Answer Me This On The RNC’s So Called Money Woes

March 31, 2010

Fox has a new item up on the fiasco that's been playing out. But for anyone seriously questioning the RNC's credibility, or ability to raise money, answer one question, honestly. How much of that has to do with Steele being at the helm for a year, or whatever – and how much does it have to do with the way the GOP in the WH, House and Senate behaved for the last five years, long before Steele was ever around?

Seems kind of funny to me I never see that referenced when we hear about any alleged complaints about GOP fund raising woes. Sorry, but once you break a lot of this crap down, it's just a lot of inside the GOP BS that doesn't add up -and it's being fed to the media for whatever reason. Who knows.

But I know it wasn't Steele spending all the taxpayer cash for years that have conservative voters so ticked off at the GOP. Change that behavior and I don't care who's running the RNC. People might actually begin to trust the party, again. And there are plenty of far more significant offenders around than Steele when it comes to betraying what voters want to believe about the GOP.

The offender here was fired and that looks like the right decision. It's far more than what happens when some GOP pol goes off the rails, as too many of them did in the relatively recent past.

In general, anger at the RNC right now is the symptom, folks. The disease set in years ago. And it's good to see signs that it's being addressed by the legislators who caused it. But give me more than a few months of lip service during an election run-up, before I'm convinced this latest bit of silliness has much to do with the GOP's real problems in the minds of some donors and voters right now.

With his offshore drilling announcement, it seems pretty clear to me that Obama is back on offense painting himself and his party as moderates before November rolls around. If the Right keeps up with this circular firing squad crap and loses sight of the real enemy, we aren't going to have the November we need to have to start making things right. And the price of that for America and conservatives will be a hell of a lot more than a lap dance from some hot looking babe in a G-string at some Hollywood faux bondage bar.

These sources believe all the right moves were made in the wake of the Voyeur embarrassment — a responsible staffer was fired, all funds have been accounted for — but many still worry about the bigger picture.

"For the first time I can remember, we have less cash on hand than the Democrats, and that's the real crime here, we should be spending our money more wisely." said one well placed Republican source.

In February, the RNC raised $7.69 million but spent $7.71 million, beginning March with only $9.5 million in the bank. The Democratic National Committee, in the same period, took in $7.4 million and spent $6.9 million, ending the month with $10.7 million cash on hand. However, the DNC also had $3.7 million in debts.

Heye dismissed talk of mounting frustration with Chairman Steele.

"We get great feedback from our members," Heye said. "By and large, they think stories like this are overblown and just want us to concentrate on winning elections. By the way, have you ever noticed that I'm the only one quoted by name in these stories?"

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  1. mark l. says:

    “In February, the RNC raised $7.69 million but spent $7.71 million…”
    I didn’t know there were that many rubes left in the world.
    I wouldn’t have a problem with the money spent, if it AFTER primary season.
    the glass half full response: we spent it on special elections.
    the glass half empty: we spent it on establishment candidates, without any vetting, and without reservations about their core beliefs.
    the gop has shied away from ‘litmus tests’, at the mocking of the left, the press, and the moderates in the party. thank god for the hc bill, or they still be trying to find themselves. If they would embrace a group of principles, they could act like they stand for something.
    let the media mock them: no one watches or even reads most of their propaganda.
    the only network doing well is fox. the only radio out there is conservative.
    as for steele? he’s selling a square wheel. the only people who care about the rnc(and are advising him) are the ones who get to play with the money.
    leadership skills? nil.
    appearance of tokenism? bigger than rushmore.

  2. Dan Riehl says:

    then you don’t re-hire him after the mid-terms. But there is no upside in doing anything about it now.
    The GOP won in NJ, MA and VA, then promptly fired their 1st black chair – gee, maybe it was to appease that racist Tea Party crowd??
    We may know it would be BS. But as I’m not one to give my enemies gifts, my opinion is, shut up, put your oar in the water and row.

  3. mark l. says:

    as for obama caving on oil…
    it means little, other than vindication for the people who were chanting drill here, drill now.
    it won’t even enter a campaign, as there is zero chance the gop would make any efforts to block it. gas prices are going to be well into 3 dollars, and probably approach 4, for a mulititude of reasons, by labor day.
    the long term plan is solid. we are going to devalue our dollar, and while to some extent, inflation can be contained, buying oil at an increased ‘perceived’ price is something that is easily wipes the veneer off.
    i take the action, if there is any serious effort, to mean they have an inflation model that is going to make carter look good. if it is just a token action, i just take it as a further sign of how shallow the emmanuel/axelrod wh has become.

  4. JayJay says:

    Mark, you may not have a problem with the money spent but I really do. Spending more than you take in shows me that they are not being fiscally responsible and if they can’t do it with their own finances then I don’t want them near the federal money either. It is OK to try to get rid of the old fogie image but that does not mean that they need to push it to the point that they become irresponsible. It is not going to win them any points, that is for sure. I understand that the majority party has to spend less on elections than the minority that is trying to regain the majority but still, they need to show a bit of responsibility to regain people’s trust and this isn’t it. As far as Steele, I have never thought of him as token anything but guess many probably have. Leadership skills… he needs to get back to being the person he was before the RNC… and the money went to his head.

  5. mark l. says:

    i honestly like steele.
    i wish he would change, but his tenuous position empowers those around him to control his fate, and limits his ability to change.
    replace him after midterms?
    he’ll be head of the greatest congressional asswhipping, and his star will never be brighter, except 2012, if he could take the wh and the senate…
    does he deserve the credit?
    hell, no. will he get it? without any doubt.

  6. Peach says:

    Ok Dan, I’ll give you this. It says a lot when a lowly RNC staffer is fired for spending $2000 of donor money on a donor boys gone wild night out yet a sitting US Congressman gets a hand slap for misusing his office and letterhead to seek donors for buildings to be named on his behalf, taxpayer money for the most expsenizive car lease in Congress, evading multitudes of taxes when he’s in charge of writing tax law, living in more apartments than the law allows and not reporting hoping on every lobby paid junket so he can nap on the beach.
    A lowly staffer who used poor judgement for spending 2 grand of not taxpayer dollars but donors, is more severly punished and given far more ink than a fat cat sitting politican corruptly misuing and if he weren’t a democrat would be catogorized as criminally evading taxes and more.
    Meanwhile the media snores that multimillionare Nancy Pelosi would rather taxpayers foot the bill for her extended family military provided booze flights.

  7. Peach says:

    And I also agree about the circluar firing squad. It seems that the conservative pundit class rally don’t honor Reagan. Conservatives need to focus on every aspect of Obamination of policy. We can clean house in a major way after we clean the Democrats clock.

  8. mark l. says:

    if they don’t come up with a plan, which largely addresses the grievances of the tea partiers, then the tea party does it themselves.
    in one very possible future, I see a convention of partiers drawing up a set of economic principles, which they offer as their own litmus test, before the gop/rnc does.
    rather strange to focus on candidate recruitment, when they really don’t have a job description.
    i caught newt on fox tonite-
    he is throwing the tea partiers in with the perot voters. it was a rather backhanded statement of his perceptions about the tea party. it is almost rnc code for:
    ‘these people won’t give us money, they aren’t ‘republicans’.’
    in another possible future, I see a butchered set of principles being put forth, which winds up alienating anyone who isn’t already on board. tend to think that newt sees this coming, and is already running away.

  9. Steve Cotton says:

    I am a former county GOP chairman and was once on the RNC’s “Pioneer” list for the amount of money I had coughed up for their use, and so constantly get calls and letters for more moola.
    I have a stock response–“When the Republicans in Congress, Governor’s Mansions, and State Legistlatures go as many years behaving on strict constitutional adherence to their oaths of office, stop referring to their elected term of duty as a ‘job’, and show as much cojones as the female Conservatives (Coulter, Ingraham, Malkin, etc.), then you’ll have even the slightest chance of penny one.”

  10. Steve Cotton says:

    As for Steele’s culpability, I can vouch for the surprising limited latitude and power a Chairman has, at any level of Party hierarchy.

  11. Elmo says:

    Posted by: mark l. | Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 02:48 AM
    Interesting Mark. Watched the same program. Obviously we are two people of entirely different eyesight. With attendant different focus. To wit: I merely fielded his response to Greta, re: the birthers. And her gratuitious: “illegitimate” (does that make me a b*stard?).
    I found his deft, gallant parry to be the stuff of true political genius.
    All these boots on the ground are what is needed. Ever single last f*ckin’ pair.
    Same show, Atty Gen Mike Cox (Mich.) … stunningly brilliant [made me weep for California (Jerry Brown!). And kinda explained the deer in headlights look, of Gov Granholm the day (?) before (she’s toast).
    Even Hannity was on point (doing a sharp condenso of his ‘showplace’ event). That is until he majorly flubbed the Iran/nuclear ‘power’ bit at the end (I don’t tink anyone noticed. Hopefully, afterwards HE did?).
    It’s all these eyes, all these perspectives, all these boots on the ground … brought to bare. It is everyone. We can’t do it alone. We need all America’s help. If we’re going to save her.
    [Libturds need not apply/the window's closed/the position's been filled/foad (said with a smile)/ymmv]