Bookstore Near Yale Goes English Only, Community Protests

January 22, 2010

Good grief. Look at some of the settlements cited below. It can be pretty costly to demand that your employees speak English in America today. Full article here via the WaPo.

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — A popular bookstore and cafe near Yale University wants its many Hispanic employees to speak only English around customers, sparking controversy in immigrant-friendly New Haven, where students fight for immigrant rights.

Atticus Bookstore and Cafe recently issued a policy stating that English should be the only language spoken on the floor and behind the counter. "Spanish is allowed in the prep area, the dishwasher area and the lower level. Let's make our customers feel welcome and comfortable," the policy states, according to New Haven Workers Association, a group of activists who said employees gave them a copy.

A group of nursing homes in California and Texas agreed last year to pay up to $450,000 to employees who said they faced discrimination for speaking Spanish at work. In 2003, the Colorado Central Station casino agreed to pay more than $1.5 million to 36 former housekeepers who say they were ordered not to speak Spanish on the job.

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  1. Al in St. Lou says:

    Penalized for using common sense. No wonder we’re swirling around the drain!

  2. Anon says:

    Again, I say that this country is finished. A business being penalized for asking that its employees speak English on the job in a country that is, ya know, English speaking.
    But, we have only ourselves to blame.

  3. PCP Smoker says:

    Time to burn this library (lie-berry) down. Vamos amigos, quemen esa mierda