Schmidt Trashes Sarah Palin, Again

January 10, 2010

The only modest bit of news in all this is that the pathetic Steve Schmidt continues to lack the class and intelligence required to simply shut up. Look at the basic facts even Schmidt is forced to confess. He would make it seem as though Palin was the absolutely worst thing about the McCain campaign, then he turns around and admits that, without her, things would have been much worse. That makes no sense.

On top of that, the fools running the campaign, including Schmidt, continued to consider Joe Lieberman for VP up until the very last minute, absolutely without realizing what a disaster that would have been. It took reactions outside the campaign to finally give them a clue how foolish they were in formulating and managing the campaign. Now suddenly, Schmidt is the all wise and wonderful know it all with the reputation, intellect and credibility to dump on Palin yet once, again? That makes no sense, either.

In continuing to not take responsibility for what a colossal failure he, as much, if not more than anyone else, was – all Schmidt has managed to accomplish with all his blathering is to put every potential national Republican candidate on notice that hiring Schmidt for perhaps anything other than coffee and sandwich fetching, would be an unmitigated disaster dooming them and their campaign to eternal hell across the Republican base.

I can only assume he's angling for a job with CNN, where he may be able to help out measuring James Carville's penis for him, so the idiot Carville doesn't have to rely on the TSA to do it, instead. The results are in. Neither Carville, nor Schmidt are relevant, let alone a threat to anyone in American politics any more.

Sarah Palin was an unprepared, uninformed Vice Presidential candidate who repeatedly made false statements in public, according to a top McCain campaign aide.

In a 60 Minutes segment based on John Heilemann's and Mark Halperin's new book, "Game Change," McCain's senior adviser Steve Schmidt recounts some devastating anecdotes about Palin from the campaign trail.

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  1. Dan says:

    I think you are 100% right when you say he is angling for a job at CNN (or somewhere like it.) He will be the designated reupublican criticizer of Sarah Palin for the next few years. It won’t make a difference though.

  2. Scrapiron says:

    If people would get Palins book and read it they would see the only ‘normal’ person who has ran for national office in 50 years. Daughter of a school teacher to city council, governor and candidate for VP without the aid of all the snobs of the country. Matter of fact she did it while opposed by all the snobs. The females, or are they broken sheep, in this country should be cutting off the heads of men who oppose her. Then the dumbed down Americans who can’t read listened to the lies and slander from the Fringe (former MSM) media. One good thing did come out of her campaign, the fringe media is dead, forever. No one, even those who took a bite of the liars apple will ever believe them again.

  3. Bluedog AK says:

    People can say whatever they want about Schmidt’s competence, but he was absolutely right about her inability to tell the truth.
    This is not simply his interpretation or opinion: Sarah Palin lied when she said the original Troopergate investigation exonerated her. She claimed this on Oct. 11, 2008, during a 5-minute interview with Alaska reporters (who were each allowed only question), despite the fact that the investigator’s report said this:
    “For the reasons explained in section IV of the report, I find that Governor Sarah Palin abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39.52.11(a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act.”
    The Anchorage Daily News editorial page wrote this about her comments: “Sarah Palin’s reaction to the Legislature’s Troopergate report is an embarrassment to Alaskans and the nation. … Her response is either astoundingly ignorant or downright Orwellian.”
    She can claim the investigation was biased (I don’t think it was), but it was very clear to Alaskans that she was … what? Ignoring the obvious? Pretending it didn’t say what it did? Lying?
    Schmidt also stopped her from lying publicly about Todd’s membership in the Alaska Independence Party. She wanted to claim that he accidentally checked the box on the voter registration form for “independent,” which is just laughable, especially if you’ve ever seen an Alaskan ballot. You can bet that if she had gone ahead and lied about it, members of the AIP would have loudly disputed her explanation, and it would have been more obvious to the public how willing she was to manipulate the truth.
    You can see the original email exchange between the two on the CBS news site of 7/10/09.
    Her followers may not like it that Schmidt is talking about her, but in these two cases, he’s doing nothing but telling the truth. And most Alaskans are already very familiar with Mrs. Palin’s uneasy and distant relationship with truth.

  4. Sapwolf says:

    The good thing is that all we have to do is wait for Schmidt to accept the offer to be the token pretend GOP guy on CNN or MSNBC or anything other than Fox News to confirm what an a-hole he is.
    Just like when we see what Blanche Lincoln gets for her insane political self-destruction by voting for the worst piece of legislation to come out of the Senate maybe ever.

  5. rrpjr says:

    What a pos. God, I’m sick of erstaz consevative, no-talent opportunists like this.

  6. Patricia Graham says:

    Palin was cleared of wrongdoing in the Troopergate investigation. Alaska’s Personnel Board stated she violated no ethics laws.

  7. Tom Lamb says:

    Blue Dog,
    Schmidt lied on the CBS 60 minutes interview when he said Palin said she wanted to put out a statement that Todd was never a member.
    The e-mail you cite to shows that she never wanted to say such a thing. She stated he was a member. Now if you don’t know what was taking place in Todd’s mine when he signed the registration, then you have no proof on what motivated Todd to check the box.

  8. John Bibb says:

    Steve Schmidt and the captain of the Titanic have a lot in common. Both failed to take the proper actions to prevent a disaster. Letting Sarah Palin “go rogue” would have made John McCain’s campaign much better. She was the only bright spot in the race–and she gave him a few weeks of being even with Comrade Obama–until the banking crash sunk the campaign.

  9. Mike Myers says:

    Schmidt has pig ears, and a pig face and acted like a pig on tonight’s 60 Minutes. I’ve read Going Rogue; I’ve read some of the political commentary.
    Palin was more lady like when she dumped on Schmidt, but she dumped on him.
    Schmidt then wants to get engaged in a petty personal peeing match on national television–aided by CBS and Anderson Cooper on the pretext of interviewing the authors of Game Changer. Schmidt got more air time than they did.
    He’d better head for the Carville sort of slot on CNN. No candidate–either Democrat or Republican would or should be eager to hire a disloyal SOB for a campaign manager who will go out and publicly trash the team or team members after it’s all over. If a candidate is dumb enough to hire Schmidt in future (or dumb enough to hire Schmidt in the past [are you listening Senator McCain?]) then that candidate deserves to lose.
    As for Bluedog in Alaska–your statements don’t agree with those I’ve heard from my own friends/residents of Alaska. But reasonable minded persons can disagree. They like her. You don’t.

  10. Gary says:

    Blue Dog, pretty much each and everything you have written has turned out to be an out and out lie.
    As soon as Sarah was chosen as the VP candidate Barack Obama called the troopers union up there, and FedEx’ed his campaign chief-of-staff, Pete Rouse to Alaska to head up the smear campaign.
    Rouse, Anita “I love Chairman Mao” Dunn and others in the Obama administration are all Alaskans.
    In fact, all of the bogus ethics complaints filed after the election were at the direction of Pete Rouse, who is now a White House adviser.
    The Alaska personnel board reviewed the “Branchflower Report” the one used to smear Palin less than a week before the election, and found that evidence that cleared Palin was suppressed, witnesses that would have cleared Palin were never deposed.
    Even better, once investigated, it was found that Branchflower, Senators Kim Elton and “Gunny” French (who lied about his military service) and the rest of Obama’s “hit squad” used the wrong statute to go after Palin!
    From the UK Guardian:
    “The Republican vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, has been cleared of wrong-doing in the “troopergate” controversy by a report released on the eve of the US election.
    Palin did not apply improper pressure to try to dismiss a state trooper who was her former brother-in-law, and did not violate state ethics laws in the firing of her state public safety commissioner, according to the report by the Alaska Personnel Board.
    The report contradicts a separate inquiry by a bipartisan legislative panel, which concluded that she abused her office.
    The personnel board’s report said it found “no probable cause to believe that the governor, or any other state official”, violated Alaska’s executive ethics laws.”
    “The latest report was prepared by Timothy Petumenos, an independent investigator for the Alaska Personnel Board.
    Petumenos said his conclusions differ from the report by the legislative panel’s investigator, former prosecutor Stephen Branchflower, because the earlier probe assumed facts without having all relevant data at hand.
    ***********He said Branchflower used a wrong statute as the basis for his conclusions, misconstrued the available evidence and did not consider or obtain all the material evidence to reach a proper finding.**************
    Petumenos said the personnel board’s investigation included much more data, including additional emails from state personnel, including Palin. And while some of Palin’s personal emails were obtained, he said, it was impossible to know if any had been deleted.
    The report recommends that the state addresses the issue of personal email use to conduct state business.
    “Also absent from the evidence reviewed is any assertion that the governor directed anyone in the Department of Public Safety to terminate Trooper Wooten, or directed anyone on her staff to seek the termination of Trooper Wooten,” the report said.
    State senator Kim Elton, chairman of the Legislative Council that conducted the earlier investigation, said the personnel board report omitted a lot of context in the matter.
    Elton added: “I think we have two lawyers who reached different conclusions on the law.”
    It should also be noted that once in office, Obama gave Kim Elton a make work job at the Department of Interior, as payment for a “job well done.” Typical Chicago street thug “pay-for-play” stuff.
    Blue Dog….I suggest you go peddle your lies elsewhere.
    This is truly old news that has already been debunked.
    The truth is, Obama is a thug, and a crook. all of the nonsense you are spouting is nothing more that White House concocted and approved talking points, and we all know it!
    This is the DEFINITIVE story on not only “Troopergate” but the whole Obama connection to it, and all of the attempts to harm Sarah by Obama’s Alaska Mafia, that Pete Rouse assembled at help coordinate.
    This includes a working link to the video that Alaska Mafia member Jeanne Devon and other Obama thugs tried to have banned. (they successfully got You Tube to pull it)
    “Barack Obama’s Alaska Mafia Is On The Run And Angry The Spotlight Is On Them”
    Gary P Jackson
    A Time For choosing

  11. rah says:

    Schmidt was confused about his job which is to get his candidate elected. Schmidt allowed McCain’s staff nasty talking to go public and damage his candidate. Schmidt is still damaging his candidate . It violates the rule of loyalty. Steve is a backstabbing jerk that obviously did not like Sarah.
    Sarah may have been ignorant but she was dependent on the staff that was actively trying to damage her candidacy.
    It is amazing that Steve fails to realized that no candidate democrat or GOP will ever hire a disloyal chief again. He is trying to get a job with the news. Palin was not ready to be President, bit Biden wasn’t either. Obama was not ready and it shows. McCain was not a great candidate wither but would not have damaged the US like Obama has.

  12. MarkJ says:

    Bluedog AK,
    Once I saw your handle at the bottom of your post, I knew your “facts” were worthless. As we’ve learned over the past year, “Blue Dog” merely means “Bark until my price is met and then go belly-up for the leadership on the final vote.” Yeah, that’s some model for you to emulate.
    I’d would cordially suggest you mind a different moniker.

  13. “Once I saw your handle at the bottom of your post, I knew your “facts” were worthless”
    Mark, you didn’t even need to go that far. The first time he quoted See-BS News, you could tell he was nothing but a leftard shill.
    Hey, Bluemutt – were those emails in Times New Roman script, too? (guffaw)

  14. section9 says:

    One of the great things that Dan Riehl and Robert Stacy McCain did, which I had to remind some of the new people over at C4P about, was this: these two men almost single-handedly walked back the cat on the pattern of control that the Democratic Party exercised over the lefty bloggers who were filing ethics complaints in Rahm Emanuel’s campaign to drive Sarah Palin from politics. BluedogAK was probably one of the paid goons working out of the Washington troll office, where Axelrod actually set up his trolls. There were too many “talking points” set up in that post for it to be a normal, drive by post.
    The problem is that Axelrod has changed the way politics is waged: Republicans need to go hard or go home. We basically need to do the same stuff now, or concede the field.

  15. tm says:

    LOL @Gary – what a hoot!
    The extent of delusion is pure comedy gold.

  16. Chercast says:

    My question, is this a college course from the new Schmidt-Plouffe center for political communication? Do I receive college credit toward my degree for watching this epicenter of politics?
    BTW, have Schmidt and Plouffe finished their degrees yet?

  17. Linda says:

    Has anyone checked to see if Schmidt has received money from Huckabee or Romney folks yet?

  18. sharmajee says:

    Here we go again, SS Loser channeling Andrew Sullivan again!
    Please, Mr. Steve Schmidt, leave Sarah Palin alone. Or, if you insist on dumping on her, at the very least, first own up to running one of the most incoherent GOP campaign in memory. It’s you who ran a worthless election campaign, not Sarah!

  19. x11b1p says:

    Bluedog – don’t you have Dem party problems today that you and your lib buddies should be fixing, like HCR with no public option – I thought that had to happen b/c it was the most important thing this country was going to ever do, we had to cover all 47 million Americans, its not like you are going to get what you had to have – full coverage, where is your backbone? then the Reid racists comment, shouldn’t you and your buddies be running him out of office like yesterday, or did you really think what Trent Lott said in 2002 was okay ( it was just politics right), if the Ak stands for Arkansas, it might explain Clinton’s racial comments and the reason why you are here and not leading the charge on move on or the kos to get rid of Reid- dem closet racist birds of a feather? Come back and comment on our republican problems after you clean your house.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Great post Dan,
    One thing I don’t understand though. When a Washington insider like Steve Schmidt attacks Gov. Palin, you correctly attack him. But, when another Washington insider attacks her, David Keene for example, any attacks against him are “moronic” or “profoundly stupid”. What’s the difference?

  21. Proud Liberal says:

    How stupid and dishonest is the right that they would support someone as demonstrably stupid and dishonest a Palin is described by her own campaign team? lol They had to teach her about World War I? WW II? the Korean conflict? The cold war? lol…. She was clueless. This is who you want as possible Commander in Chief? lol Boy, does that tell you a lot about the state of the conservative movement presently. William F. Buckley must be spinning like a top in his grave.

  22. DEO says:

    That makes no sense.
    It makes perfect sense because not everybody is like Sarah and cheerleaders. Palin and her followers have to crush everyone ABSOLUTELY in order to pump her up. Someone half baked only looks good next to someone not backed at all.
    Schmidt is just telling it like he saw it. He is saying McCain was in such bad shape that even Palin helped, BUT she had no problem with lying. WE KNOW THAT.

  23. bishop says:

    Now lets see we have a President, that didn’t know that more than one bomb, landed in Pearl Harbor,
    and it was in his neck of the woods, Didn’t know that Hirohito wasn’t on the Missouri, at the surrender ceremony, I guess that explains the bow. Didn’t understand that inflating tires will not solve the energy crisis.

  24. muffler says:

    Looks like the lines are pretty much drawn. On the red team we have Palin supporters and on the blue team we have people who thinks she is a disaster. I find through this whole line a few items of interest.
    First.. it IS possible for someone to reduce the loss percentage for McCain and still be a bad choice for the country. It says more to the state of the GOP then anything else.
    Second.. even if you discount 50% of what is “known” about Sarah Palin the remaining 50% isn’t exactly encouraging. She isn’t Presidential material. I will bet that as she ages (I know – keep reading) the number of “supporters” will come down. I know this sounds sexist, but I think it holds some truth. She isn’t exactly a Margaret Thatcher and some of her support stems directly from her visual appeal.

  25. mark l. says:

    “On the red team we have Palin supporters and on the blue team we have people who thinks she is a disaster…”
    as a lesser of two evils, I liked palin. my concerns for her were the same as for obama-little experience/knowledge base.
    I’m seeing her hit the talk circuit, now, and there has been no real appreciable improvement. she remians the lesser of two evils, when pitted against a dem, but after just a year of watching how bad obama has been, I can no longer support candidate for on the job training. I’m leaving the door open for her….
    if she is the nominee, I’ll wince, but will still vote for her. (romney or huckabee are not getting a dollar or even a second look). girl better go hit the books.

  26. Proud Liberal says:

    mark: “if she is the nominee, I’ll wince, but will still vote for her. girl better go hit the books.”
    She’ll have to start with “See Spot Run” from the looks of things

  27. Rich Fader says:

    Nope, it makes no sense. If she was a mess, they (McCain and his senior staff, certainly including the campaign manager) were an even bigger mess for letting her onto the campaign. If she was a mess and she was still the MVP of the campaign, what does that say about the folks in charge? It says they were crap, that’s what it says. There’s no way the Bullet gets far out enough from that to avoid it.

  28. mark l. says:

    “She’ll have to start with “See Spot Run” from the looks of things”
    pretty much the reason i stated she was the “lesser of two evils”.
    obama has to be at least one standard deviation dumber. at least palin doesn’t have the stink of affirmative action.

  29. Proud Liberal says:

    yes Rich, it showed incredibly bad judgment on the part of McCain. And this was the guy that kept saying, “country first”? Right. He selects someone so completely unqualified and then his team does practically no vetting whatsoever other than “googling” her. And this for a position that is but one heart beat away from the most powerful job in the world.
    Wow. What an incredibly unpatriotic and selfish act. But that pretty much describes the entire Republican party and conservative movement these days. Why do they hate America so much?

  30. astonerii says:

    “hiring Schmidt for perhaps anything other than coffee and sandwich fetching, would be an unmitigated disaster dooming them and their campaign to eternal hell across the Republican base.”
    Yeah, but that would leave him with the ability to shoot the Republicans by outing ‘inside’ stories (AKA lies).

  31. mark l. says:

    “someone so completely unqualified”
    57 states?
    I could weakly offer the defense that he was educated outside the US, but it would require glossing over the fact that he was presented a constitutional law expert with the experience of two years in senate.
    how many other senators don’t know how many states there are?
    none. even palin can laugh at this moron.

  32. Proud Liberal says:

    mark really. You can’t possibly be as stupid as your last post makes you out to be. Or are you? So let me get this straight, you think Obama really believes that there are 57 states? That is your argument? Your post only makes sense if that is what you believe. Either you are breathtakingly naive or intellectually dishonest. So which is it spunky?

  33. mark l. says:

    “you think Obama really believes that there are 57 states?”
    you could fluff the video by putting a ‘rimshot’, implying it was a joke…
    forgive me if video evidence is insufficient.

  34. Proud Liberal says:

    so you do? lol…. so Mark here thinks that when Obama misspoke he actually believes that there are 57 states. lol. Every time I think the right couldn’t possibly surprise me with their stupidity any more someone like Mark comes along and manages to reach new heights of dumb.
    Ok Mark, evidence is evidence, you’re right, Obama is such a complete moron he doesn’t even know how many states there are. I’m surprised he can tie his shoelaces without assistance. He is a Negro after all right? You got me spunky. Good job.

  35. mark l. says:

    “Obama is such a complete moron he doesn’t even know how many states there are.”
    this isn’t trivial knowledge. this tidbit of info intersects sooo many other relevant issues. i’m a cynic, and I share your belief that palin is not a bright as her supporters would have us believe, but “in for a penny, in for a pound”.
    he’s campaigning for the presidency, he serves in a body with “100” other senators, not 114. he ‘teaches’ constitutional law. the reasons for him knowing this tidbit are not even close to isolated.
    if palin had made the same remark, you wouldn’t make it the cornerstone of your case against her intelligence?
    because EVEN palin knows the answer, your tact is to brush it aside?
    you insult intelligent black people, everywhere.

  36. muffler says:

    Obama was and is fully aware that there were only 50 states – as Hawaii was the last state admitted (OK – I’m ready for comments). It really doesn’t improve people’s impressions of the far right when they keep looking for straws to grab on to and then hold tightly as they are dismissed by the rest of the world.
    Palin makes mis-statements and then continues to repeat them as true even when completely disproved. I am sure if you asked Obama (on the spot at that time) if he meant 57 states he would have smiled and corrected himself. Please stop making him out to be stupid. He is quite a smart man and to dismiss this only highlights someones wishful thinking.

  37. x11b1p says:

    well looks like all the Palin haters will get to watch her crack skull on Fox News now that she signed a multi year contract as a political pundit. AP has a good point it was Ailes that revived Nixon who went on to win, given today’s media and Fox News’ ratings – Palin can hone and eliminate at the same time. I wonder what Schmidt’s pucker factor is today realizing he just did a hit job on someone who is popular and now being paid to wipe the floor with guys like him. Or, is Ailes just a dumbass and before you answer read this:

  38. mark l. says:

    please abstain from using any reporting, quotes, video to prove a point. your threshold is too high.
    is the fact that he didn’t know how many states there are ‘the end of the world’? for me? nope. for libs and their mythology? yep. this is better than telling christians there is no god.
    I guess i could still put obama in a top 10 list for black actors who could play president.
    1, dennis haysbert
    2, morgan freeman
    3, steve urkel
    4, emmanuel lewis
    5, gary coleman
    of the five named above, I’d imagine that we’d be 5 for 5 on knowing how many states there are.

  39. Proud Liberal says:

    mark had demonstrated quite nicely why the right has zero credibility at this point. He is suggesting that Obama was unaware that there are only 50 states and not 57. With Obama being raised in Hawaii that would be truly indicative of diminished mental capacity. If it were true that is. But of course no one really believes it is true (not even mark I suggest), just the usual right wing blather that somehow makes them feel superior. (such fragile little egos they must have on the right)
    It would be like me suggesting that Giuliani actually truly forgot about the 9/11 terrorists attack on New York City because of his comment on the today show. And when people said that was silly, of course he didn’t forget, I could just say like mark, “it’s on video, evidence is evidence” Pretty silly right?
    only a two bit partisan hack would suggest that the 57 states comment was actually indicative of Obama’s intelligence or lack thereof. There seems to be lots and lots of two-bit partisan hacks on the right these days.

  40. mark l. says:

    as an aside:
    “Palin makes mis-statements…”
    apparently, the left doesn’t not have one of sufficent magintude as 57, to which they could point to as a response to obama’s error, ‘reflexively’. the simple reason?
    she isn’t as dumb as the messiah. or, the milder, she hasn’t been shown to be as dumb as the messiah, yet.

  41. mark l. says:

    “mark had demonstrated quite nicely why the right has zero credibility at this point.”
    rassmussen had congressional advantage of +7 for the congrssional dems, the won congress on a 9pt advantage.
    it’s plus nine for republicans, right now. if you have plans for ‘earning’ crediblity for your party that will erase this advantage, in the next 10 months, I’d love to hear them.
    nbc has congressional approval at 22%, with 68% disapproval. one party power?
    see you guys on election night.
    [a modest warning: if you campaign against sarah palin for '2010', and she comes up big as the current polls seem to suggest, you have created your worst nightmare]

  42. zaugg says:

    What is it about Saracuda that makes Liberals into blathering idiots? It’s funny to watch.

  43. Proud Liberal says:

    Must pain you that this extremely “dumb” messiah, that is not even a legal citizen and who is a fascist, a socialist, and “pals around with terrorists’ still managed to whop you’re collective asses. Poor babies.

  44. x11b1p says:

    Notice that Biden who constantly makes mis-statements is at the point to where its ignored and expected. Is that because he is considered a fool, has been that and everyone except John Q Public new it, or is only now verifying what everyone always suspected? Is ignoring his mis-statements now nothing more than a sympathetic reaction from the left and right as we might do to a person with a mental handicap when mis-speaking? Put biden’s mis-statements up against Obama’s or Palin’s and one has to ask the question, if they (Obama and Palin) are stupid and unqualified becuse they mis-spoke, what does that make Biden who does it more than Palin and Obama combined and why is he the VP? Surely, Obama could have picked a smarter person???

  45. mark l. says:

    “Must pain you that this extremely “dumb” messiah, that is not even a legal citizen and who is a fascist, a socialist, and “pals around with terrorists’ still managed to whop you’re collective asses.”
    actually, as the masthead of the Titanic, I wouldn’t have anyone else.
    I’m practicing my victory dance. I have a little under ten months to get it right.

  46. Proud Liberal says:

    dream on spunky….. its all you got at this point right? the last great excitement from your side was before the NY State special congressional election. How’d that work out for ya? If I recall correctly, a Democrat won for the first time since the civil war.
    You see, elections have to do with actual candidates, and not some generic Republican vs Democrat poll conducted by a right wing polling firm that is on the payroll of the GOP. Keep nominating wacky, fringe, tea-bagging types and you will keep losing.

  47. x11b1p says:

    I don’t think Obama is dumb, and I think he is a legal citizen which makes him being a fascist socialist and a guy that pals around with terrorist apolling to me. His victory was well desreved and look at the results of it after one year. I can say kudos to you proud liberal, Obama winning has transformed America into the utopian society Obama predicted and you wanted. I look forward to another three years of this Utopia, especially if 2009 is an example of whats to come because I guess everyone needs to understand struggle in this country before we as a whole can appreciate what it was like not to struggle.

  48. mark l. says:

    “right wing polling firm that is on the payroll of the GOP”
    which also happens to be dead-on correct.
    their numbers for the past three presidential races…you got ANYONE with a better track record?
    the ONLY reason the libs are trying to diminish rassmussen is becuase too many moderate congressman learned about their accuracy over the past decade.
    more liberal mythology that melts on the pavement.

  49. ReaganTMan says:

    I totally agree with you on this one, Dan.
    Lmao at helping James Carville measuring his penis.
    Ah, but give them credit. Using Steve Schmidt to smear Palin isn’t as pathetic as “whipping out your Johnston” to do it.