Fort Hood: How Many Shots

November 6, 2009

Pilgrim at the always feisty SayAnything blog takes a look at some details regarding the Fort Hood murders. He wonders if everything we're being told really adds up.

Buried underneath the horrific senselessness of this entire, hideous episode is one little thing that isn’t clicking.

We have the report that the shooter, who we now know was Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, was armed with two handguns when he started his murderous rampage and managed to kill 12 and wound another 31 before he was engaged and neutralized by responding police. Initial reports said that he was killed but this morning I’m reading that he’s alive and on a ventilator. Too bad.

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  1. david r says:

    I hope he pulls through so he can be lined up for a proper firing squad. Someone should have identified this guy as a loose canon and gotten rid of him before this. Heads should roll.

  2. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    Yep, the one shooter story is a bit fishy but the guy at the link leaves some thoughts about human nature out. We don’t yet know about his weapons but using the writer’s theory. Let’s assume he had two Baretta’s, both loaded 13+1 and at least two more 13 round magazines. Did he fire one in each hand pistolero style or one at a time? That many hits from the preloaded mags isn’t impossible in a large panicked crowd, people tend to bunch up near exits. But, the shooter would have to be very well trained and disciplined. This guy was supposed to be a head shrink not combat arms.
    How’d this lose cannon say the things he supposedly had been saying for months without notice? The officer corps is treated much differently and the army is so PC that it’s sickening. Had he been some enlisted pogue he would have had to be doing a lot of explaining about his thoughts…..At least once he had gone through all the feel good hoops placed to make him feel protected……I’m not convinced there wasn’t at least one other shooter. Just saying his hit rate was not impossible.

  3. Lala says:

    People are outraged about this insensitive address by Zero.

  4. Lala says:

    This is an article written a year ago. Does it apply in this case?
    July 3, 2007, – 9:30 am
    I Told You So: The Muslim Doctor Terrorists Are No Surprise; Revealing Muslim Doctors’ Oath

  5. ThomasD says:

    The only good that came out of yesterday was Hasan’s survival.
    Because now he can be tried in an open military court. During that trial he will be presented with a choice, to either portray himself as a psychiatric case unfit for trial, or as a sane individual who was acting out on his religious beliefs.
    Either he attempts the cowardly way out, discrediting himself and denying all that he believes, or he stands and broadcasts the truth of his jihadi beleifs.
    Here’s to hoping he chooses the path that places him in front of a firing squad.

  6. Neo says:

    “Soldiers who witnessed the rampage reported that the gunman shouted “Allahu Akbar!” — an Arabic phrase for “God is great!” — before opening fire”
    “Allahu Akbar!” == poor “harassed psychiatrist”
    Now the “PC bunch”, which seems to include the FBI, are telling us that his being a Muslim had nothing to do with the shootings. Instead we are to believe that he was merely a poor “harassed psychiatrist.”
    Apparently, anybody yelling “Allahu Akbar!” should now be considered a poor “harassed psychiatrist” hellbent on killing everybody nearby. I wonder if the American Psychiatric Association will now come under “Patriotic Act” scrutiny.

  7. chris says:

    We dont know that all the injured were shot. We do not know if any of the shot were victims of ricochets off of a concrete floor. We dont know how many might have been prone or curled up on the floor making them much easier targets.
    In all, i believe that a trained shooter, ie. a SEAL or something similar going off the reservation would be FAR more dangerous than this guy was.
    That the body count was only 13 is a testament to how much of an amateur he really is.

  8. WAHOO WILLIE says:

    If we cut the number of victims from 43 to 21.5 (no, I dont know how you half shoot someone) and using what we know about piles of targets,human nature, etc. This guy was no “amateur” shooter, he’d done lotsa practice.

  9. David R. Graham says:

    Yes, he was an experienced shooter and had situational awareness going in, plus skill.
    What about the “other two” detained? Names, background? Purpose for being in the AO? Actions?
    Still, the numbers don’t add up to one shooter.
    And this is no lone-wolf, one-off. How many posts, camps and bases are penetrated since 20JAN09? It must be assumed as many as humanly possible, especially given vast racial recruiting in US prison systems. Take it as every single one is penetrated by multiple cells and then work back one-by-one if they actually check out as not penetrated. Of course DOJ would stop that on the grounds that it is religious/racial profiling.
    Another thing that doesn’t add up: why wasn’t he rushed? Because an Engineer rather than an Infantry unit in the target area? Engineers are rifle-carriers and shooters also. How were so many shots gotten off in a military installation before he was immobilized? Good shooter, yes, but there has to be more to it. Excellent tactical attack profile? Strong preliminary intel? One shooter and two backups, textbook. Yes, but still points to other shooters. What about those two?
    The MD degree/practice was a cover for penetrating facilities and operations. Isn’t that common Moslem Brotherhood modus operandi? He’s not a shrink who went nuts, he’s an operator gone to ground using MD as cover and just activated yesterday. Same pattern as with the co-pilot of EgyptAir 990. As I recall, professional covers are textbook Moslem Brotherhood operational environments. MDs in Britain a few years ago messing up an airport. It’s a pattern and a good one because professionals tend to be below the radar of suspicion, everyone assumes their “profession” makes them benign.
    I seem to recall the Moslem Brotherhood strategic plan worked out I believe in Philadelphia some decades ago contemplated just these terms. Working from memory on that ….
    The hope for a UCMJ trial for this operator and appropriate punishment is puerile. The looter in the WH said in his book that if the political winds turn ugly he will stand with the Muslims. DOJ, at least policy and prosecution sides, moved immediately under Holder to do just that. No, if the operator goes to trial, the Army and those who shot him, and their employer, will go to punishment, just as with the screaming “imams” in Minneapolis. “Justice” stands with the Mohammedans for the looters now handling federal and many state mechanisms of government. Those not with them are too terrified of them to cross them. The latter describes most of our “political class.” Most have been “gotten to” by Mohammedan threats. And one hopes for justice?
    Cry freedom and give it and that will be sufficient. And pull back shrouds veiling the truth, using ratiocination, intuition, deduction from experience and direct investigation, all of the above. The truth can always be found and made known where it counts, which is in our own hearts.

  10. xerocky says:

    I just like the fact that he was shot by a woman. Ha!
    Double the insult to his backward B.S.

  11. joyMc says:

    From the fist statements issued things were not adding up. “The FBI has ruled out terrorism”? How prey tell did they manage to do that so quickly? The event was scarcely over when these statements began coming out. In any case, they were wrong. I would like to see a credible timeline on how long the event took to play out. It is possible to reload clips on a pistol but it takes 2 hands and you have to stop shooting for at least a couple of seconds to do it even if you are fairly practiced at it. Some reports are saying friendly fire may have taken down some victoms. So there were armed individuals in the area. At first there were reports of more than one shooter but that was supposedly ruled out. Do trained soldiers not have the skills to tell if more than one person is shooting at them? I know it is hard to stand back and second guess but there are a lot of questions. With so many witnesses I guess all will eventually become clearer. As for not jumping to conclusions about the known shooters motives; well, one need not jump terribly far. I would vote for throwing out political correctness in favor of survival any day.

  12. joyMc says:

    PS: Headline: American police woman has gunfight with murderous cowardly Islamist Jehadi turncoat terrorist and wins, many lives saved. So true, and makes me so very proud, but this headline not likely to be seen.