House Republicans Seek Reprieve For Navy SEALs

December 5, 2009

Duncan Hunter circulated the letter, twenty Congressmen have signed it, include Boehner. Those are the only signatories named.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Lawmakers are seeking a reprieve for three Navy SEALs facing court-martial because one allegedly punched a suspect after arresting him for an ambush killing of U.S. contractors in Iraq.

Rather than accept a reprimand, the sailors chose to fight the charges in a military court. Their appeal greatly raises the stakes because a guilty finding could bring stiff punishment.

A letter that Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif, circulated in the House said prosecuting the three SEALs "seems to us to be an overreaction by the command."

One of the SEALs is accused of punching Ahmed Hashim Abed in the face after his September arrest; the others are accused of falsifying statements on the episode.

Hunter, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, said the men could face loss of rank, up to one year of confinement, a bad conduct discharge and forfeiture of a portion of their pay each month for up to a year.

About 20 lawmakers signed the letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, including House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio.

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  1. Meadow says:

    If common everyday folks can sign petitions, let us know.
    A fat lip is minor compared to beheading on camera, hanging in the town square or burning the body.

  2. FKD says:

    What’s up with these idiots? Leave the military process to the military.
    What next? Get a letter signed by Pope and the Amnesty International? I thought these were standard liberal “bleeding heart” tactics. Yeah, maybe a teabagger protest over the pentagon will do.

  3. Elmo says:

    “About 20 lawmakers signed the letter …”
    (Why yes, I duzz feel beddah).

  4. xerocky says:

    How many virgins do ya get for a fat lip these days?

  5. pagar says:

    The military leadership has already shown what they believe is important-When Maj Hasam was allowed to run wild thru the system, while military members who believe in America are charged with crimes time after time.

  6. Sailor says:

    Maybe the SEALS should have just shot the bastard. I can’t believe what a stupid society we have become. Stupid……..Stupid………Stupid!!!

  7. Johnny G says:

    Leave military matters to the military.

  8. Captain Joe says:

    Yeah, I’d say leave it to the military, but politics at the flag level has reared its ugly head. The four stars want to kiss Obama’s ass so bad that they’ll prosecute their own men for even minor infractions. This PC crap is ruining the military.

  9. OJ says:

    Who was the Naval Officer forcing these brave men into this untenable position? It must be one of the PC punts.

  10. Joe says:

    These heroes will be vindicated at trial, still miscarriages of justice can happen and the charges should be dismissed.

  11. DaveinPhoenix says:

    “arresting him for an ambush killing” ?
    Note to service people in Iraq:
    Please don’t let this type of thing happen to you in the future. Forget the arrest. Shoot the pricks and spare yourselves and the entire world this ordeal and nonsense. If it makes you feel better, arrest the pricks after they’re dead.

  12. Capitalist Infidel says:

    You can’t go around punching the allies of the democrats.

  13. KingShamus says:

    You gotta love the thumb-sucking Left. They care so much about the lives of terrorist scourge, yet they do the very things that will ensure their deaths.
    If they go through with this prosecution, the men on the ground will simply stop taking prisoners. Everybody knows this except the liberals.

  14. Carl Westbrook says:

    I’m a dude and I’ve dated more Navy Seals in my life than Hugh Hefner has had girlfriends. These Navy Seals ARE the ‘left’ and they have saved your sorry asses countless times over. Be appreciative – get off your stupid computers and actually DO SOMETHING to make the world a better place – or at least the kind of place you think it should be. Complaining and whining is for pussies.

  15. seekeronos says:

    “— I’m a dude and I’ve dated more Navy Seals in my life than Hugh Hefner has had girlfriends. These Navy Seals ARE the ‘left’ —”
    This statement does not compute. What are you trying to say?

  16. c mate says:

    ummmm have any of you noticed that the dems want to leave this issue to the military and the repubs are putting there nose in it? not the other way around cant you read?