusion is innocuous – something along the lines of “this incident made me realize just how differently black people and white people view the same issues”, or something worse – something along the lines of “your interpretation of the incident as even remotely threatening is inextricably tied to their race” – is simply unknowable from where we sit as readers.
    Some of the comments, on the other hand, leave less to the imagination. For example, Sharon says “What will those same thugs do when he is not re-elected? Scary thought.” What about this incident makes you imagine that Obama losing in 2012 would make these particular kids engage in violence? Contrast your reaction here to your opinion about right wing supporters bringing guns to an Obama appearance or a town hall meeting. Seriously. Is that scary in your mind? What if the gun carrier is black? If still not scary, then please ask yourself why you think so little of people who disagree with your political positions, but have so much confidence in those who do agree.

  13. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    @Bordo “historical photos from Selma circa 1962.”
    Your photos, my living memory. Of course you swooped through to drop a cow patty and wont see this so I’ll share it with others. Those of you who’ve come of age in the last twenty years have no bloody idea what REAL racism is like. You’re mind numbed little parrots who would’nt know a real racist if he slapped you in the face. You make me sick, spitting on the graves of martyrs as you do throwing that word around until it no longer means anything. How f*cking dare you people compare disagreeing with the president, even calling him a liar, with facing fire hoses and police dogs……..simply to be allowed to vote….or for a seat at a lunch counter. You whole lot are weak minded serfs who believe in nothing and stand for even less.

  14. Ran says:

    Gee, Bordo, ask his “typical, white grandmother” if she thinks Barry’s comments were sophisticated enough for your “complex” world. Ask his mentors Wright, F M Davis and Ayers.
    I’m not sure – will not bet on it – that this President remains past three years without impeachment and removal. His firing of Wagner and his comments about “pitchforks” alone were gross violations of Law and Public trust.
    PALIN! 2012

  15. jimmy says:

    I was beat up numerous times as a kid in the 70s and 80s for no other reason than for being white,it made me a racist. I hate black people for the most part.

  16. Clem says:

    Well, to the posters who have seen similar in DC or in places like Atlanta, I’ve certainly seen the same out in Oakland or up in New York. The points, YOU ARE IN THE CITY, and all big cities have a contingent of loud, ignorant youth, that love to talk big. Now, in Atlanta or DC, most of these people will be black – just due to the composition of the city population. In NY, let me tell you, you will see all kinds saying all kinds of junk based on their POV… I’ve heard it all.

  17. Sharon says:

    Thanks so much Willie for putting it in perspective.

  18. mpbruss says:

    Thanks, Andy.

  19. tulip says:

    Oh my gosh, black kids talking about politics on the Metro. How will the republic survive?

  20. bertie says:

    After standing with blacks in the 60s against white racists, after refusing to ignore racist statements or laugh at racist jokes, it was difficult when decades later I was attacked by the black community in my hometown because I disagreed with a black man. Ultimately I could shake it off and think that blacks had suffered a great deal more or worse than I had. In addition, there were far too many blacks I had great respect for to ultimately change my fundamental beliefs.
    Sadly, today, someone could make a blatantly racist comment in my presence and the strongest rebuke I could most likely muster would be that there are exceptions. It’s not only that I no longer have the will to disagree but also that I find it difficult to legitimately argue against some of the worst stereotypes. It grieves me.
    All that progress we made has been shot to hell, in my opinion.

  21. DS in NYC says:

    Sadly, No! has your number, Dan. To wit (http://www.sadlyno.com/archives/24978.html):
    Oh, this is delightful! Riehl demonstrates how tough and rugged he and his 9/12 compadres are by bragging that they could have beaten up a bunch of children if they’d really wanted to. Now here’s the kicker:
    “Maybe if they were bigger, or more numerous, it might have been worse.”
    By “worse,” he means, “we would have left several yellow and brown stains on the DC Metro seats.”

  22. John P says:

    Too funny and too sad – a perfect example of helping along a self-fulfilling prophecy. If only one could read minds we would know the true reasons tea party and 9/12 folk gathered. You would need to be a mind reader because there was no cohesive message coming out of any of it beyond Glen Beck and Fox News have a following they can make do embarassing and rude things.

  23. Gabe Samoza says:

    Why do you say these kids were “technically thugs”? You admit that they weren’t committing any crime, that “We just ignored them without much trouble at all.” So what about them, other than the fact they were black, means they were thugs?

  24. WPE says:

    Black teenagers talking about Obama in the back of the bus are, “technically, thugs”.
    But arm yourself, attend a Tea Bagger event and make yourself into a Patriot.

  25. EagleOne says:

    Not sure this is indicative of anything. I could walk into any redneck bar in the south and hear blacks being trashed by good ol’ boys.

  26. idontknow says:

    Boy, the Left and the Right need better ways of talking to each other. It’s our country.

  27. Blarty Blarckleblart says:

    The headline of this post mentions “Dangerous Times” but I fail to see any danger, unless it is possible for black children to hurt your feelings so bad that it physically damages you.

  28. tally says:

    Well, I guess it has the possibility of being dangerous. Inner city kids today have a way of talking smack and getting in your face. When I was a kid (eye roll) and if we were on the bus with a bunch of old geezers (wink) there would have been a few snickers and elbow nudges. Combine todays youth mentality with the media’s focus on smearing the movement, yes there could be problems.

  29. Gabe Samoza says:

    “I guess it has the possibility of being dangerous.”
    What does? The physical existence of young black men in your presence?

  30. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    “What if the gun carrier is black?”
    Funny you should mention that since one of those gun toters was a brother. Of course the MSM tried their best to hide that from us. Most likely no one here wants to go archive digging, but you’re welcomed to I’m sure. What you’re going to find in these archives though is general disagreement towards those who would go armed anywhere near a POTUS. It’s unsafe, stupid and only gives people such as yourself more ammunition to cast aspersions.

  31. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    “I could walk into any redneck bar in the south and hear blacks being trashed by good ol’ boys.”
    Or playing pool together…..then, I’ve found th esame thing everywhere I’ve been. Nice to get off the couch once in a while.

  32. Man, aren’t you the namby-pamby little wuss!

  33. longdeshizi says:

    Outspoken black kids on the metro are SUCH thugs. Too bad these aren’t the good ol’ days when such people knew how to avert their eyes, and shuffle past their betters. Grampa and the teabaggers of his time (dixiecrats) would have known how to deal with the likes of those.

  34. “the people who thought Obama’s election would make America post-racial”
    Didn’t realize that people like you find blacks threatening when they dare to speak in your presence without permission.

  35. hum says:

    “Technically” thugs? Is that because they didn’t actually do anything thuggish, but they count anyway, because, you know …
    Why don’t you explain how that doesn’t make you “technically” a racist, and a cowering, pants-pissing one at that?

  36. Reggie says:

    Google interracial crime stats some time. It will blow your mind. Something like 80-90% of the interracial violent crimes in this country are black-on-White.
    This is nothing new, and it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. People need to wake up to the reality of the world around them, and stop believing in the fantasy-land lies of the politically-correct elites in the media, who live their lives in exclusive gated communities and are driven to work in a limo. REAL people have to deal with this savagery on a weekly basis.

  37. Reggie says:

    Ah, I see the cultural Marxist Andrew Sully fan-boys have invaded the comments.
    According to them, you’re now a “racist” if you are at all intimidated by an angry gang of young black men who are acting in a provocative manner.
    But we all know how you liberals would handle that situation. You’d follow the example of your leader, Andrew Sully, and stick your rear in the air and offer to milk them all dry with your power glutes.
    Go kill yourself, commie scum.

  38. Reggie says:

    >”You suck so much ass, Andrew. You really, really do.”
    Fixed it for ya.

  39. Xerocky says:

    Mike Shilling, forked tounge, and hum and the rest: you know a thug when you’re in the presence of one, trust me. Believe it or not, black people can be threatening. I swear.
    It’s perfectly ok for someone to comment on their behavior in the way Dan did. If white people were so intimidating to black people in a similar situation, you know that any number of liberal bloggers would have written about it.
    On the same hand, black people are in fact attacking white people with an alarming frequency. That’s simply a fact. This video is simply one of many.
    Do you expect white people to not notice? Why would you?

  40. hum says:

    “an angry gang of young black men who are acting in a provocative manner”
    Because they’re, um, talking kind of loud on the bus. And, of course, they are “angry,” even though there is no mention of anger even in Riehl’s description: they’re black!
    Here’s a thought experiment for you: if you heard a group of white kids talking like that on the bus, would you find that intimidating? Provocative? Would you think “uh-oh, could be trouble here”?
    I don’t expect an honest answer. I’m just glad I don’t have to pay your dry-cleaning bills.

  41. Mr. SMH says:

    I knew the Right would eventually resort to Race War talk. “Beware those 0Bama-supportin black folk you see on the street!”

  42. bill says:

    Wow the trolls are in the house. I love all the liberal punks talking smack about people. Never mind you probably live in your own little white enclave. Urban scenes can get violent in a hurry when you get packs of feral children who have never been instructed in basic human decency. It transcends race, but the lack of common decency ,inflamed by class envy and nihilistic garbage that passes for music can lead to tragic destructive incidents. Before you spout your talking points I have lived all my life in mixed race working class neighborhood unlike many of you pampered little prima donnas,

  43. Dan Riehl says:

    “if you heard a group of white kids talking like that on the bus, would you find that intimidating?”
    Sure, why not, if they were punks. But you morons missed the entire point in your pathetic clouded little liberal minded way. You really are pretty worthless scum. When I said Dangerous times, I meant only for America should the races end up more divided as a result of this failing black president. Or did you idiots sleep through the OJ debacle. Have you even stopped to consider what would happen if this idiot doesn’t get relected for his obvious incompent and corrupt Democrat ways?
    But you don’t care. You’d be perfectly content to keep a liberal in office for eight years by trying to intimidate the population into thinking they don’t dare oppose him, or it’s racist and our cities could explode. You don’t give a damn about this country. You care about your pathetic selves and your even more pathetic liberal pet causes. FOAD chumps. I can wipe you away here just as easy as we could do it in the streets if it ever came to that. Sleep tight, morons. Buh bye.

  44. Acephalous says:

    Language is revealing that Dan Riehl is a racist.

    Via someone named “davenoon,” I learn that someone named Dan Riehl recently encountered some black people who “were technically thugs.” What did these “technically thug[gish]” black people do? “There was no confrontation,” Riehl informs his readers, bu…

  45. Black Racists Out In Full Force [Videos]

    Contrary to what the left and the main stream media would have you believe there are indeed black racists and they were front and center yesterday. These racists are on a mission. Their mission apparently is to stoke the flames…