Newt In 2012: Yeah, But Which Party, Dude?

October 26, 2009

I'd never want to underestimate Newt's brain power as an idea man, capable analyst and even strategist, to some degree – but this? And coming right on the heels of his alienating the base over NY – 23? Dayum. What is he thinking?

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) will consider whether to run for president following midterm elections in 2010, he said this weekend.

Gingrich, who has long been one of the Republican Party's leading developers of new policy, praised what he said looks to be a strong field of emerging candidates, but he said he will still consider whether he needs to run to fill a void within the party.

One thing, though – I still remember Sarah Palin referencing Newt and his ideas about getting beyond party to some degree. Funny that she chose one side in NY and he the other.

For a minute I was almost wondering if there wasn't a game afoot – Gingrich/Palin in 2012? Or, the reverse? But I can't see that happening. Unless someone got the nomination and picked Newt for VP, there's no way I see him as viable. I don't think he'd make it through a Republican Primary given some of his stances over the years.

Then there's the baggage issue, which is an entirely different deal. He might be able to take a shot at a Senate seat. But there's no way I see him as a serious player in 2012. Just too much history and way too much of an insider, now.

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  1. Calypso Jones says:

    no. i don’t think so. Not after the scozzafava support and remarks.

  2. Peter says:

    If Newt didn’t jump the shark with his make-out session with Bela Pelosi on the couch, he certainly did by backing the RINO in NY-23.

  3. oldtimer says:

    Newt has gone over to the dark side. So no thanks Newt stay home just play with your new friends.

  4. John says:

    Who cares, he has very little creditability left as a conservative, maybe running as a democrat he could be able to bring some (small) amount of sanity to the unicorn and fairy dust crowd. I would not vote for him no matter what letter comes after his name.

  5. mark l. says:
    “If Newt didn’t jump the shark with his make-out session with Bela Pelosi on the couch…”
    the problem is that he did.
    newt wants to be popular and respected. in conservative circles, he has already earned his credit for bona fides.
    this centrist outreach is like watching a child running home from the beach with a handful of sand.

  6. Jim Ryan says:

    He teamed up with Al Sharpton, a slimeball. Newt’s a quart low.

  7. templar knight says:

    Newt would add nothing to the process, and in fact would probably hamper the Repuclican Party in its efforts to take back the House and Senate, much less the Presidency. He is a has been who is sleeping with the enemy. Go away, Newt.

  8. montee says:

    Newt is more than welcome to try. The field as of today is pretty weak so it wouldn’t hurt to have more people join in.

  9. I’ve been over Gingrich for some time now. My take (from last June) still applies:

  10. SacTownMan says:

    Who names their kid NEWT??
    It sounds as lame as Conor with one N! Another fake ass conservative wanna-be that has no clue what the term means.
    Thanks for 1994 Newt but unfortunately your ship sailed 15 years ago!!
    A very intelligent guy but he is still as clueless as his contemporaries!
    What McCain, Newt, Linsay Graham, Snow and the other RINO party insiders don’t get is that the teaparties were as much about them as it was the trolls agenda!!
    The future of the conservative movement does not include any of them! They all need to fade into the background while the rest of us take our country back from the progressive dumb asses they allowed to grab power with their Demo lite mind frame!!
    If the trolls push thru their healthcare rape of the economy against the wishes of the people we will see 1994 revisited!!
    mmmmm!!! mmmm!!! mmmm!!!

  11. Neo says:

    NY-23 perfectly captures the flavor of one politician who want to win for the sake of winning and another politician who wants her principles to win.

  12. mark l. says:

    “mmmmm!!! mmmm!!! mmmm!!!”
    i love it. makes me laugh whenever I hear it(or now, read it). it is going viral…
    people at work do it all the time now, and the only ones who get it are the ones who heard the “song of dear leader”. it is quickly becoming a code.

  13. sooze says:

    Oh well, you know, Newt has such a warm personality and is adored by all. //s
    I’ll take my chances with Sarah.

  14. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    “Gingrich/Palin in 2012?”

  15. ‘Cuda 1, Newt 0
    And where’s Romney?
    The Huckster?
    We need a LEADER in this country… not lickspittles like these guys.
    Funny… Sarah’s the only one with a full set!

  16. SacTownMan says:

    Conservatives represent 40% of this country but the liberals are only 20%!!
    It’s suckups like Newt and the other RINO’s that helped get us to this point by pushing the Demo lite mantra.

  17. mark l. says:

    a big IF, but…
    if hoffman wins, palin would actually get to ride some coattails. tiny ones though they may be. otho, if hoffman wins AND disses her, the pednulum would swing as far to the negative.
    anybody know if hoffman is downplaying her endorsement?

  18. MDr says:

    Dan, you mindless wingnut slut! Just couldn’t resist commenting for Bob, our better, that hasn’t weighed in yet.
    I haven’t checked back on yesterday’s thread, I had football afterall, but rest assured,, the annoited like Bob, are sure to arrive with their well reasoned opening lines, that invariable include, “wingnut”.
    Oh how I wish, that some day, I too, can be elevated, to that higher plane, of absolute truth & knowledge, from whence Bob comes.

  19. redc1c4 says:

    i think Newt has a place in the primaries in 2012….
    after all, the Donkeys need someone to challenge Ear Leader. %-)

  20. Ad rem says:

    “…..anybody know if Hoffman is downplaying her endorsement?
    Hoffman was just on Glenn Beck, and said something to the effect that “he was thrilled to have her endorsement”. I like what I heard him say, however, the guy was a total “deer in the headlights” as far as personality. He’s clearly a “newbie”.

  21. Ad rem says:

    “…anybody know if hoffman is downplaying her endorsement?”
    Just caught Hoffman of Glenn Beck. He said something to the effect of being “thrilled to have her endorsement”, when asked. He appears to be a decent and thoroughly conservative guy, however, has a real “deer in the headlights” personality. He’s obviously a “newbie”.
    Excuse the second posting…the first one seems to have vanished…?

  22. BN says:

    I would vote for Newt–if he can get Hoffman to endorse him :O

  23. Dan,
    Sad to say, but I so wanted to like Newt. Stuff like this though…
    “Gingrich, who has long been one of the Republican Party’s leading developers of new policy,”
    Like, er, like suggesting ways of doing Cap ‘n Traitor more “efficiently”? Signing on with Hillary to develop “Health Care Reforms”? How about… Nominating a statist in NY 23?
    I hope this isn’t unfair, BUT… Has Newt had a single “new” policy in the last decade that fundamentally limited government and returned responsibility and money to the taxpayer? If he has, I honestly haven’t heard it. Every one of the major issues he’s touched – that I’m aware of – has been wrong-headed.
    Should have read: “Gingrich, who had long ago been one of the Republican Party’s leading developers of new policy,”

  24. DaveinPhoenix says:

    Newt, go away. Find your next wife or something. Just go away. Maybe Al Sharpton will let you play with him again.

  25. Calypso Jones says:

    now this is funny. On top of Newt’s support for Dede…she has accepted the Margaret Sanger award. I wonder if Newt is thinking this is a major headslap moment?

  26. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    “Just couldn’t resist commenting for Bob, our better, that hasn’t weighed in yet.”
    Bob called in sick. Apparently he got so drunk celebrating the “pubic option” that he fell off his high horse and broke something. An ambulance was called and he was taken to an emergency room. He has no insurance (by choice) but is pleased to report that you and I will be paying the bill. He is recovering nicely, looking forward to higher taxes for “free” health care.

  27. Todd DuBois says:

    Excuse me, but we have Newt to thank for the 1994 surge. That man has done more than anyone for Conservative principles in the last 15 years–certainly more than George Bush, whose 8 years in office did a great deal to diminish the credibility of genuine Conservatism and the brand of the Republican party. There’s the actual reason GOP party ID is at an all time low and way too many voters don’t believe there is a real difference between Republicans and Democrats anymore.
    Even if you disagree with Newt’s endorsement, to treat him like a closest leftist? Really? If this is where we are, Conservatives really will be losing election after election for the forseeable future.

  28. Calypso Jones says:

    That was good thinking on Newt’s part in 94 but things are different now. I had EXPECTED better from him seeing what his part was in the Contract with America but he has disappointed whatever support he may have had from Conservatives. He’s been missing as have many others in supporting Americans rights and opposition to this move toward socialism. I’m frankly tired of waiting for them to do the right thing…CONSISTENTLY. HOpefully Americans will move forward without them.

  29. gary gulrud says:

    Newt, time to dig yer burrow before the ground freezes.

  30. Calypso Jones says:
    yeah. I don’t know matt lewis but somehow i think he might be liberal or at the very least a rino…He says liberals know Newt is brilliant. Newt’s dead in the water. What? Does the media think they’re gonna pick the GOP presidential candidate again…well maybe they do seeing as how lame the GOP is behaving.