Obama: Love Him, Or Hate Him?

October 12, 2009

I don't know how many people are going to be left in the squishy middle with this guy after four years. It seems to me that the guy who, as they always do, promised to be a great uniter is turning out to be a real divider in the end.

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  1. serr8d says:

    Heh. That page won’t display for me because ‘ad blocking software has been detected’.
    Thanks, Firefox! Oh, and I’ll just go somewhere else.

  2. anginak says:

    I fall in the critic spectrum, but for the fact I believe he was born in Hawaii.

  3. SacTownMan says:

    You know it’s bad whae SNL is starting to question “the One”!!!
    After less than 1 year in office this Zombie is finally starting to smell like the rotting corpse he is!!
    Not even Uncle Georgie’s money is gonna but his way out!! I wonder if the coke head president will share any of that prize money with his half-brother in Kenya?
    2010!!! We start to take back our country from the “brain dead progressives” and their America hating leaders!!!

  4. syn says:

    “You know it’s bad when SNL is starting to question “the One”!!!”
    You know it’s really bad when CNN fact-checks SNL’s questioning of “the One”!!!

  5. mojo says:

    Immediate re-direct to yahoo. Somebody doesn’t like visitors?

  6. irongrampa says:

    Contrary to the meme gaining popularity on the left of “ODS” as disapproval of Obama, imho,it can be more accurately described as Obama Disgust, rather than derangement.

  7. Redacted says:

    I still like him and am very glad he is my president, especially considering the alternative.

  8. gary gulrud says:

    Love Him, Or Hate Him?
    Actually I’m on the fence: Whether to eviscerate those who speak well of him or rest comfortably, confident in their assignment to perdition.

  9. jpc says:

    A long time ago at a different site, I predicted “ODS” would be “Obama Delusionment Syndrome”.

  10. Proud Liberal says:

    Well, I for one am glad that he is not a grand “uniter” if that meant compromising with the nutjobs that currently run the Republican Party. It is clear by now that the GOP wants no part of bipartisanship. They won’t do ANYTHING that gives Obama a “success” no matter what the ramifications are for the country. He gave it a shot and they slapped his outstretched hand. I think if the tables were turned you would all agree with me. You wouldn’t want a conservative President to compromise with us socialists now would you?
    Oh, btw, wasn’t it Bush that said he was going to be a uniter not a divider and not Obama? Just asking

  11. templar knight says:

    “I still like him and am very glad he is my president…”
    Hahaha, just wow is all I can say. You would be happy with Xerxes, no doubt.
    And frankly, I can’t stand the son of a bitch. I can’t wait until he is out of the picture, period, and I wish every bad thing on the sob that liberals wished on George Bush. You liberals know what those were.

  12. Proud Liberal says:

    yes, templar… you and your unpatriotic ilk have made it quite clear that you want Obama to fail even if that puts you on the side of Hamas and the Taliban.
    Cheer for America not getting the Olympics…. sneer when America gets the Nobel Peace prize… yes… what good Americans you are.
    Why do conservatives hate America so much?

  13. southdakotaboy says:

    And frankly, I can’t stand the son of a bitch. I can’t wait until he is out of the picture, period, and I wish every bad thing on the sob that liberals wished on George Bush. You liberals know what those were.
    I couldn’t agree with you more templar knight.
    It is vitally important that we on the right do nothing to help the left in this country have any success. That is why my family is scaling back as much as possible. No large purchases if you can help it, pay cash for everything to help small bussiness owners (hard to track cash), no going out, etc and so on. If all conservatives all do our part we can knock the legs out from under Obama. Next year when there are no jobs and all of his promises are shown to be nothing but lies we can start the long process of rebuilding this country.
    The very first thing we need to do when we get back in control is to start hauling in all the radicals that people like Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck have been exposing. We need to unravel the whole stinking traitorous mess that is the Democratic party. We need to shine the light of truth on the lefty scum and then crush them like the cockroaches they are.

  14. templar knight says:

    Proud Liberal, I just bet you condemned your fellow liberals who slammed Bush for 8 years. You hypocritical bastards on the Left have no room to talk. Eight years of supporting Bush Derangement Syndrome, and you want to come here and condemn someone. You can kiss my ass, you POS.
    And the reason America didn’t get the Olympics is plain for everyone to see. Stupid liberals and their supporters killing people in the streets of Chicago, thugs in control of the city government, and liberals in charge of the national government would cause any right-thinking person to rule the US out of the Olympics at this point in time.
    As for the Nobel Prize, you must be kidding. Even most stupid liberals realized giving Obama the prize was a scam.

  15. mojo says:

    If a Canadian Lefty makes a mouth fart on a blog and there are no Americans around to hear it, does he still smirk?

  16. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    Dude dont be so hard on puffy libel, he’s just waiting for all his “free” sh*t to fall from the sky. He can’t imagine being his own man, making his own way anymore than you can imagine drinking out of a paper bag while you hold up a sign saying “will wank for food”. Now I don’t hate Obie personally. I never met the man. I hate 99.9% of everything he and his leftist friends stand for though. Course, I’ve little use for government in general so he doesn’t deserve ALL my ire. America’s had the olympics several times as had Europe and lately Asia. It’s time for the rest of the world to have a chance. Yes, Chicago makes Beirut look like the pearl of SW Asia with a government almost as good as Somalia but Rio is surrounded by actual poverty and thugs who make crips look like Disney employees. Difference is the Brazilians will make sure the world isn’t exposed to it but any means necessary. It was the crowd scenes the day the winner was announced that swung the vote. Fat, corn fed,cold, boring people led by the Obies (who could speak of nothing but themselves) and some uber-rich fat talk show host verses scantily clad, beautiful multicultural people dancing on the warm sands of Copa Cabana. Ahhhhh,a much, much nicer place, better food, nicer people. Which do you prefer? The puffed up, matronly Michelle (i hate america) Obala and her chuboid friend Opkie Winkey or this: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/features/2007_swimsuit/models/brazil/07_brazil_1.html

  17. Paul A'Barge says:

    So, are you going to fix the bad link or what?

  18. IslamoLlama says:

    “– It seems to me that the guy who, as they always do, promised to be a great uniter is turning out to be a real divider in the end. –”
    Unpossible! I’ve been told repeatedly that Real America reviled Obama. Wasn’t there a forty bazillion man march on 9/12 celebrating the heroic defeat of Twin Tower Liberals by tea bagging God-lovers? Hasn’t everyone come together to reject the evil Obama’s insidious plan to conquer the world one failing bank / car company at a time? What happened to the militant grass roots armies that were going to reclaim Congress by force of arms in 2010? The Sarah Palin brigades ready to march at moments notice, hundreds of thousands strong?
    What happened to “We Surround Them”?
    Methinks your right wing talking points are askew, Dan. John Boehner reports that he hasn’t heard from a single constituent that supports the public option. Michelle Bachman is rallying the entire state of Minnesota to the birther cause. The rallying cry of Joe Wilson echos from sea to shining sea. This is a center-right nation, amirite?
    Or maybe you’re running back to the Civil War Rhetoric a la Rick Perry and secession. :-p It’s hard to keep track.

  19. rubbalubba says:


  20. IslamoLlama says:

    “– Why do conservatives hate America so much? –”
    See: Black, The President is
    Also, the Speaker has Lady Parts.
    I mean, for this pack of Limbaugh loving hill billies that’s all it really takes. White wash Obama, and put a penis on Pelosi, then stick some (R)s in their nametags and they’d be cheering about patriotism and freedom and God Bless America.
    If it makes you feel any better, policy has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  21. Proud Liberal says:

    “The very first thing we need to do when we get back in control is to start hauling in all the radicals that people like Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck have been exposing.”
    Seig Heil, Seig Heil
    Keep dreaming you little fascist underachiever

  22. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    Pookie the LLama
    Bring your mom in the room and quit pretending to be her. You read like a complete, bigoted, idiot and everyone here knows you aren’t the real ignoLLama

  23. SacTownMan says:

    Hey Lame-O who turned over your rock??

  24. Proud Liberal says:

    so unpatriotic the right is. Pretty sad…. Do they think that middle America will go for their unpatriotic rhetoric? Their wishing for their President to fail? Hoping for the economy to get worse not better? Blocking any reform of the health care system that EVERYONE knows is broken? Don’t they realize that their motives are transparent? It’s all about defeating Obama… not what is right for the country. Wow.. I haven’t seen this level of anti-Americanism in a long long time. Shameful.

  25. templar knight says:

    Hey, Willie, how’s it going? Good to see you are still lurking around. I comment rarely because I am so busy and don’t get on the computer very much these days.
    I see some of the regular liberal idiots still comment here. It’s gratifying to see that they have not changed, and are as completely stupid as they ever were. They have a majority in both the House and the Senate, and yet they still criticize Republicans for their lack of success. Liberals are truly the dumbest people on the planet.
    Liberals, let me explain it to you. Your party has control of the House and Senate. The President is from your party. Your party can pass anything it wants. Why do you keep criticizing Republicans for your lack of success?

  26. Proud Liberal says:

    dumb…. so dumb…. so so dumb us libruls. Not smart like you guys… bush… and palin…. and rush… and hannity… and ensign… and all of ya that think the earth is only 4,000 years old…. Your smart… very very smart… you guys caught on that Obama’s mother hatched an ingenious plot to make it look like Obama was born in the USA… hey, she even posted fake announcements in the local newspapers and you caught on… damn…. you guys are smart… very very smart…. it was so smart of palin to quit her job…. why should she actually work and keep her promises to the citizens of alaska when she can make big money giving speeches to teabaggers? smart… very very smart. Hey and that boner guy, smart to use that fake tan stuff… people like heathy looking politicians… especially if they are orange.. yeah, smart….. and speaking of smart.. how the hell do you get any smarter than that Joe the Plumber… ? Damn.. that guy is a freaking mensa candidate.
    Maybe someday us libruls can be smart like you and take back the Presidency, the House, the Senate, the State Hourses… and…. oh.. wait… nevermind.

  27. templar knight says:

    Blah…blah…blah…and more blah from you PL. The simple truth is that Xerxes is even too liberal for your typical Democrat. You want to blame Republicans for your lack of success, yet the Democrats control Congress. Most people know this and see through your line of bullshit. Granted, there are some like the “dirty animal that spits” who would follow you over a cliff, but luckily he is rare, although due to our failed educational system, not as rare as he should be.

  28. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    I check in here once in a while but it isn’t near as fun as when we had some libs who could actually make a point instead of these parrots like puffed libel above and pookie the llama’s kid needs to be spanked and put to bed. LOL but even llama’s kid is smarter than puffy libel and can come up with something better than Joe the plumber snarks. I’ll be so glad when Obie fixes health care/insurance whatever it is this week and these punk ass kids have to go buy insurance or be fined. Not to mention the extra work they will have to do to pay taxes……with no hope of EVER bettering their lot in life….a TRUE equal utopia of serfdom.

  29. Miklo says:

    I don’t know how many “dissenters”
    will be alive to oppose this Admin.
    No, I am not kidding.
    Many think there may be a “house-cleaning” in this country…
    Like many, many people will end up imprisoned and/or executed for opposing this REGIME.

  30. templar knight says:

    It’s good to know you’re still around, Willie. I hope you are doing well, and still fishing and rafting. I’m now retired, whatever that is, as I am busier than ever.

  31. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    Templar, I know what you mean about being busier in retirement. Plenty to do on the hacienda, too damned much volunteering and doing REAL fights for the environment, not just changing light bulbs and calling myself “green”.Those freekin’ “sustainable” mini minded, fools. I still fish and still do the river keeper thing but I’ve cut Waaaaay back on taking yankees fishing. I kinda miss the money for the fishing trips though.

  32. SacTownMan says:

    Brother Knight and Willie… Feels like old times putting the smack down on Harpo!!
    Hope everything is going fine for you and yours!!
    Hell reading the moonbats astroturfing here and watching the Soros owned Dipshit-in-Chief and his pals screw up the country has made me miss idiots like Jimmy Carter!!
    These losers still can’t get over their BDS!!!
    2010 will be the biggest wake-up call in American political history!!!
    And the dumb ass trolls are still too stupid to see it coming!!!
    Unfreaking believable don’t ya think!!!
    Who’s Punk Ass Liberal gonna teabag when his buddies crawl back under their rocks???

  33. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    “Many think there may be a “house-cleaning” in this country…”
    Don’t be silly! If ‘they’ round up the righties who the hell do you think is going to work to support the left?

  34. templar knight says:

    STM, it’s a pleasure. How is everything going, man?

  35. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    STM good to see your name. When I read puffy libel’s screed it make me miss Harpo….at least that cat actually believed his own libster opinions, wasn’t just a bds parrot.

  36. Huey says:

    Proud liberal: This meme about those who oppose Obama wanting him to “fail” is getting old. It’s an idiotic statement to begin with.
    We OPPOSE Obama. We OPPOSE his policies in just about every case. If “success” is that those policies become law (health care reform as currently imagined by the left, cap & trade, defense of marriage act, destruction of the CIA, WHATEVER), then YES we want Obama to FAIL.
    We don’t want the COUNTRY to fail. We want the country to SUCCEED. But, if Obama’s policies (agenda, fever-dreams, WHATEVER) become the law of the land, it takes this country that much closer to FAILURE.
    Thus, we want Obama to FAIL so that the country succeeds.
    You know. Like how you wanted Bush to FAIL. (He wanted to go to war in Iraq — you didn’t. He WON that argument, but you wanted him to FAIL. Just as he won the argument to stay when the going got rough. You wanted the troops to come home prematurely, i.e., you wanted him to FAIL. He wanted “No Child Left Behind.” You didn’t. He won, but you wanted him to FAIL.)

  37. Thomas Jackson says:

    God I never thought I’d see someone who make me long for the honesty of Nixon, the class of Clinton, and the acumen of Carter.
    Obama just demonstrates what happens when two lefties mate. Something crazier than Barney Frank at a Cub Scout Meeting.

  38. Hate? No, not hate…
    “Scorn and defiance; slight regard, contempt,
    And any thing that may not misbecome…” Thank you, Mr. Shakespeare…

  39. Teleprompter Messiah says:

    Hate Obama? How can you hate what gives you mirth every day? I don’t even hate Liberals because how they got taken in by an empty suit like Obama causes me to smile every day.

  40. President Thin-Skin

    Not only will you be called a racist if you criticise our thin-skinned president (whose name in his youth, by the way, was Barry Dunham) but if you’re a blogger, his minions will take swipes at you in the adoring…

  41. Terrye says:

    I am still amazed that America was stupid enough to vote for this crazy man. He is out of his mind. I do believe that.
    Proud liberal, do not give me that bipartisan crap, since when did Democrats show the slightest interest in bipartisanship? Hypocrites and cry babies, that is the modern day Democratic party.

  42. xerocky says:

    I’ll be honest with you, I don’t like Obama on a personal level to the extent that I know him, which is through TV. He’s smug and he thinks he’s gods gift and he’s got nothing to back it up. So, no I don’t really like him.

  43. syn says:

    How come Proud Liberals hate the Dalai Lama?

  44. syn says:

    Proud Liberal
    Perhaps the reason why you are so insane crazy is because you live in Obama’s 57th State.

  45. Philip McDaniel says:

    WAHOO WILLIE, templar knight, and SacTownMan, good to hear from you guys again. Looks like I missed all the fun on this one…been busy. Retired, you know. Getting ready for hunting season up in the UP Michigan next month.

  46. templar knight says:

    Thank you, Phillip. It is good to know that you and others whom I respect are still around, even if only lurking. Lol. I’m readying myself for deer season in So. Arkansas, and have been working hard to get new deer stands on some land I recently purchased. The deer are plentiful, although not as big as what I’m used to hunting in Texas. But the land was cheap, water is plentiful(too plentiful right now, as it is raining every day), and I can recoup my money for the land by selling the timber. A win-win. Good hunting!

  47. Joe says:

    I do not hate Obama. I just think he is not a very good President. He is like George Bush, but with less spine.

  48. WBestPresidentEver says:

    I dispise the communist, socialist, marxist, liar, scumbag, idiot, pot smoking, coke sniffing, racist, white hating, old people hater, constitutiopn hater, mobster lover, corruption lover, creep he is and all the people he surrounds himself with. The worst thing that has every happened to AMERICA…EVER
    2010 “will be” the biggest wake-up call in American political history!!! And 2012 will follow. WATCH !

  49. seekeronos says:

    Good to see some of you old salts (TK, Willie, and SacTownMan) here still putting these smug liberals to shame for their idiocy.
    And this one here made me laugh a bit:
    “— I still like him and am very glad he is my president, especially considering the alternative. —” (Redacted, at Monday, October 12, 2009 at 01:25 PM)
    I don’t think that the alternative, the RINO McCain would have been that much better.
    And Puffed Up Liberal saith:
    “— Cheer for America not getting the Olympics…. sneer when America gets the Nobel Peace prize… yes… what good Americans you are. —”
    Funny thing. Normally countries don’t “get” the Olympics, cities in countries do. And nations don’t “get” the Nobel Peace Prize, *people* do.
    Although it could be said that those same goofy Norwegians (Nobel Committee) who gave the Algorâ„¢ his medal for that tragicomical farce he did on Globull Warming may have nominated Obie for the prize just right before the election as a PR stunt to say that they were happy to see America go socialist like the rest of those godless and godforsaken rabble of has-been empires in Europe have.

  50. seekeronos says:

    Oh, and another thing for PL:
    “— and all of ya that think the earth is only 4,000 years old…. —”
    Nice try, but we have a mix of evolutionists and creationist here in Conservative Land.
    And most creationists generally accept a Young Earth Creation age of the universe/age of the earth as around 6,000 years on the shortest end, and no much more than 10,000 years on the longest end.
    4,000 years ago would be approximately during the lifetime of Nimrod (aka Sargon the Great of Akkadia) and toward the middle of Shem (the son of Noah)’s lifetime.