Budget Freeze, Or Is Obama Frozen In The Headlights?

January 26, 2010

It seems to me, Obama wants to give American voters sort of an IQ Test. By sorting out the dumb ones that believe there's really much to his budget freeze, at least he can get a sense of his ever dwindling base.

John Merline weighs in at Sphere. One look at a Memorandum link suggests Obama doesn't have a base left at all. None of the large Lefty blogs are buying it. Other elements of his plan looks like a scattering of crumbs, hoping other elements of his base might find their way home to him. I wouldn't bet on it. He'll need more than one half-hearted attempt at re-positioning himself, now. He lost the battle to define himself throughout this past year.

(Jan. 26) – If the old cliché about how "little things mean a lot" holds true in the world of Washington spending, then the Obama administration's plan to freeze some federal spending for three years is a big deal.

But that's about the only way this plan could be characterized as a big deal. By every other measure, it's microcosmic.

Here are some relevant numbers:

First, the share of the budget affected by the freeze is small – just 13 percent, based on Congressional Budget Office data for 2011 (the administration says 17 percent). That's because President Obama has taken most of the big spending areas off the table, including defense, Medicare and Social Security.

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  1. mark l. says:

    My fellow americans…
    I just increased the federal budget for 2010 by 500 billion dollars.
    since 1977 two presidents increased the federal budget, by more than 6% in a year.
    our two one termers, bush and carter.
    this increase is a 16% jump.
    remember the 500 billion of waste and fraud in medicare that ‘I’ was going to get to pay for healthcare? well if we can’t have healthcare, I’m not going after that 500 billion.

  2. Lightwave says:

    Obama doesn’t have a base left. The lefties have given up in disgust…Obama’s failed so miserably that even those thick-headed nanny state Socialists realize the Dems are doomed.
    The Dems know what’s coming. Expect to see dozens of retirements in February. They’re bailing. Beau Biden’s not even bothering to run.
    Obama led them off a cliff, and it’ll be a long, slow drop to the bottom in November, when the Republicans regain control of Congress.
    Then the real battle begins.

  3. mark l. says:

    “Obama doesn’t have a base left.”
    it’s been so long since I’ve seen a troll discussing healthcare, afghanistan, closing gitmo, econmic recovery/success or even to pour cold water on the teabags…
    obama has killed the netroots.
    I love the joe and ezra klein’s of the world who are telling him to turn to his base.
    with liberal ID at 20% of the country, it may provided the over under for the % of the vote the dems will pull in, come november.

  4. Gary Ogletree says:

    Bill O’Reilly failed the test.

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