Hot Black Woman Asks Out Kief Olberman: But Is He Man Enough To Accept?

February 22, 2010

I don't think Kief is man enough. He's probably already hiding under his desk. heh! Via the Dallas Tea Party.

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  1. Comanche Voter says:

    I don’t think “Short Round” Olberman is capable of handling a hot black woman, or a hot anything.

  2. montee says:

    Good God. I never really noticed the absolute lack of “diversity” in MSNBC’s political line-up. Talk about hypocrisy of the highest order. Its no wonder Chris Matthews was so observant of Obama’s skin colour, with so many white people surrounding him at MSNBC who could blame him.

  3. A Stephens says:

    Brilliant! I say we award algore’s Oscar to this film maker.