Harvard’s Henry Louis Gates Jr. Donates Handcuffs To Smithsonian

February 13, 2010

Given the problems Harvard's Gates had with his charity back at the time of his arrest and the need for Harvard employees to file amended tax returns, should we just assume this is tax deductible? What a joke.

NEW YORK (AP) — Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. says he he's donated the handcuffs used on him during his arrest last year outside his home to the Smithsonian Institution's black history museum.

Gates says in Sunday's edition of The New York Times Magazine that he donated the handcuffs to the new National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Gates' arrest last July by police investigating a report of a possible break-in at his home near Harvard University sparked a national debate over racial profiling.

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  1. Kentucky Colonel says:

    Wouldn’t they be the property of the CPD?

  2. Bob says:

    How are those even his to give?

  3. 5th Level Fighter says:

    Surely, there are better moments in black history to memorialize than a race-baiting “professor” demonstrating a lack of civility.

  4. Calypso Jones says:

    he GAVE them to the Smithsonian. Why did he get to keep them? And secondly, i suppose the Smithsonian is stupid enough to take them??

  5. mark l. says:

    oh goody…
    they can go right next to rosa parks dentures and farakhan’s drum set displays.

  6. FeFe says:

    Barry Soetoro’s brother-in-law works for the Smithsonian. Cozy.

  7. Andrew X says:

    Possibly a significant item worth memorializing, those handcuffs.
    I think history will note the Gates / Crowley event as the moment the superstar Obama’s polls went into a nose-dive, a dive that has yet to reverse. A jumped-shark is usually not noted as one until long after the event, but that very moment might well be it for our esteemed CinC. It was the very moment in time that the mask slipped for a brief second, and millions of Americans realized that they had voted for a guy with Al Sharpton’s world view, who had lied in telling us that was not the case, and whose competence and political savvy in dealing with the entire event was nowhere to be found.
    And the sheer smallness of an event that ended up having such large implications is surely a lesson for us all, and the kind of thing that historians, professional and amateur (like me) just relish.
    Sounds like something worth remembering to me.

  8. iconoclast says:

    Professor Gates does not speak for the black community at large.
    He is a media show off who has lived in luxury since his college days
    and has made a name for himself spinning the subject of black history
    on the Oprah show, etc. Regretting perhaps that he has never truly been
    discriminated against by anyone at all (within his largely white world)…he
    rushed to view his Harvard arrest as a badge of racial distinction–when in fact it was only a teachable moment on how not to act stupidly around
    the cops and your neighbors. His subsequent beer summit and handcuffs
    museum piece is a mockery to the truly historic victims of racism whose voices can no longer be heard over the blabber of this silly man.

  9. Consumer Unit 5012 says: