Hoekstra: Fort Hood Info Just Tip Of The Iceberg

November 18, 2009

On a recently concluded conference call, Rep. Pete Hoekstra claimed there is much more information to come out as regards the Fort Hood terrorism suspect, that any terrorism trials headed to New York may well last years and acquittals for any number of reasons should not be ruled out in trials that may dismantle previous efforts to bolster America's anti-terrorism capabilities, potentially handing them over to the courts to direct going forward.

He also had severe criticism for how the Obama administration is proceeding in some specific regards, saying they haven't even been able to produce a basic logic, or clear roadmap to explain, let alone defend recent actions when requested to do so.

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (MI) said he believes that all currently public information on Fort Hood terrorist, Nidal Malik Hasan, represents only the "tip of the iceberg" and that there is "much more to come" on Hasan. Hoekstra is the Ranking Republican Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Also on the call was Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA). They also discussed the status of the closure of the Guantanamo Bay facility and terrorist trials inow slated for New York City.

As regards Fort Hood, Hoekstra said he had little doubt this was an act of terrorism, as opposed to a simple crime. He believes the Obama administration will eventually be forced to reach the same conclusion. While Hasan may fit the classic definition of a Lone Wolf terrorist, Democrats have already removed that provision from the Patriot Act.

As regards the planned trials of KSM and others in NYC, Hoekstra agreed that they present the possibility that much of the increased enforcement actions developed throughout the Bush years may be subject to being exposed and potentially dismantled. Ultimately, the trials could effectively put the courts in charge of the so called War on Terrorism.

He also cited the John Adams Project as being prepared to throw their full weight and resources behind bringing about that very result. He feels they will do all that they can to put the government, the Bush administration and affiliated government organizations and procedures on trial, while providing KSM and others a world stage, potentially for years to come.

The ACLU and NACDL have assembled defense teams to be available to assist in the representation of detainees facing prosecution at Guantánamo. We took this step because of our grave concerns that the Guantanamo military commissions process does not reflect our country's commitment to justice and due process.

Hoekstra also claimed the administration seems to lack any clear rationality for having some terrorists proceed to trial under military commissions, while others will enter the American Court system. When recently asked what course Osama bin Laden might be tracked on were he captured, the Obama administration was unable to answer the question. Evidently, they have not planned for such an occurence, though Obama did claim it to be job one during his campaign.

The congressman also called for the release of all known information on precisely who the individuals were that were to be tried, or held within the United States. Hoekstra believes if Americans knew their full backgrounds and current mindsets, citizens would most likely not what them moved into their states once they understood who the men truly were and what they may have done, or planned to do. That includes ways in which they currently resist efforts to hold and control them.

Chuck Schumer has already requested that 75 Million dollars be earmarked for the NYC trial. It's unclear if that is the money for one year, or the entire trial. Hoeksta believes the trial could last as long as from 4 – 5 years, potentially through the next presidential election.

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  1. gocart mozart says:

    Shorter Dan Riehl, “The Constitution Sucks!” Goddamn the 4th, 5th, and 6th Ammendments.

  2. Al in St. Lou says:

    Three more years of crazy, incompetent, or worse! I wonder what’ll be left.

  3. Elmo says:

    There is absolutely no question in my mind … Chucklehead’s administration will implode. In a fashion so spectacular, y’all will get to see my foyst youtube vid (uh me dancin in the streets … cue Martha). And sometime in the not too distant future. As in before election day 2012.
    It simply not possible for their to be any other outcome.
    Till then …. watch your six. Stay sharp. And of course, keep an eye out for our dying country. Cuz we ain’t outta the woods yet. Not by a longshot.

  4. mariner says:

    Dems kept whining that W hadn’t found OBL.
    Now “he” found OBL’s no. 2 man and Dems want to make sure he’s never punished.
    I wish the term “treason” still meant something, since that’s what we’re watching every day of the Obambi administration.

  5. mariner says:

    There is absolutely no question in my mind … Chucklehead’s administration will implode. In a fashion so spectacular, y’all will get to see my foyst youtube vid (uh me dancin in the streets … cue Martha). And sometime in the not too distant future. As in before election day 2012.
    The second-hand smoke from that stuff would make a really good high.
    Why should his Administration implode? There is NO ONE to force him out. He owns the Federal government, and he can count on ACORN and Americorps to protect him as well.
    The only way he leaves before 2012 is an armed assault on the White House by enraged citizens, and that’s just not happening. (And the obligatory disclaimer — I’m NOT advocating such, just saying without something like that Obambi stays where he is.)

  6. Elmo says:

    Bank on it Mariner.
    His administration’s traitorous derangment, knows no bounds. None. Soldier of Allah Obama … his malignant narcissism, the most advanced case ever discovered. They cannot help but hoist (disembowel) themselves, by their own petard. They are on autopilot … towards self destruction. So caught up are they, in the propagation of their own insanity.
    Pharoah proudly leading the caliphate. Planting the caliphate’s flag in NYC, for all the other good little Soldier’s of Allah to see. Will be his complete and total undoing. Call it the key … the key that unlocks the door. To the five thousand other jangly skeletors locked away in Chucklehead’s closet.
    And them skeletors are now gunna come calling … with a ghostly roar.
    He’s run out of BS. The bank won’t cash his check anymore. His juice card’s expired. His free pass’ been revoked.