Obama Waited 8 Months To Appoint New TSA Head

December 29, 2009

The story the media would like us to believe is that, it's all Jim DeMint's fault there isn't a new head at the TSA right now. But it's a bit more complex than that. To start with, Obama didn't appoint a potential replacement until September. Now, suddenly there's a rush? And other reports insist it wouldn't make much difference anyway, as the acting team is far more directly experienced for now. Also note, even the funny dummies at DU claim Errol* Southers has abused his authority wherever he's been.

Still, as Heritage pointed out, it's all about unionization in the end. Southers won't agree to retain the existing policy to keep the TSA non-union. Like a good Democrat, perhaps, it's always better to have government workers more concerned with protecting their jobs, than the land and people of the US. Now the story line is to read, Republicans are politicizing the issue. No, Democrats did that by making it a unionization issue to start with. All Southers has to do is agree that a non-union approach is best in the TSA's case. But he won't.

WASHINGTON — An attempt to blow up a trans-Atlantic flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day would be all-consuming for the administrator of the Transportation Security Administration – if there was one.

The post remains vacant because Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., has held up President Barack Obama's nominee in opposition to the prospect of TSA workers joining a labor union.

Meanwhile, Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., said in a statement that the TSA had grown lost and bloated in bureaucracy and called for a review.

Mica also said Congress "must change the process by which TSA administrators serve. There has been no TSA administrator for nearly a year and the next one will be the fifth in eight years. Running a security agency with a revolving door is a recipe for failure."

* Corrected typo, or perhaps a freudian slip: was Error Southers.

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  1. Derek says:

    Can someone please welcome Obama to the real world? Enough with this idealistic hope that terrorists will suddenly love the world because Obama says so. Wake up Obamanation, before more innocent people die!

  2. cbman says:

    Reich World View is thinking ass backwards.
    Attacking the President after a terrorist attack,
    encourages more terrorist attacks. Think about it.
    The country was fully behind President Bush after 9-11.
    But, then he detoured into Iraq.
    The fact is Muslims have been helping us prevent terrorist attacks,
    more now than when Bush was President. But the neocons want us to go after all 1 billion Muslims.

  3. Warpublican says:

    Only September? Gee, DeMint’s ONLY been hanging up American safety for three months – and, of course, Republicans circle the wagon – like they did on 9/11 – remember, Bush ONLY had 9 months to implement policy regarding terrorism – but he did nothing and Republicans didn’t care – now we have another right-winger saying that Obama waited too long and even though it’s been three months of DeMint stonewalling (because he wants to BREAK Obama) it’s STILL Obama’s fault – for appointing the man he wants to appoint…
    Republicans are NEVER responsible – just ask Mary Matlin (Bush INHERITED an event that occured nine months AFTER he took office) and Dana Perrino – (NO Terrorist attacks occured on Bush’s watch…)

  4. frank says:

    The Mao-Tse-Bama better get his priorities straight and get al-queda unionised pronto. We need to protect those poor people. The crotch bomber is filthy rich and we need to get his obscene wealth “re-distributed” (stolen). It’s the un-American way.

  5. There is nothing new in Obama’s administration trying to use the terrorism threat to force workers into unions. As Rahm said – never let a good crisis go to waste. It’s all about politics, and it’s obvious that Obama does not find the subject of terrorism “sexy”. It’s not as important as, say, insulation. That’s the subject Obama would love to make a long speech about…
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