Update: Oops: Confirmed – Palin Had Notes On Hand

February 7, 2010

Yeah, she did. I checked the photo via AP myself. Oh well, better get a teleprompter, I guess, heh! With one of them, you might be POTUS one day!

It is a clean bust on the notes, fwiw. It does mean she had an upfront on the Q and A. I assume they were screened.

Think Progress and genius in his own mind, Oliver Willis, are claiming Palin had crib notes on her hand during last night's Q and A. Their problem is, Palin is something of a hand talker. In the images below, in the first one you can see Palin looking down at her hand, perhaps to compose her thoughts. But the other two images are palm up and there don't seem to be any crib notes there. Watching the video in full frame reveals many instances of this. While there are shadows coming and going, there's no consistent appearance of crib notes on the whole.

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  1. FKD says:

    A better resolution video can be found here:
    And screen shots which “prove” otherwise (at an anti-palin site) (no, they aren’t photo-shopped):

  2. Dan Riehl says:

    Right. Yer nuts FKD. Those are the same shadows I observed and noted.

  3. Anon says:

    LOL, her crib notes consisted of ‘energy’ ‘tax’ and ‘lift America’s spirit’..alrighty then.
    It just goes to show that the liberals will truly believe ANYTHING about Sarah Palin, no matter how obviously stupid it is.

  4. FKD says:

    Dr. Adam Bickner, thanks! That’s some really high resolution pics, that proves the Think Progress claim conclusively.
    Any shadows of doubt still left, Dan?

  5. FKD says:

    I wonder if Sarah Palin is on drugs? Some memory problem? Can’t answer basic questions without a little help in a friendly forum?
    Katie Couric redux! There’s a pattern and a non-partisan narrative emerging..its not too late for sensible conservatives to wake up to the inept phony leader of their movement in the making.

  6. Tom65 says:

    Reality intrudes, Dan makes a smug joke about teleprompters and begins hitting the delete button

  7. alwaysfiredup says:

    Her crib notes consisted of six words. ZOMG!!!!!! She is so stupid!
    Seriously, how does six words prove she had an upfront on the questions? Her answers certainly involved more than six words, even more than six topics.

  8. Lone Pony says:

    Ok, let me get this straight…
    Obama can’t go to the bathroom without his teleprompter and Dims are countering with this????

  9. Lightwave says:

    Really. Note the liberal media refuses to discuss Palin’s speech itself or the fact she represents the greatest threat possible to Washington’s elites.
    Do you think writing notes on her hand is going to make Sarah Palin less admired to the American people in a world of professional politicians reading entire speeches verbatim off teleprompters?
    Please. Run with this, Media Morons. You’ll shave ten points off every incmubent up for election in 2010.

  10. Tom65 says:

    Yes, we liberal elites are scared shitless of someone who can’t remember her entire political philosophy – oil good, taxes bad, AMERICA!! – without resorting to notes scribbled on her hand, during a staged Q&A, in front of 600 of her most ardent supporters.
    PLEASE nominate her.

  11. Huey says:

    Heh. She wanted to make sure that she hit on a few points, so she wrote some reminders on her hand.
    Apparently, this is something she’s done throughout her political career.
    A couple of important themes she wanted to make sure she hit. Bullet-points on her palm.
    I’m cool with that. Endearing even…

  12. alwaysfiredup says:

    Tom65, I think you are going to get your wish. It remains to be seen as to whether that is the brass ring you think it is.

  13. bw says:

    CORPSEMAN. I rest my case.

  14. FKD says:

    “how does six words prove she had an upfront on the questions?”
    What it proves is that she had an upfront on ‘at least’ one question.
    The question being(paraphrase): Lets say we are successful and we have a republican House and a Senate, what would be your top three priorities?
    While answering which (seemed kinda lost) she looks at the notes written on her hand:
    2)”Budget cuts”/”Tax cuts” (“Budget”, striked off and replaced by “Tax”)
    3)”Lift American spirits”

  15. Pirates Cove says:

    Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

    Happy Sunday! A great, though rather white in the Mid Atlantic states, day in America. This pinup is by Edward Runci, with a wee bit of help.
    What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15
    The Lonely Conservative points out that it is way past…

  16. alwaysfiredup says:

    Yup, I’m sure she could never have guessed that people might ask her about her priorities.

  17. TM says:

    Wilfred…..you talk about a teleprompter, soon Obama’s speechwriters are going to be writing his words out phonetically, since our commander-in-chief doesn’t know the pronunciation of corpsman……….that’s not even PSAT material……Army, Navy, Marine Corpse….. simply pathetic!

  18. Lightwave says:

    The guy with the teleprompter can’t pronounce “corpsman.”
    The woman with the notes in her palm has a son in the military.
    You tell me who America will go with in 2012.

  19. DINORight says:

    You have GOT to be kidding! On the linked AP site,there are several clear shots of her hands: palms open, backs of the hand, her typical hand gestures with hands clasped, pointing with the open curled hand (check the pics) – and there is CLEARLY NOTHING on her hands! Are you trying to smear her because you think she is stupid? Sounds like an MSM redux.
    How sad that Dan R feels the need to spread this cockamamie horse-hockey about a conservative woman. Are you a Hillary fan? That might explain it. Otherwise, get a clue. You are NOT helping by spreading garbage. It is as CLEAR AS DAY on the AP photos. Geez.

  20. Wilfred says:

    alwaysfiredup, shouldn’t she know her priorities without having to write them down? And of all the things that she could have thought of being asked about and decided to write down, she chose her priorities? She didn’t think that she might be asked something more advanced? Like her favorite among the Founding Fathers? Considering that it was a Q&A, even if with the questions being pre-screened by the tea party organisation, she would be very lucky to write down something that she actually was asked. Unless she already knew what she was going to be asked.
    Bush couldn’t pronounce “nuclear”. He got elected twice.
    McCain has a son in the military. He lost.
    Track Palin was deployed to Iraq in September 2008. Palin still lost.

  21. Mike Myers says:

    Let’s talk technique here and leave the political b.s. out of it. A good speaker will practice a speech before it’s given. Winston Churchill had a reputation as a great orator–but those “spontaneous speeches” were first dictated to a secretary, then typed up, read and rehearsed. A good speaker–and Ms. Palin is approaching that point–rehearses what he or she is going to say–and may take a few notes to the podium. Whether it’s note cards, bullet points written on the hand, or even the entire text laid on the podium, they know what they intend to say and glance at the notes only to refresh their memory. When it comes to looking at something–they look the audience in the eye, and Pres. Zippy looks the teleprompter in the eye.
    Obama’s problem is that he talks too much, in too many venues, to have time to rehearse what he’s going to say. As a reader of speeches on the teleprompter he has no equal. As a speaker? Well let’s say that Ms. Palin is at least his equal.

  22. Son of the South says:

    When Obama’s teleprompter is broken, he writes his notes on his hands, except he’s never able to read them because he’s an idiot and writes the notes in black ink!

  23. alwaysfiredup, shouldn’t she know her priorities without having to write them down?
    I’m sure, Wilfred, you are speaking from personal experience of traveling the country giving speeches. Right?

  24. Nahanni says:

    Here is a photo for you http://ace.mu.nu/archives/reagan_notes.jpg
    Mike Myers is correct with his 11:25AM post. Of course, I am sure all of you will disagree with him based on your oodles of experience in giving speeches to large audiences.

  25. neomom says:

    OMG!!!! She writes on her hand!
    The horrors!! The scandal!!
    Wait, why is this a big deal? Seems we saw a couple of pics about a week ago with TOTUS in a 6th grade classroom and heard about 3 corpse-man’s on Thursday…
    You guys better come up with something better than she writes on her hand.

  26. DINORight says:

    Well, I admit she DID have something written on her hand. I was wrong. What did she have on her hand? It said:
    (scratched out) then looks like bush?
    Lift American Spirits
    Gee, that was SOOOOOOO scandalous, huh? If this is the best that they have, the Libs (and their sympathizers) are TOAST! Sarah Palin ROCKED that speech! It is a standard tactic to shoot the messenger when the message is solid. Ergo, HuffPo meme generated. I am personally glad that she cares to help Americans when we are spiritually low. Ooooh, the SCANDAL! BFD, really.
    I commend her; she can give a speech, without a teleprompter, and THINK on her feet while keeping on point. What is wrong with that?

  27. jane says:

    She lost me when she couldn’t even handle Katie Couric.

  28. Patricia Graham says:

    This is an issue?
    I guess it would have been more acceptable to haul in a teleprompter and give a speech about legalizing illegals, banning the use of oil and coal for energy and nationalizing the health care industry with medicare for all.

  29. SDN says:

    These people need more of a life; 25 cents should be more than enough to buy twice what they have now….

  30. cee says:

    Obama spoke extemporaneously when he met with the republicans. Even Bush used a teleprompter and still smashed the english language.
    Palin needs to be remiinded of her priorities and doesn;t know the names of any newspapers or news magazines she reads.
    If you liked the stupidity of Bush then it follows you love the inanity of Palin.

  31. SAH says:

    So, let me get this straight. She has 6 words on her hand, no teleprompter and spoke for over an hour and took questions. Obama can’t even have a press conference without preslecting the questions from the press and calling on certain reporters, and then reading the answers in some cases. You are kidding me, right. Is THIS all you got? Cause it’s gonna be a fun year.

  32. “Obama spoke extemporaneously when he met with the republicans. Even Bush used a teleprompter and still smashed the english language.”
    But unlike your honeyboy Bambi, dumbass, Bush knows how to pronounce “corpsman”.

  33. me says:

    Just call her Handjob Sarah.

  34. Dr Adam Bricker says:

    Hey Sah,
    Watch this. Educate yourself. It may prevent you from embarrassing yourself any further.
    I SOOO wish Palin goes after and gets the republican nomination.
    The debate between Obama and Palin will be AWESOME!!!!!
    Will be like a tiger playing with a mouse.

  35. JJ Smith says:

    This is *hilarious* Palin with the nuke codes written on her hand: http://tilt-o-rama.com/palinnuke.jpg

  36. Aaron Meyers says:

    People who are saying so what it was such a small amount of words etc are entirely missing the point. She failed to remember her platform at large! How committed are you to something when you have to write it on your hand just to keep it in memory?
    Besides that, even the conservatives should at this point be asking themselves, how many gaffs is one person allowed before you should just consider them a risk to your credibility at large?