Linking Ellie Light To The White House

January 24, 2010

If information I've been given is correct, there is circumstantial evidence linking now infamous letter writer Ellie Light to an international public relations firm involved with the White House in helping to promote health care reform.

Left Coast Rebel made me aware of a comment left on his blog by someone claiming to be Ellie Light. The comment was left by someone using the screen name Winston44. In searching out that name, I found a Twitter account under it that has barely been used.

The account has never tweeted and follows 18 individuals, with 9 following it. Given that we usually add people we know when we first open a Twitter account, I looked to see who the first individual was that Winston44 added. That would be Adam Segal.

Adam J. Segal, President, The 2050 Group, LLC + Named to PR Week's 40 Under 40 for 2009.

His firm is The 2050 Group. It seems to be offline right now, though it was up last night and may be having tech issues. He maintained a personal blog on blogger here - ethnicmarketing. He seemed thrilled when Obama ran a spot in Spanish on Univision, not sure if he was involved with that.

What he is, or was involved with is the National Alliance for Hispanic Health Care. And this press release puts them in the White House, Google shows them to be supportive of Obama, particularly his health care reform agenda – and the release also establishes Segal as the media contact.

The story was originally broken by The Cleveland Plain Dealer. Patterico is adding up the number of times the letter has appeared – still growing, it seems. And the Left Coast Rebel seems to still be on the case, as well. Stay tuned. This scenario, while unable to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, may remind some of the Ethan Winner affair, in which another PR firm linked to David Axelrod looked to be linked to a smear campaign against Sarah Palin during the last presidential campaign.

Alliance Joins President Obama at White House in Commitment to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education

Alliance Joins President Obama at White House in Commitment to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) EducationPRNewswireWASHINGTONNov. 23

$4 Million Alliance Program Supports Future Leaders in STEM Fields

Scholarship and Internship Guide Available at

WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — "Mr. President, you can count us in. With our community, foundation, and corporate partners the Alliance is proud to be a part of Educate to Innovate," said Adolph P. Falcon, Senior Vice President of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, after attending a White House meeting today where President Obama announced the commitment of companies and nonprofit groups nationwide to encourage students in the STEM fields.

National Alliance for Hispanic Health
CONTACT: Adam J. Segal of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health,+1-202-422-4673,

Web site:

There's also a round up of links here. And people seem to be digging her Facebook page, though that's one ugly gal if it's her.

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  1. To me, that picture looks like an obvious photoshop of Obama’s face onto some woman’s body. So I’m guessing that is a Facebook page set up to mock “Ellie Light”.

  2. Heh, okay, I just went to the LeftCoastRebel link and saw that it was a photoshop created by Bungalow Bill. Sorry, missed your sarcasm in your last line.

  3. Dan Riehl says:

    Good, cuz I was worried about you for a minute there, dude!

  4. lonetown says:

    Do these papers print these without any scrutiny at all. I thought they printed a portion of what they received. It seems this letter was awfully successful in getting print space.
    it seems dr goebbels is doing a good chob!

  5. SarahW says:

    Hmmm. Maybe there IS a connection to the Winston group. It seems less potty now. (David WInston, They go to meetings and hang out with the likes of Organizing for America and Health care groups and O and all of that.
    I’m sure this is old to you, but Winston44’s second follower, ChilliGaz of the
    Chillicothe Gazette, laments getting “punked” by Ellie LIght, saying she used a false address and verified it, in response to an @ from another tweeter (mbruning81) who noticed that Ellies letter was published in Eaton’s article as one of the duped papers and tweeted about it.
    @mbruning81 And she lied about her address and verified it as local. (sigh)
    6:47 PM Jan 23rd from TweetDeck
    I’m not sure I believe ChilliGaz.

  6. SarahW says:

    Oh, to make that post clearer, Eaton published ChilliGaz’s paper as one that published Ellie Light’s astroturf.
    Another tweeter (mbruning81) noticed and mentions Chilligaz in a tweet referencing Eaton’s article. Chilligaz sighs in response.
    What can you do? Interesting she targeted you. RT @ChilliGaz: @mbruning81 And she lied about her address and verified it as local. (sigh)
    6:55 PM Jan 23rd from BeTwittered
    And to be fair, @chilligaz didn’t know the woman wasn’t local. What a smarmy thing for someone to do.
    6:25 PM Jan 23rd from BeTwittered
    The @chilligaz gets punked by a letter to the editor writer –

  7. SarahW says:

    How odd. So many of the persons on Winstons following list are editors of editorial pages.

  8. Dan Riehl says:

    Agree, SarahW – looking like more than coincidence, now.

  9. SarahW says:

    I hope it’s not stupid to notice that Obama is the 44th pres of the US –

  10. Norm says:

    Funny how many of the papers are Gannett publications…

  11. leilani says:

    Hmmm. Good sleuthing.
    Wouldn’t it be interesting, though, if instead the “Ellie Light” scandal – & the demonstration of how many newspaper editors in this country STILL, as I just posted on the LCR blog Dan linked to, don’t bother to exercise even the slightest due diligence in verifying the identities of the ostensibly local L2E writers they publish, particularly those who just parrot copy-&-pasted political sentiments compatible with their own IS the real scandal here – turns out to have been a hoax perpetrated by …some mischievous conservatives?
    Wouldn’t it be cool if some cunning Breitbartians at say, I dunno…Big Journalism perhaps, sent out TWO batches of identical letters: one set extolling Obama & condemning those who’ve been expecting him to ‘wave a magic wand’ over the nation’s problems and the second set condemning Obama for skewering George Bush as a Presidential candidate for NOT waving a magic wand to fix New Orleans after Katrina, or closing Gitmo, or winding down the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, or capturing Osama bin Laden & for NOT being able to accomplish any of those things himself as President now which he so opportunistically condemned GWB for not doing when *he* was Prez?
    What if they sent out those batches of letters purporting to be from the same or similar names & the *exact same* putatively local addresses as an experiment to see which ones would get published by editors, no questions asked, and which ones got their identities verified or got no response, and no publication, at all?
    And if only the letters offering the pro-Obama propaganda got published, or at least a significant number more, would that NOT be an incredible object lesson for all Americans in the ingrained institutionalized bias in journalism nationwide in this country?
    And if by some miracle, that’s what this turns out to be what this mystery is about all I can say is: DAMN! I wish I’d though of doing that!

  12. rrpjr says:

    Good work.

  13. SarahW says:

    Well, Patterico is down for the time being. He had a new post up about a similar spammination scheme – authored by a a purported Mark Spivey.
    THere’s a staff writer for a cnetral new Jersey news service by that name ; I wrote him to ask if he was author of the letter.

  14. Greg Ransom says:

    Winston — from 1984?

  15. Andrew says:

    The Twitter account for Winston44 lists someone as both a follower and followed: jerryschaefer of Long Beach, California. Long Beach is the home town provided by Ellie Light to USA Today and the Washington Times.

  16. w3bgrrl says:

    I’d like to note that Ben Smith published this almost a full week before anyone else did. Not sure that’s important, but it struck me as strange. How did an online publication like Politico come to choose that particular letter to publish? I can see a po’dunk little place maybe having very few coherent letters from which to choose, but Politico? Come on.
    One thing that is really sickening to me in all this is that at least when the Pentagon was paying for positive press, it wasn’t to slobber all over GW Bush and tell us all how hard his job was. He had the cajones to tell us himself that it was a difficult job and face the ridicule of the press.
    But IF this goes up to a PR firm or OfA, and all they can do is praise the narcissist himself??? VOMIT! How about Ellie writing us a letter explaining how death panels will be good for the environment or something. How taxing your exhalations will lead to cleaner water for the spotted owl. How forcing you to invest in Treasury bonds will enable us to go further into debt to the friendly and helpful Chinese. How treating al Qaeda members as common street criminals will force them to like us a whole lot more. You know? Explain how giving half a mill to the guy who needed to Hide The Decline will create jobs. Stuff like that. Instead it’s just more slobber. Timed to coincide with Chris Matthews pitifully attempting to regain his dignity.

  17. Ardnazk says:

    Norm wrote, “Funny how many of the papers are Gannett publications…”
    Get a definitive list. The Gannett Blog “An independent journal about the Gannett Co. Inc.” just restarted.
    Maybe they’d be interested.

  18. bertie says:

    The idea that newspapers don’t check with the individual who submits a letter to the editor is outrageous. The paper called me to be sure I’d written the only one I ever sent in (same with anyone else I’ve ever known who wrote). So now do we assume we can submit letters with anybody’s name and have them published? I guess it would have to have the proper ideological slant but I still believe we could do some serious damage to particular individuals with a little creativity. If this is the rule they want to play by.

  19. riograndevalleygirl says:

    The testimonial page of the 2050 site is interesting….
    “On behalf of everyone at the Center for Summer Learning, I would like to thank you again for everything you did to make yesterday’s briefing with Senator Barack Obama such an overwhelming success…What you did in the timeframe you had was simply amazing!

  20. Margaret says:

    Without a doubt this is another sting by Breitbart or some other genius like him. The Ellie Light/ELite/Lightworker is an inside joke for conservatives, not libs, and the letters and comments are perilously close to being over the top with Obamain syncopathy, Dem talking points and inside references like Axelrod’s magic wand. Maybe the reason it got published in 60+ newspapers is that they sent it to every newspaper in the country! so there are in fact 100’s that had the integrity NOT to publish it. For the ones that did, and all those frantically trying to track down “Ellie Light”, the joke’s on you.

  21. There was an Ellie who attended the March 26, 2009 town hall meeting. Her last name has been removed from the official White House transcript. For more information visit

  22. A list of employees of the”2050 Group” is online and might be useful to investigators tracking down the connection to Ellie Light.
    There are also several people listed in the Winston44 face book page as the owner’s contacts. They could be asked who Winston44 is…..
    The firm specializes in internet marketing strategies and would be a serious prospect for someone who could do the letter writing campaign on a contract. The contract in question may show up later with the DNC, WH, or Organizing for America (my bet).
    Randy Mott
    Warsaw, Poland

  23. SarahW says:

    There is a Winston44 face book page? I can’t find it. Do you have a link, Randy?

  24. SarahW says:

    Bungalow Bill I posted a link to hi-res video of that townhall and a few screen-caps that could be clearly identified by someone who knew “Mystery Ellie” on my Twitter feed (@sarahWW)
    I also links a WaPo article on the Townhall that noted it was packed with Obama supporters, and that the WH did not respond to a request for “Ellies” surname.

  25. JayJay says:

    Just read this and thought I would fly it up your flagpole

  26. JadedByPolitics says:

    See stick with these items KICKING the CRAP out of the left and leave the harping on people who are working to help us to the same tools you are BEATING UP…thanks. I almost didn’t come to read this link because of your venomous hate toward Beck earlier….really don’t you think Charles Johnson at LGF can fill that void and is doing so?
    BTW great information!

  27. ed1 says:

    The reason that newspapers do no due diligence is because these letter fit the propoganda model. Investigative reporting stops when Dems are president (Matt Drudge is certainly grateful, as is the Enquirer with Breck Girl Edwards) unless there’s a Republican strong enough to be a threat, ala Palin and now Scott Brown. McCain is a creep, a liar, a cheater, and just about everything else you’d expect a liberal to be but they don’t go after him because between losing elections and immigration “reform” (amnesty) he’s a Useful Idiot to them.

  28. gary says:

    The real Elli (she droppeed the “e”) Light worked at the Memphis Commercial Appeal after leaving New Jersey. I worked with her and attended her funeral service in Memphis almost three years ago. No letters appeared in Mid-South publications apparently.

  29. Cousin Dave says:

    Long Beach, eh? Ellie… “L.A.” Light? Maybe I’m reading too much into it…

  30. sisu says:

    Obama minions astroturfing an unsuspecting media?

    “Bungalow Bill at BBCW alerted his readers to the fact that an Ellie Light Facebook page has been started; they also used the image that he created,” writes Left Coast Rebel, a Photoshop montage merging President Obama’s face with a…

  31. Paulus van der Sloot says:

    Dan, keep up the great work, you are a tremendous blogger and a wonderful human being.

  32. Norm says:

    Salinas Californian
    Salisbury Daily Times (MD)
    Chillicothe Gazette (OH)
    Mansfield News Journal (OH)
    Spectrum, St George (UT)
    Staunton News Leader (VA)
    Sheboygan Press (WI)
    Oshkosh Northwestern (WI)
    Marshfield News Herald (WI)
    Green Bay Press-Gazette (WI)
    Wisconsin Rapids Tribune
    Sioux Falls Argus Leader (SD)
    USA Today (National)
    Gannett papers one and all. There are more than 80 Gannett dailies. Tried checking several more they own, but their search functions are often lousy. Maybe the Wisconsin editors get together for coffee.

  33. Norm says:

    I attempted to post a Gannett list at the site you suggested. It is awaiting approval. Thanks!

  34. Mad Monica says:

    *oh oh oh* This Gannett angle bears checking into. Both the Alamogordo Daily News and Ruidoso News are FORMER Gannett papers, having been sold back and forth between Media Newsgroup and Gannett(bankrupt) at least once or twice. The Ellie Light Haiti letter appeared in the Alamogordo newspaper on the 19th while the Ellie Light “you’re being so mean to bambi” letter appeared in the Ruidoso News on Jan 16th.
    I realize there are alot of Gannett papers out there, however, I’d like to point out something from my neck o’ da woods. NONE of the non-Media Newsgroup/former Gannett papers ran ANY of the letters. My small down ran the Haiti one and an even SMALLER town (but filled with rich artsy fartsy libby types) ran the Obama one.
    SOMETHING fishy is going on here… Can’t WAIT to find out what it is…

  35. Ellie Light says:

    OK, you guys, it’s Ellie Light again. It’s been suggested that I’m Michelle Obama, Award-winning author Samantha Powers, and not to be outdone, the Michelle Bachmann people figure that I am “NONE OTHER THAN THE POTUS HIMSELF.” Someone found an Ellie Light on Facebook, a woman married to a software designer, and decided that had to be significant somehow. Another blog moderator drew a connection between one of my responses and the name “Winston,” and decided I was part of a PR firm named “Winston Group.” And in a bit of hagiography worthy of Talmudic scholars, a reader noted that my letter’s reference to “Candidate Obama,” sounded similar to “Comrade Obama,” and thus, betrayed the President’s Marxist-Leninist origins. Another astute observer noticed my British spelling of the world “realise,” and reported this straightaway to a senior moderator, who congratulated her for her fine detective work. A grammar-aware sleuth, armed with my mix-up of their/there and let’s/lets, went in search of clues. She returned with a whole trove of letters supposedly written by me, published online in Baltimore. Of course, all your blogs contain the usual references to Axelrod and Plouffe implying that the President’s closest advisors sit up nights furiously scribbling pro-Obama missives, and sending them to anyone who might read them. Apparently, no one thought to ask that if All the President’s Men really were to embark on such a scheme to fake a groundswell of Obama-support, why in the world would they sign each letter with the same name?
    Alright, then. Take a deep breath and accept that you’ve all been a bit silly. Let’s imagine a much more plausible scenario. Frustrated Obama-supporter writes letter to some blogs, asking why are we so harsh on our new President? Ben Stein picks up my letter, and even pays me a backhanded compliment in the process (check out the chronology of submissions. They match this). Star-struck girl sees letter in print, accompanied by angry comments from dozens of frothing Tea-partiers. She decides that perhaps she’s quite brilliant after all, and sends her letter around to a few more papers. Voila! The letters are printed, and Ellie’s friends (my friends), all remark that they never get their letters published, and what’s so special about Ellie’s letters. So Ellie, feeling smug and superior, indulges in a bit more self-validation, and submits her letter again…. and again! Then one fateful day, Ms. Eaton from the Cleveland Plain Dealer does her Google search, and a conspiracy theory is born!
    Now, I know you guys are almost as big on conspiracy theories as my FEMA-hating lefty pals, and are not about to just let something this juicy go away, especially since the more fanciful theories about me are sending Tea-blog readership through the roof. The guy over at Left-Coast Something-Something flat out says that he’s never been onto anything so big. He couldn’t hide is excitement. I mean, how often do you people find someone new to hate? I’m sure its exhilarating. So why didn’t I lie low and be happy that you guys are spinning your wheels so fruitlessly? Because part of me just can’t resist clearing the air. Part of me hates to see anyone, even political opponents, carrying on in such a brainless, ridiculous pastime.

  36. Mad Monica says:

    bwahahahaha… you’re so funny! Thing is, this isn’t really THAT big a deal. Not in the grand scheme of pro-Obama, lefty media manipulation. This is chump change, barely even worthy of investigation! So why are people all over this story? I don’t really know, “Ellie Light.” After all, those of us who read blogs like Mr. Riehl’s are just a bunch of ignorant red neck teabaggers, right?
    To be honest, this has become, in my view, a big story because once again, an inept… uhmm … er … Obama supporter … has tried to pull a fast one, leaving a trail like a club-footed cow the press could no longer ignore. Perhaps if the enterprising reporter at the Cleveland paper hadn’t written about it, I’m sure this whole thing would still be lurking in the opinion pages, quietly festering beneath the media’s rug o’ untruth. But once this “small time” reporter started looking at things, there was no way it could be ignored. Can’t have one of those hometown writers scoop the big boys again. Though there is some talk that this issue was out and about before this reporter’s story ran, the big boys were not going to sit around while someone else did the “real” digging first.
    Still, it doesn’t explain why the story has taken off. Normally the lefties can quiet this sort of thing down pretty quickly. What a difference a year makes, apparently. It seems to me that folks on the other side of things have decided they’ve had enough of being told what’s a story and what isn’t. In the wake of the Brown success in Massachusetts it’s beginning to look like the sleepers have awakened and they’re determined to keep eyes on the prize, so to speak…
    So, why is this a big deal, someone writing loving, supportive letters about Obama’s struggle to overcome Bush’s mistakes and submitting them to dozens of newspapers around the country? You’re right, that isn’t unique. It happens a lot. Anyone who has worked in an editorial department in any newsroom can tell you that.
    What makes this unique is the ham-handed attempt to make it appear these letters were from local residents. You see, that, whoever it is commenting at Riehl World View with the oh-so-cute nickname, is fraud. And technically, claiming to be someone you aren’t is, if it is not illegal, is, at the very least, tacky and dishonest.
    With this latest episode, it appears that tacky and dishonest behavior has become the go-to for lefty, Obama-lovers around the country. After all, we’ve seen much evidence that those who were desperate for the power an Obama administration would provide them, were willing to do whatever it took to get their guy in office. If that necessitated falsifying voter registration forms, submitting fraudulent campaign finance paperwork (you may have forgotten the Obama campaign’s willingness to look the other way when donation forms were submitted by obviously out-of-country donors, but I and others like me have not) and/or outright lying, then that’s what was done.
    The “Ellie Light” letters are just another example of how some Obama supporters have proven they are not above using any and all tactics available in order to get support for their guy. Why else would this person/persons decide to take advantage of the fact that modern newspapers don’t often check the facts on anything prior to publishing? And knowing, as I’m sure he/she does, that editorial/opinion departments around this country are often decidedly pro-left/pro-Obama, I’m sure it was a pretty safe bet that rather than be caught out as the pathetic liar he/she really is, it was assumed this person/person’s letters would be printed no questions asked.
    Obama supporters nationwide would be able to point to letters written by “ordinary people, just like them” leaving them to feel strengthened in this time of uncertain support. It would not surprise me in the slightest to find this letter had been flagged somewhere for possible future use, either in an Obama special speech or as a talking point by someone farmed out to the media, as evidence that ordinary people really do support the president and his fight against the unfair situation he was left by that evil Bush guy.
    Yes, there are many conspiracies out there, many of them quite insane and just plain silly. On the surface, this might appear to be yet another one of those. But in the big picture, added to the long, long list of lefty manipulations and dishonest actions we’ve seen uncovered this year, it paints a rather nasty little picture.
    That, dear sir/madam, is why people like me are so interested to know where/how this little scheme came to be. Because instead of having reporters do the digging, in today’s America it is the bloggers and the little guys who work to drag politicians and their supporters into the light of honest discourse.
    And as it has become clear much work in this area is needed. Politics has always been a nasty, dirty little game, but over this historic 12-month, it has dawned on many of us that the game has gotten much nastier and dirtier than we ever suspected. Those of us in small town America have learned that even here, in our isolated little hamlets and bergs, we can no longer assume the long arm of the political machine incapable of dragging its trail of slime and smeary lies right into our home town publications.

  37. John Skookum says:

    Nice of you to respond. If I were you, I’d come clean now, revealing your full name, real location, photograph, and employer. If you don’t, your antics will become a burden to the President you love so much.

  38. Mike says:

    What you are, Ellie, is a liar. A liar is someone who misrepresents herself in letters to newspapers. That is what you have done. Lied about where you live.
    Ellie Liar.

  39. Jim says:

    Hi Little Miss Sunstien! You cause problem for president and your daddy. It last long time. :)

  40. Nola says:

    If that’s really Ellie Light, I’ll eat my hat.

  41. Jim says:

    Hey mod – post her IP address. It’ll be cross referenced with other blogs in an instant, and we shall find her other posts throughout the history of her IP lease. :)

  42. Susan says:

    straightaway (Br.)(Ca.?) = right away (Am.)

  43. Brian says:
    IP address info…
    That user agent seems false…mac 68k has not been produced for 14 years and “tosh PC” – no way a toshiba could run mac 68k.
    It is easy to fake the user agent, firefox and safari have dropdown menus in the browser to do just that.

  44. Nahanni says:

    A couple of years ago I helped a friend of mine track down someone who was stalking her and posting really nasty photoshop pictures of her on the internet. The guy was good, he spoofed IP addy’s, hacked various university and business servers around the world to cover his tracks, etc.. Eventually we caught up to him and he is now spending alot of time wearing orange and enjoying outdoor activities as part of a prison chain gang.
    With diligence and the right tools these people can and will be found.

  45. SYFer says:

    The putative “Ellie” response above just doesn’t ring true to me. The initial “Ellie” responses that appeared in the CPD over the weekend and elsewhere were more belligerant (and evasive in terms of explaining the magnitude of her efforts, location, etc.). Now this Ellie seems to be moving into more of a desperate “damage control” mode with self-effacing admissions of being a “star struck girl” getting excited with her pals over seeing her L2E being published here and there.
    This simply does not jibe with the magnitude of her campaign, the cross references with other similar astro-turfers appearing alongside her in some publications and her energetic attempts, since the story broke, to tamp it down. Surely, a casual, fun-loving mischievious gal like our Ellie would not be using sophisticated spoofing and self-concealment techniques. This seems like a pro operation to me.
    If she really wanted to tamp this down, she’d step forward, reveal her location,show us the old Mac and make the media rounds. Why not? She is, after all, just a star-struck girl who gets a kick out of all the fuss, right? So why not come forward, “Ellie?” Surely you realize that by not doing so, you are doing far more damage to Obama than the “good” your letters supposedly did, right?

  46. AM says:

    “CNN Poll: Three out of four voters say much of stimulus money was wasted”
    Without all those Ellies, I’ll bet it’s Four out of Four.
    “The One,” has become “The Many.”

  47. Joshua says:

    To the person who wrote the comment under the name “Ellie Light” at 08:16 AM:
    There is nothing strange about an Obama fan writing to multiple newspapers to praise the president.
    There is something strange about that Obama fan writing to multiple newspapers to praise the president, but identifying herself as being a resident of 40 or more different locations, depending on the newspaper.
    Either Ellie Light owns enough homes throughout the USA to make Warren Buffett jealous, or she lied to numerous newspapers about her location (in hopes of getting her letter printed in more newspapers as a “local resident”). My guess is the latter.

  48. chercast says:

    The “governing is hard work” echo chamber….

  49. VancouverAndy says:

    Ellyn, you silly girl, daddy says to get off of the computer and go back to bed, it’s my turn to use it. I need to e-mail Anita Dunn. Love, Dad Cass.

  50. JAL says:

    I’m not sure I get a “girl” feel to the Ellie letter above.
    Totally subjective, but I read a lot of blogs.
    It will be interesting when this comes out. It will, you know, Ellie. (Or is it Ethan … as in “Ethan lies” [Lite version]?)

  51. Who Is Ellie Light? – Green Light For Same Letter To Editor From 50+ Papers

    A single letter to the editor from someone portraying themselves as “Ellie Light” appeared in over 50 newspapers, from large to small town. This letter seems to have gotten a green light from someone at the top to appear in…

  52. Chris says:

    check this page–Obama-said-fixes-would-not-happen-overnight some of these news sites apparently have her phone number, this one says “Her phone number is from a California area code outside Los Angeles.” The news sites have her IP address and her phone number, if they really wanted to they could out her, I would think.

  53. Gradivus says:

    It looks like the actual Ellie Light has come forth:

  54. David Powell says:

    During the election I have it on pretty good authority that there was a ton of dubious money (read, from overseas etc.) funding people whose job it was to write letters to papers as well as online to blogs and youtube videos.
    This 50 guy was allegedly a big part of that. I can see them doing similar with a smaller budget these days, centrally directed and dem funded. That’s why the message was so standardized and dare I say lacking in personality. It sounds like something from a committee rather than an individual, sent to papers who printed it, whether they didn’t know or were told to.