Tea Party- 9/12: Thank You Max Fisher At The Atlantic

September 14, 2009

This one from Max Fisher at The Atlantic, while intending to be a knock on the 9/12 protesters and Tea Party folks, is absolutely wonderful for us. I'm thrilled. I couldn't hope for a more illustrative example of precisely the type of great Americans I had a chance to mingle with in DC yesterday. Like a typical liberal, I presume, Max doesn't see the forest for the trees in concocting his weak attempt to malign the protest. Trust me, this one is worth it.

You see, Max discovered our dirty little secret – the way we padded our numbers. There was another group who helped us do it.

So why did so many pundits conflate (them) with the angry tea-party protesters? The answer, I think, is that they either weren't there or didn't bother to leave the protest's zenith on the Capitol steps. It's an institutional hazard of covering protests that reporters seek out the center of the action and don't budge, giving them great anecdotes from individual attendees but little sense of the event's overall scope. Similarly, it's easy for bloggers to just read after-action reports or browse a few photos before drawing conclusions. But these are both risky strategies for covering big events, and it's easy to see why people are so confused about Saturday's attendance figures.

So, how did we do it? Simple – according to Max. You see – hundreds of thousands of us intolerant, card and swastika carrying conservative racists intermingled with thousands of people from the 24th Black Family Reunion without a single significant confrontation, shouting match, or fight of any kind that I'm aware of. You know the kind, the ones SEIU and ACORN thugs instigate wherever they show up. So, thank you, Max Fisher and The Atlantic for documenting what truly peaceful, tolerant, free-thinking people the 9/12 protesters and Tea Parties actually are. You see, we didn't even notice there were so many people of "color" around – just good people sharing great events together without incident. Our issue is with government, not white, black, brown, yellow, or whatever. We leave it to you liberals to obsess about that.

Now perhaps you can tell Andrew Sullivan as you work there and he, along with several prominent liberal bloggers who pointed out just yesterday what hateful, angry, intolerant racists we actually are in their terribly misinformed opinions. Or is that too much to ask?

What no one has noted is that two-thirds of the National Mall was filled by an entirely separate event on Saturday that had nothing to do with protesting the president. September 12 just happened to be the 24th-annual Black Family Reunion, which ran from 7th Street all the way to the Washington Monument.

Not even the most biased observer could have mistaken these people for anti-Obama protesters. So why did so many pundits conflate the cheery Black Family Reunion with the angry tea-party protesters?

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  1. mark l. says:

    i love libs…
    ‘there weren’t many people there, but IF there were a lot of people there, they were there for the black family reunion.’
    The only line of criticism they can go with is questioning the count.
    Everytime they cross this line, their logic collapses.
    Can’t wait for the satellite footage-
    the next progression will be-“look at all those black people in white face”.
    I would impose the gasden flag rule…if a black person is within 20 feet, we get to claim them as part of the 912 crowd.
    I’ll accept the “inability to count the crowd size” criticism.
    I have to laugh when it is followed up by ANY other form of mitigation that the left can muster.
    “you don’t know how many protestors were there, because we know that there were ‘a lot’ of black families in the crowd”?

  2. emjem1963 says:

    Actually there wasn’t much mingling. The protest began at the Capital and ended at 3rd Street. The Black Family Reunion started up around 7th Street. There was mostly empty lawn in between. I was there & took this video: