New Poverty Guidelines And ObamaCare Costs

October 22, 2009

A very worthwhile read from E. D. Kain. Perhaps one of the unintended consequences of ObamaCarecan be predicted in advance. The National Academy of Sciences and the CBO currently have different levels of income to define poverty in America. Were Congress to act to bring them into line by following the AOS line, the costs of ObamaCare would immediately go up by hundreds of billions of dollars. All publicly paid health care costs would shoot up. What are the chances we might well see something like this given the composition of the government we have right now? Yikes, I say!

The Census Bureau reported Tuesday that 15.8 percent of Americans lived in poverty last year, using an alternative method to analyze their numbers provided by the National Academy of Sciences. This is significantly higher than the 13.2 percent official poverty rate the agency released last month. Since a great deal of the estimated cost of health care reform relies on the old data, what do these numbers have to say about the final cost of the bill?

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