Left Flails As CNN Hires Conservative Blogger: Courage!

March 16, 2010


Steve Benen at Washington Monthly questions CNN's professional standards. Are there any, given Olberman's tenure at MSNBC? And CNN is already too conservative for Benen, evidently. Geesh! Get out much?

This is easily the worst decision CNN has ever made. That the network probably reviewed Erickson's work before hiring him, and offered him a job anyway, suggests CNN's professional standards for what constitutes "an important voice" have all but disappeared.

The point here isn't that it's disappointing to see CNN hire yet another conservative voice, adding to its already-large stable of conservative voices. To be sure, it's frustrating, but it's nothing new.

The usually comic, intentionally, or not, Sadly No bemoans the death of our media, predicting bankruptcy for CNN. Better check with the New York Times on that one, guys.

Echidine of the Snakes claims to not be able to stop laughing, but manages to do so long enough to try and find any previous Erickson quote they may perceive as an issue. Here's laughing at you, clowns.

The Impolitic begins a CNN Deathwatch, claiming Ted Turner must be sad to see his station take such a huge fall. As if that isn't what already happened over the last decade, or more.

Liberal Values christens CNN the Conservative News Network. One can only imagine how they view Fox.

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  1. Elmo says:

    Insert requisite Youtube link/vid Brando/Apocalypse/Zee Horror … here.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “Here’s laughing at you, clowns.”
    Lawd what a racist thug!

  2. ShyAsrai says:

    Exactly WHEN will the historically unprecedented stunning loss of viewership for these Leftist and increasing incredible bastions resound with the Leftists?
    In the words of (Obama supporter) Dr. Phil “How’s that working out for ya?”
    Gotta give them an A for persistence, but then mental patients are known to be extraordinarly persistent in their delusions, too.

  3. SteveP says:

    “The point here isn’t that it’s disappointing to see CNN hire yet another conservative voice, adding to its already-large stable of conservative voices. To be sure, it’s frustrating, but it’s nothing new.”
    To whom is he referring?

  4. Keith says:

    I am all for having more right wing voices at CNN, but Erickson. Please!!!
    Let’s have someone who is intellectually honest.

  5. SteveP says:

    On rereading my previous post I see that my meaning isn’t clear.
    I should have written, ‘To whom is he referring when he says “already large stable of conservative voices”‘?

  6. I guess if you’d like a virulently misogynistic “pundit” who’s known less for analysis than toxic snark, Erickson’s your guy. Of course, if you’d like someone who can make reasonable points within his own ideology and without relying on slander, he probably isn’t.

  7. EBJ says:

    Large stable of conservative voices = Anderson Cooper, Larry King, Lou Dobbs (until he was run out of town)? Are Paul Begalia and James Carville still on the payroll?
    I know it’s not the morning anchors. During the Obama speaks to school children ‘brooha’ I recall CNN’s morning anchors laughing about how silly the Republicans were and, when the news came out about Bush I doing something similar, one anchor said (paraphrasing) ‘the Democrats would never do something so silly as make a fuss about a President speaking to students’, to which the other anchor responded with yet more laughter. Of course the CNN anchors’ views of the Dems were wrong – the Dems even called Bush’s Education Secretary to Capital Hill specifically to grill him over the issue back then – but it’s the reflex response – Republicans silly and petty, Dems don’t play politics – that exposed them. Of course, that’s par for the course across the MSM – CNN’s morning anchors simply reflect the genre.