DNC After Palin’s Book: What’s Next, Book Burning?

November 18, 2009

You may recall that one of the earliest false charges against Sarah Palin had to do with her allegedly wanting to ban books from school libraries. That wasn't the case. Fast forward to the same political machine in the form of the DNC desperately trying to do all they can to prevent more people from reading Palin's book, Going Rogue.

Just who are the would be book burners of the two? On top of that, she is a private citizen, whether they like it or not. Yet, they are unaware of how ridiculous they look by waging a liberal jihad against her. These people are nuts. And we're still supposed to buy the silly notion that she's irrelevant? ha! They have no self-awareness at all. Everyday their actions betray their rhetoric. They are making complete fools of themselves in a doomed to fail effort and even the media is acknowledging it in various reports.

Whom the gods, or Obama, would destroy, I guess. This is getting to be fun to watch! The latest commenter spin seems to be, we want her to sell more books!

LOL Yeah, we're buying that, just not as quickly as many are buying her books, it would seem. ha! ha! ha!

The Democratic National Committee has been, for days emailing reporters gleefully about Sarah Palin's media blitz, feeding the flames of what officials there see as a distraction for and a threat to the Republican Party.

In advance of Sarah Palin’s stop in Michigan today, please find below everything you need to know about Going Rogue – a memoir that has been received as 1) political payback for Palin’s rivals that adds to the tabloid nature of her profile rather than provide a display of substantive policy chops that would reset her ability to be taken as a serious leader; and 2) substantively more fiction than fact compounding the credibility problems she earned during the 2008 campaign. These factors are reflected in recent polling which shows extraordinary disapproval numbers and small minorities who feel she's qualified to be President. The sensational nature of Palin's book continues to dominate news cycles – and does so to the detriment of the Republican Party. Combined with her dismal polling numbers and Republican willingness to cede the party to her and her polarizing tea party following, the political impact of her re-emergence, spells political disaster for the GOP going into 2010 and beyond.

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  1. Jim Ryan says:

    There is nothing more delightful than to watch the wicked squirm, writhe and howl in their fits of twee rage. Buffoonery par excellence.
    If you have contempt or hatred for Sarah Palin, there is something wrong with you. But go right ahead, I love the show.

  2. gary gulrud says:

    Oh, but this is good for liberals. Just diverts attention from the viable candidates like Mittens-Massachusetts Health Care, scratch that-Pawlenty-I35 bridge disaster, scratch that one too-Daniels-No aspirations beyond IN statehouse, awww nuts…

  3. bandit says:

    I’m not really down with Palin politically but I love that she drives the left absolutely bat$h!t crazy.

  4. Al in St. Lou says:

    “Yet, they are unaware of how ridiculous they look by waging a liberal jihad against her.”
    They somehow fail to realize that they’re letting everyone know that they fear Palin. When you combine that with the way her book is selling and what people are willing to go through to meet her, it’s hard to believe she won’t win the presidency in a landslide à la Reagan. (Yes, three years is supposed to be too far away to predict. I’m hoping but I’m not betting money.)

  5. Logic says:

    How long does it take for the left to start banning this book from libraries? How long does it take for the left to compare this to the fake book banning meme?

  6. Al in St. Lou says:

    Wow, “reaction formation” describes it really well. Thanks for the link.

  7. MDr says:

    I’ve never seen Palin speak, in person or taped. I’ve seen snips of various interviews, but usually with liberal hosts, “directing” the show. I’ve taken heart – she seems to be driving the Left crazy. Why, if she’s not a serious threat? Still not convinced she’s a serious Presidential nominee. Tonight, I’ll finally get to see her on the issues, on Hannity.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’d really like to think that conservatives have a true champion that can deliver us, and our country from the Socialist/Marxist hell, the Dims are rahming us towards.
    BTW – f**k Newt, McCain, and the other complicit RINOs

  8. gocart mozart says:

    We are not outraged or afraid, we are laughing. Sarah! Sarah! More please.

  9. r4i says:

    Sara Palin is 100% right. I support her and will vote for her if she runs for President…….You Dems are just scared to death of Mrs. Palin and her popularity and the fact that she has lots of followers. She is dynamic and the Dems can’t take it.

  10. Mike Licht says:

    It’s actually Lynn Vincent’s book, with Mrs. Palin’s name on it.
    Still, Sarah Palin’s bus tour is really taking off.