Note To Pat At Political Byline

December 26, 2009

There's a fellow out here on the Right who goes by the name of Pat at Political Byline. Google it if you want, I'm not linking him. I just deleted a comment on my blog calling Obama a "Muslim N***** terrorist".

It was a direct allocation IP and I had only three previous comments from it. All from this Pat who has been known to be around this site.

He already has a bad reputation in many places and I even had to address it once before. If any bloggers want the IP for banning, just email. I don't want the scumbag around here.

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  1. w3bgrrl says:

    So, I searched this guy and came up with a link that points to him being the infamous “Chuck Adkins” (who can also be googled if you want to witness Teh Insanity). Posted Michelle Malkin’s address once; threatened to put a hit on a blogger, who promptly called him at his mommy’s house to clarify the threat; taunted a blogger who lost his wife in a tragic accident. Just a regular, normal guy, you know…
    I’m not sure I’d call him “on the right.” I would describe him as psychotic or schizophrenic. Lives with his parents in their basement. Vacillates wildly between being a devoted Christian and most un-Christ-like. He bashes more people on the right than on the left, from what I’ve seen. A really unstable guy begging for attention (and money from time-to-time, in emails and blog posts) who needs to be on a watch list.
    You’re right to ban him. From what I’ve seen, people who attempt to engage him quickly realize the folly of debating a crazy person.

  2. Lisa Graas says:

    That’s strange. I just linked him yesterday because he made an excellent point about the incompetence of Rand Paul for hiring a nut-job racist to be his campaign coordinator. He’s using the N word?? How ironic! Thanks for the tip. I’ll go delete the link NOW.

  3. leishman says:

    I smell a false-flag operation, sort of like the lefty trannie who smashed windows in the Denver Democrat party HQ, hoping the Right would get the blame.

  4. leishmann: You’re assuming the liberals are that cunning and competent. I think that we can both agree they aren’t.