BMW Direct aka Base Connect

March 3, 2010

I was puzzled when I saw this tweet from Erick Erickson. I had some anti-Base Connect stuff run by me, searched it out – and opted to not pick up on a liberal smear of one of the Right's fund raising firms. And that is where this "they over-charge" meme comes from. See TPM for one example. There are more and, yeah, the press picked it up, big surprise.

If you are a GOP candidate using BMW Direct a/k/a Base Connect, you might be denying yourself a RedState endorsement.

So, I called a guy I know in the business with absolutely no connection to Base Connect – btw they're working for Lt. Colonel Alan B. West. I wanted to know what's wrong with the firm. He wanted to know if bloggers are going to start endorsing fund-raising firms. lol Well, I'm not.

Long story short, unless there's more to understand – and I'm open to that, in some ways we should be praising Base Connect. Yes, their fund-raising apparently comes with a well disclosed methodology that results in a large portion of money going to them. But their niche is mostly the unknown, insurgent type candidate who doesn't have a large email list, or large amount of money sitting around to go hire a fund-raising firm. So, as I understand it, they put their own skin in the game without leaving the client with a large liability if the effort goes bust.

In discussing the pricing structure, my guy insisted there's really nothing wrong with it at all after you do the cost/benefit break down of the relationship for candidates or causes who feel that's the best route for them to go. And their cost structure is such that, in terms of profit, they're not really much different from any other firm in the business.

I'm having a hard time understanding the problem with them given their client list. If anything, I see people who needed a jump start, got it and maybe moved on as they became more established. Here's just a few. There are other solid right-side candidates and causes, as well. I'll update if I learn more – good, or bad.

Bobby Jindal for Congress (challenger)
Deborah Honeycutt for Congress (challenger)
William Russell for Congress (challenger, 2 cycles)
Allen West for Congress (challenger)
Steve Lonegan for Governor (challenger, 2 cycles)

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  1. GenetheHappy says:

    Whatever is going on it has been percolating for a while, a month or two ago I read a posing that Joseph Cao was getting raped by his fundraiser. Same crowd. I’m looking to see if I can find it.

  2. GenetheHappy says:

    Ohh dear. This is not the site where I’d want to out myself as a RINO. But Base Connect got wacked as inefficient by Huff Po and the Washington Post. Enemy of enemy = friend?…/anh-joseph-cao-lone-gop-h_n_474431.html

  3. JT says:

    Gene…Joseph Cao killed his own fund-raising by voting for ObamaCare first-time around…yeah, he had to do it because of the district he’s in but no conservative is going to contribute to him.