Feds Target Bloggers, Not Big Media?

December 31, 2009

The most troubling part of this TSA going after bloggers deal is that it wouldn't be happening had it been the New York Times that broke the story. They can write an entire series, bring down a classified, covert prison system with implications around the world and win a Pulitzer.

But if a blogger did that, Uncle Sam would be kicking down their door. This is going after the little guy because they can get away with it, or think they can. And if Big Media had any principles, they'd side with the bloggers down the line.

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  1. redc1c4 says:

    if they had any principles, they wouldn’t be the MFM….

  2. Philip McDaniel says:

    If the Federal Government can force bloggers to turn over their users id’s and email addresses on the charge of a national security threat, then who decides just what constitutes a threat?
    Do statements like ‘I think the president is an incompetent moron and needs to be removed from power.” or “These Democrats should be THROWN OUT of office” constitute threats?

  3. Dick Stanley says:

    Well, of course they wouldn’t bother the NYTimes. They, and their siblings, are in bed with government, especially Democrat party government. Pols seldom bite the hand that feeds them. Who else will repeat what they say, verbatim, however stupid it may be? And not bother to analyze it. Unless it’s a non-Democrat speaking, of course, and then it gets nothing but analysis.

  4. Alice Wigglebotton says:

    And if Big Media had any principles, they’d …
    The question of answers itself.

  5. Ed Driscoll says:

    Glad They Have Their Priorities In Order

    Some random links highlight the state of the nations readiness:
    TSA Salutes a Very Good Year Despite 2009 Security Failures.
    Armed TSA Agents Threaten Travel Journalist.
    The most troubling part o…

  6. Gumlegs says:

    Daniel Ellsberg? Hello? Daniel Ellsberg?

  7. RPD says:

    I compare this to hunting. The NYT, WaPo, etc is like hunting rhinoceroses, kind of intimidating. Going after bloggers is like spearfishing piranha, you can get what you’re after but it probably won’t end well.

  8. Elmo says:

    Me too ….
    “if Big Media had any principles”
    I see t’was a happy new year!