Bet: Ratings Fail – Oprah/Obama Christmas Special

November 25, 2009

Let's see – Sunday Dec 13 features a night game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the NY Giants on NBC? That's a division rivalry between two large market teams in the East. Bonus points if they're fighting it out for so much as a wild card. They have a Celebrity Apprentice show after the game for the West Coast. Cold Case on NBC? No idea.

Oprah in the evening? Not her usual slot and she's rarely done it. Christmas time and politics? Good luck with that. This bad idea will under produce. But Oprah still has the clout to get the spot, obviously.

The queen of daytime will interview the president of the country during an ABC holiday special that brings together Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama.

The network has announced "Christmas at the White House: An Oprah Primetime Special," which includes an interview with the president, a conversation with the First Couple and tour of the White House. The special will also go behind-the-scenes as staffers prepare the White House for the holiday season.

The special marks the first time Winfrey has interviewed Obama since he took office. "Christmas at the White House" will air Sunday, Dec. 13, at 10 p.m.

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  1. Liz says:

    Sounds about as enjoyable as Rosie’s variety show, or maybe root canal. Seriously, we’re running out of places we can avoid seeing this guy (or his wife on Sesame Street and the Food network).

  2. I’d rather go to the dentist

  3. You have a lot more confidence in the Dallas C’girlz in December than I do.

  4. x11b1p says:

    how many times in one year do we get to see the obama white house? if the networks could not get ratings doing this when he was in the high 50s what makes them think people are going to tune in now when he is in the mid to low 40s?

  5. your mama says:

    boring.These two are old news.

  6. MDr says:

    Here’s a better bet – since one more viable option has been taken away from viewers, I’ll bet the Phil-Wash game receives all time ratings, when one team is so pathetic, and has zero chance for the big dance.
    It took me approx 2.5 yrs before I tired of Carter, ie could no longer stand watching him speaking or even seeing him. I avoided any channel he was on, and switched to anything else, when he suddenly appeared. Oblither has beaten the hell of that record. The Once achieved that milestone at the 10.5 month point.

  7. Pasadena Phil says:

    I remember when Rosie O’Donnell went left-wing political on her show by attacking Tom Selleck over guns (Selleck walked off). Many of the old-time talk show hosts were asked for their opinion and the one that was most prescient and dead-on was Mike Douglas’ opinion. Douglas came right out and declared it to be a major mistake that could lose her at least half of her audience. It did and and eventually cost her the show itself.
    Oprah is not immune from this. In fact, one of the reasons her show has been in steady decline is the Obama fatigue her audience developed LAST YEAR during the election. Nevertheless, Sarah Palin gave her one of her biggest audiences ever last week. Her show is dying from the self-absorption and narcissism of the host.
    She should have quit on top. This may be a sign that she is going to use her final year to impose one big “vision” statement on her dwindling audience to the dismay of the network suits. It worked so well for Phil Donohue.

  8. jpc says:

    Should schedule it on a Tuesday night, then the “competition” would be “America’s Biggest Loser”. And if someone locks on the wrong channel, would be no harm done, because it would be the same thing.

  9. Lew says:

    A great reason to turn the TV off and surf the net.

  10. Lala says:

    I have tons of NCIS shows on my DVR.

  11. Old Trooper says:

    Short Term Idiot in Chief?
    Either Impeached or neutered by the next election.
    Complete Fool as Pretender in Chief.
    Historical Stupid Electoral Very Bad Decision. Send Him back to Kenya Now!

  12. unseen says:

    If FOx was smart they would schedule counter programing of a Christmas with the Palins. Let’s see Trig, Piper, williow, todd and sarah vs Obama?
    It would be a political tug of war. I bet MSNBC AND CNN would air the Oprah special commercial free.
    where are the people that want to make money in TVland anymore.

  13. unseen says:

    Hell throw in Bristol and tripp and a special coming home special with Levi seeing his child for his first christmas. Maybe Levi can visit his mother in jail after. It could morph on CNN into a scared straight program for wannabe pron stars and drug dealers.

  14. Calypso Jones says:

    War of the networks. Unless Fox does something spectacular like a Palin Christmas, i’ll be using NetFlix.

  15. syn says:

    So when will ABC/Disney release “The Path to 9/11″?
    Who is so economically inept as to buy stock in ABC/Disney? Most likely the same people who bought Citibank stock.
    When will people learn, when gambling the odds are always against the player.

  16. Wintoon says:

    Narcissists on parade. I’ll be busy sorting my sock drawer.