Does A GOP Battle In Texas Have National Implications?

January 22, 2010

Fascinating reading if you mostly saw Bush-43 as a President and not a Governor. Most on the Right came to realize he wasn't very conservative. Five theories are advanced as to why nearly all the Bush folks, including Bush-41, are backing Hutchinson over Perry for the Texas Governorship.

I have to bring this bit to the top. Via Twitter, I noticed that Perry is having a blog meet up of some kind going on. Who's more in step with the times right now?

It’s ironic, perhaps, that all these once-crucial cogs of the well-oiled Bush machine are now publicly backing a candidate who enjoyed her largest lead before she started campaigning. Bushies privately grumble over what they view as Hutchison’s lackluster and risk-averse campaign.

"They see the Rasmussen numbers [that show Perry leading by 10 points],” says Luis Saenz, who managed Perry’s successful 2006 campaign. “[The Bush] people are supposed to be the best. … I think the message is that the Washington bosses don't matter as much anymore.”

Also, would you disagree of Perry's assessment of 43 here?

Then there was the governor’s 2007 appearance at an Iowa house party for Rudy Giuliani. Perry told a living room full of Iowa Republicans that the President was “never, ever” a fiscal conservative. “Wasn't when he was in Texas … I mean, '95, '97, '99, George Bush was spending money."

He continued: “George was never a fiscal conservative. I think people thought he was."

The comments immediately rankled Bushworld, according to McKinnon. And there Perry went, calling the president “George” again.

Then there's the angle of DC insiders now back in Texas, looking to make a living. More likely, it's a combination of things. But the piece is definitely worth a read, even if your interest is more national.

Perhaps this is all mercenary. Many of the political practitioners who went to Washington with Bush 43 have returned to Texas, and millions of dollars in lobbying, consulting and other lucrative employment in the political game are on the line if the governorship changes hands. The big dogs are back, but to regain power means ousting the current team that rules the town.

Members of Team Bush have already made significant gains in starting where they left off: on top. Hughes counts the Speaker of the Texas House as a client, advising him on communications; GOP sources say Rove is a friendly adviser to the Associated Republicans of Texas political action committee. ART, which was big when Bush was governor and dormant in the early aughts, is now restructuring. It will likely funnel millions of dollars to Texas House Republicans just in time for redistricting next session. Now their chosen proxy and personal friend, Hutchison, could be governor. Winning means windfalls; the consultants who win get hired by other prospective candidates.

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  1. rrpjr says:

    Go Perry. Keep rankling Bushworld.

  2. Scott says:

    Actually, I think this is a win-win chance. A chance to get Kaye Bailey out of the Senate, and a chance to keep her from being governor.
    I think Kaye wants to run for POTUS, and it’s easier as a governor than a senator.

  3. Al in St. Lou says:

    When McCain announced his VP pick, one moonbat told me that McCain screwed up and that he should have chosen Hutchison! So, Hutchison is the left-wing’s idea of a good conservative Republican female politician.

  4. templar knight says:

    Haha, I’m from Texas, and I can’t stand Hutchison. Rick Perry is by far and away the better candidate, as he is a true conservative. I have no idea what Kay Bailey is, and neither does she.

  5. Paul Watson says:

    There is third person running in the GOP primary: Debra Medina, who is affiliated with the Tea Party movement and whose ideology is more conservative than either Perry or Hutchinson. Maybe she’s qualified and maybe she’s not… I’m still trying to learn more about her, but it sure would be funny if she was able to get some publicity and pull a “Scott Brown” here, beating two well-established machine politicians.

  6. annie says:

    Debra Medina. Won’t vote for The Hair, especially after his HPV vaccine antics. Hutchinson, nope, same old politics. Time for a change in Texas, and Debra Medina is it.

  7. Teresa in Fort Worth, TX says:

    I’m from Texas – KBH seems perfectly nice and all, but there is no way I would EVER vote for her for Governor. Go Perry!

  8. leilani says:

    I’m from Texas too and I don’t like either one of them, so it will be a very tough call for me & could go either way at this point.
    It’s one of the unsolved mysteries of the universe for me that the legendarily opportunistic Rick Perry has morphed into some kind of conservative hero, solely on the basis of some grandstanding, albeit gratifying, statements that he’s been making lately.
    Annie just mentioned the HPV vaccine controversy upthread. Maybe it’s possible to make a good case that mandating everybody’s children get that vaccine, but the fact that his former Chief of Staff just so happened to be Merck’s lobbyist for that product smelled to high holy heaven.
    I may very well end up voting for him, but I’m gonna have to dig up that clothespin I brought in the voting booth to help me pull the lever for McCain 14 months ago if I do.

  9. leilani says:

    oops, I accidentally deleted the phrase “was a good idea” after vaccine in 2nd sentence, 3rd graph. Sorry. I haven’t been the same since I was forced to receive an HPV vaccination years ago,lol.

  10. Steve C. says:

    Never been a strong KBH fan. (to paraphrase SGT Quincannon in Fort Apache, ’tis better than no conservative Senator at all) Not really a strong Perry booster either. In general he has done a decent job although the whole HPV thing was both a dumb idea and poorly handled. KBH is running up here in N. Texas as the person who wants to stop the Trans Texas Corridor. I actually think building more roads and highways is a primary function of state government so I disagree with her on that. Unlike Kay I’m willing to countenance the idea of a “foreign” company buying and operating our toll roads. I would like to see Texas remain a critical transit point for international trade between the US, Canada and Mexico. But I’m thinking that the people who would be virulent opponents of the TTC would not much like her squishier semi-Rhino Washington politician positions. But you use the club you got, not the one you wish you had.

  11. leilani says:

    Steve C: I never understood the opposition to TTC either. I just reckon that most of the people who’re so paranoid about it haven’t spent as much time sitting in Houston & Austin traffic as I have (seems like half of my adult life!).

  12. AnonymousDrivel says:

    KBH == Bush. Do not want.
    Perry acceptably conservative but flawed; however, he did tap in to the Tea Party sentiment early before it became really stylish populism (as suggested by the punditry) and he has lead the state sovereignty rediscovery/resurgence.
    Of note, Medina has the best momentum now. She started at 3-4% and jumped to 12-13% after the first debate a few days ago. Her performance merited a re-invite to the next debate. So, she wasn’t sidelined by either KBH or Perry. Independents and conservatives (especially from Texas) need to read up about Medina and see if she’s philosophically viable against the incumbents who have disappointed so many.

  13. david r says:

    I am a Texas who thinks that Perry is just a demagogue who attacks the politically powerless (taxed cigarettes $1.40 / pack raising negligible revenue) and shamelessly panders to the idiot vote (dumb talk of Texas seceding from the Union). He is an absolutely dishonest, negative campaigner. Palin lost my vote forever when she decided to come to Texas to campaign for Perry. Perry is the Republican equivalent of John Edwards.

  14. FeFe says:

    “A few incidents have fed the fire over the years. … Or Perry’s criticism of the Bush administration’s handling of immigration policy.” What havoc could a KBH create with Janet Incompetano on the Mexico/Texas border?

  15. Ahu says:

    You will find the award- winning book “The HPV Vaccine Controversy: Sex, Cancer, God and Politics authored by Shobha S. Krishnan, M.D, Barnard college, Columbia University very informative. The book is written without the influence of any pharmaceutical companies or special interest groups. It is available at and Barnes and Noble .com. You can also get it through your local library or request them to get it for you. It educates both professionals and the public about HPV infections, the diseases they cause and the role/ controversies surrounding the new vaccines. It has also won The Book of The Year 2009 Award. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA, June 17th 2009) calls the book superb and a terrific contribution to the field. Website:

  16. menidas says:

    Perry has done a good job keeping the TX balance in check and the economy going better than most other states. Hutchinson needs to retire and let a better person take her place!

  17. Texas Patriot says:

    I’m from Texas. I think most posters here have it right. Kay Bailey is a Washington insider. She is a big spending Republican like “W.” Rick Perry has done some thinks right, kept Texas fiscally holding its own. And hey, he is a former Eagle Scout and supports the Texas Scouts. But Perry’s idea to FORCE all young girls to be vaccinated was SHOCKING to say the least. I was rattled. His pushing for toll roads is infuriating. I’m now taking a serious look at Deborah Medina.