Update: Hoax, TMZ Punked?

December 28, 2009

Update: Well, it was only a matter of time, I felt.

A recently discovered photograph caused quite a stir Monday when gossip site TMZ reported that the image showed a young President John F. Kennedy vacationing on a boat with at least four nude women in the 1950s.

But Playboy magazine says the photo ran as part of 1967 story about vacationing on a yacht.

Egads. This photo isn't breaking now due to JFK. It's being released because Teddy is now gone, too. Nothing else makes sense. It would have been the end of both of them before they ever really got started.

There are numerous articles and books on President John F. Kennedy which mention a 2-week, Mediterranean boating trip that JFK — then a Senator — took in August, 1956, with his brother Ted Kennedy and Senator George Smathers. The trio reportedly entertained a number of women on the yacht. Jackie Kennedy was pregnant at the time and was rushed to the hospital while JFK was on the boat. Doctors performed an emergency C-section, but the infant was stillborn.

Forensic analyst Sedlik superimposed an image of Kennedy taken at the Democratic National Convention in August 1956, just days before Kennedy went on the Mediterranean cruise. Sedlik says the features from the two pics almost precisely sync up. TMZ has also had two Kennedy biographers examine the photo — they also believe JFK is in the picture.

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  1. Al in St. Lou says:

    Either they were disgusting hedonists or I’m jealous.

  2. democratsarefascists says:

    JFK did say that if he didn’t have a new woman every three days, he’d get terrible headaches. So it makes sense that he’d be getting busy while his wife was having a miscarriage, since he got busy all the time.

  3. KingShamus says:

    Al: How about a little from column A and little from column B?

  4. JadedByPolitcs says:

    It just another affirmation that the Kennedy’s were PIGS and they lived a life of LIES. They then FORCED their disgusting liberalism on Conservative Americans while professing to live the life of good Catholics while living the life of TRASH!

  5. Al in St. Lou says:

    KingShamus: I figured if I’d just posted the first part of my comment, someone would come along and tell me I was just jealous, so I tried to beat this hypothetical someone to it.

  6. wws says:

    now it’s been busted as not JFK at all, but rather a copy of a 1967 playboy photo shoot – but my GOD, what I really want to know is WHO the hell has the last 50 years of Playboy photoshoots memorized to be able to figure this out that quick???

  7. leilani says:

    The Smoking Gun is calling this a hoax:
    Evidently the pic appeared in Playboy in the late sixties (which explains the anachronistic unfifties-ish teeny-bikini tan line on one of the girls) & is unrelated to the Kennedys.
    Besides, how likely would it have been for a Kennedy man, other than Teddy, to have been passed out napping instead of jumping at the opportunity to score young women diving into the ocean?

  8. unseen says:

    it is a shame. all the liberal icons turn out to be men/women of bad character. If only the MSM media would report fairly on the liberals and their double life.

  9. scott says:

    My favorite bit: “Nothing else makes sense.” Indeed.

  10. Liberty60 says:

    I am just sorry it turned out to be a cheesy Playboy shoot; You gotta admire the Kennedys for having great taste in women and the red bloodedness to do something about it.
    Today what do we have? Politicians sending dirty texts to 15 year old page boys, and trying to pick up men in toilet stalls.