Michigan Militia: From Friend To Foe In 3 Days

March 28, 2010

h/t Instapundit for this Jawa Item. Now driving a meme onto Memeorandum. Just three days ago, members of the group were assisting LE in a rescue search. Must be some really evil people there, what? Huntaree's public forum is getting some buzz. Members were also discussing various perceived threats and threat levels in recent months here. Where is Janet Reno when we need her?

And the partnership comes as the militia movement is exploding across the country, driven by fears of economic collapse and the potential for a crackdown on gun rights under the Obama administration, watchdog groups say.

About 50 militia members from five units live in Washtenaw County, militia leaders say. They are survivalists, who favor larger local government and a smaller federal government. Members are fiercely protective of their free speech and gun rights.

When Mull learned from Washtenaw County sheriff's deputies that a township woman was missing Jan. 13, she contacted local militia leader Jimmy Schiel.

“She said, ‘Hey, we need help to do a ground search for Anna-Maria Wheeker,” Schiel recalls of their phone conversation that morning. “I said, ‘So you want the militia?' And she said, ‘Yes.”

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  1. Digger says:

    “And the partnership comes as the militia movement is exploding across the country … watchdog groups say.”
    I’m guessing that “watchdog group” (before I even read the story) happens to be the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), who make their money by exaggerating that there is a “hate movement” out there. They’ve been doing the same thing with immigration. Claiming that there is some secret cabal running around attacking immigrants when there is no proof whatsoever except their false claims.
    They make money through donations by scaring people into donating. They are quite simply the most hateful group out there, destroying innocent people’s lives for their own gain.

  2. Digger says:

    Just read the story and was was not surprised to see that I was correct. SPLC is the most irresponsible group in this country and they have $100 million in the bank to spread around their slander and libel.

  3. Digger says:

    Oh and the ADL is in their too. SPLC works with the ADL and groups like La Raza. They all put out their false hate reports and then link to each other as proof there is a “hate movement” out there.
    The Center for Immigration Studies just did a large backgrounder report on how these groups have all worked together (through timing releases of their reports, etc) to work in a coordinated fashion to deceive the media and America. You can read the report at:

  4. Skywise says:

    And so it begins…

  5. royMT says:

    The Obama dictatorship has now officially begun rounding up Christians. These people are as good as disappeared.

  6. Sean says:

    Please note, The Huntaree (the group targeted by the raids) is not the Michigan Militia. The Huntaree is a different group, though the groups are quite familiar with each other.
    What’s more, the raids were Federal, and the ask for help was local. So it’s not unusual that the local officials on the ground in the area have a different opinion of the groups than do the Feds.

  7. Lightwave says:

    “The Obama dictatorship has now officially begun rounding up Christians. These people are as good as disappeared. ”
    The main difference now is the internet assures these stories of tyranny get out. Probably explains why Obama wants to shut the internet down, along with bloggers like Dan.
    FBI got caught red-handed this time. I laugh when I recall the millions of liberal idiots who said Bush would use his powers for tyranny, and yet it’s Obama bringing in the jackbooted thugs to eliminate Americans who oppose his ideas.
    You started this war. We however, will be the ones to finish it.

  8. mariner says:

    And when the FBI under Clinton murdered American citizens at Waco, Congress put on this laughable dog-and-pony show to assure the public that the Branch Davidians were a bunch of creepy child molesters.

  9. Rob Crawford says:

    Does anyone know if the ADL’s Mark Pitcavage expressed any concern over Obama’s close association with members of the left-wing militia popularly known as the Weather Underground? To use his phrasing, they were certainly not satisfied with the status-quo, and WERE the actual violent members of that movement.

  10. Tom says:

    WTF is this supposed to mean?
    “Members are fiercely protective of their free speech and gun rights.”
    You mean, the Bill of Rights? They’re “fiercely protective” of the Bill of Rights? Well then, hell, hunt the bastards down and lock ‘em up!

  11. Liberty60 says:

    Maybe we should demand that the Government respect Habea Corpus, and demonstrate clear evidence of a crime before they detain accused terrorists. Maybe we should insist, loudly, that American citizens cannot be detained without trial or charges.
    Glenn Greenwald and the ACLU have been clamoring for this for years now. Maybe they need more support, do you think?

  12. carol says:

    I lived in Lenawee County until age twelve. I haven’t been back in decades so the from memory the town I grew up in reminds me of the small town I live in now. I remember hard working, independent people. I remember good people who loved their country. What are people being arrested for? Bearing arms? Being Christians? Believing in freedom and liberty? I don’t know because everything has been sealed. This leaves me to assume I know why heavily armed members of the FBI invaded small towns. I don’t have a good feeling about this and I don’t feel good about what I assume are the government’s motives.

  13. WBestPresidentEver says:

    Ruby Ridge and Waco all over again. Things are not gonna be pretty in this country in Days to come. Be Strong and Stand up to Tyranny.

  14. OurCountryNotUsvThem says:

    so Mr. Riehl’s idiot readers have fantasies of overthrowing the FBI?
    A thinking person could never be a right winger. Too many impotent and unhinged conspiracy theorists and professional victims who claim they are just about to go to war against the Government and People of the United States.
    All you people who read Mr. Riehl and think you can engage inn an armed insurrection against the United States of America deserve to be arrested before you harm yourselves and others.
    We have a Government and laws and if you do not like the outcome of elections, too bad. Work harder for your candidates.

  15. Sophie says:

    “…. favor larger local government and a smaller federal government. Members are fiercely protective of their free speech and gun rights.”
    OurCountryNotUsvThem, what’s your problem with that?

  16. OurCountryNotUsvThem says:

    I do not believe the FBI is the enemy. They arrested these people for a reason. That is my problem with that. When it comes to me choosing between David Koresh and the FBI, I choose the FBI. When it comes to domestic terrorists and the FBI, I choose the FBI.
    For most of my adult life I have had to listen to fellow liberals rail against the duly-elected Republican Presidents and Congress. That is what happens in a Democracy: you complain about the other side winning and how terrible “they” are.
    But that loser’s lament does not make paranoia true. Neither Bush destroyed democracy; neither is Obama.
    Right Wing Impotence is at an all time high and impotent people do not know how to think clearly.

  17. MurkaHater says:

    Good, round them up and let’s make sure we immediately put them in Gitmo, deny them legal protections and legal representation. When do we get to start torturing these America-hating terrorists?
    That’s what you cowards argue, right? They are a direct threat to this nation, they are a terrorist cell that has aims at attacking our government and our way of life. Torture them all. We must remain consistent.

  18. Barry Soetoro (D-King Of The World!) says:

    OurCountryNotUsvThem & MurkaHater,, Call me!
    OsamaHusseinIslamObama 2012′
    (the terrorist-Uighur-ACORN-media choice)
    -It’s never too early to campaign-

  19. Bordo says:

    The worst kind of terrorist is your heavily armed, mullet wearing, Jesus worshipping country bumpkin. Check out the mugshots. I’ll bet these yahoos have 12 teeth between them and an IQ even lower than Joe the Plumber. These Hutarees deserve the same treatment as Khalid Sheik Muhammad, but because they are stupid white crackers, they will not be called terrorists.

  20. Salvon says:

    As the world prepares for a uncertain future, i am left wondering how we came to this point? Taking up arms against each other will only result in more civil unrest, and the inevitable decline of our society. If you are not happy with the way things are then what do you do? create a radical movement to prepare for a possible chaotic future, or work with your neighbors, towns, and city’s to use the power that we have already been given to bring about a new system. When faced with the possibility of a threat we always take the most aggressive actions because in doing so we feel the safest. But in that state of mind we close our minds off to what the reason for the threat was in the first place. we all have our dreams of an ideal society, but no ones dreams will ever be achieved if we always stomp on the dreams of others

  21. McVeighIsARightWingHero says:

    Wow, just when you thought the crazy right wing couldn’t get any crazier, now we have dipshits like Dan defending a militia group that wants to KILL LAW ENFORCEMENT PEOPLE.
    Truly off the rails.

  22. McVeighIsARightWingHero says:

    THIS is what Danny boy is defending – Domestic Terrorists:
    The federal indictment charges that the leader of Hutaree, David Brian Stone (known as RD), was plotting to kill an unspecified member of law enforcement. It says the plan was to kill an officer and then attack law enforcement vehicles with improvised explosive devices when officers gathered for that officer’s funeral.
    Charged in the indictment released today are:
    * David Brian Stone (RD) of Clayton, Mich.
    * David Brian Stone Jr. (Junior) of Adrian (the son of David Brian Stone)
    * Joshua Matthew Stone (Josh) of Clayton (the son of David Brian Stone)
    * Tina Mae Stone of Clayton (the wife of David Brian Stone)
    * Joshua John Clough (Azzurlin) of Blissfield
    * Michael David Meeks (Mikey) of Manchester Township
    * Thomas William Piatek of Whiting, Ind.
    * Khristopher T. Sickles (Pale Horse) of Sandusky, Ohio
    * Jacob J. Ward (Jake) of Huron, Ohio
    All face charges of seditious conspiracy; carrying, using and possessing a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence; and attempting to use weapons of mass destruction. Some also face additional charges.
    As of this morning, eight of the nine people charged are in custody, while Joshua Stone is considered a fugitive. Seven of them appeared for a 10 a.m. detention hearing in Detroit federal court.

  23. McVeighIsARightWingHero says:

    “What are you guys gonna say when the next government building blows up?”
    I imagine they will chuckle, and ask “Were there any Democrats inside?”
    The indictment further alleges that the Hutaree planned to kill an unidentified member of local law enforcement and then attack the law enforcement officers who gather in Michigan for the funeral. According to the plan, the Hutaree would attack law
    enforcement vehicles during the funeral procession with Improvised Explosive Devices
    with Explosively Formed Projectiles, which, according to the indictment, constitute
    weapons of mass destruction. Subsequently, and in furtherance of this plan, David Brian Stone, the Hutaree’s leader, obtained information about such devices over the
    internet and emailed diagrams of such devices to a person he believed capable of
    manufacturing the devices. He then had his son, Joshua Matthew Stone, and others
    gather materials necessary for the manufacturing of such devices.
    According to the indictment, in June 2009, David Brian Stone and his other son, David Brian Stone, Jr., taught other Hutaree members how to make and use explosive devices intending or knowing that the information would be used to further a crime of violence. In addition, the grand jury charged all nine defendants with carrying or possessing a firearm during a crime of violence on at least one occasion.
    U.S. Attorney McQuade said, “Because the Hutaree had planned a covert reconnaissance operation for April which had the potential of placing an unsuspecting member of the public at risk, the safety of the public and of the law enforcement community demanded intervention at this time.”
    Andrew Arena, FBI Special Agent in Charge, said, “This is an example of radical and extremist fringe groups which can be found throughout our society. The FBI takes such extremist groups seriously, especially those who would target innocent citizens and the law enforcement officers who protect the citizens of the United States. The FBI would like to thank our federal, state, and local law enforcement partners who are member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, for their assistance in this case.”
    As of this morning, eight of the nine defendants are in custody and seven of them will be making their initial appearance before United States Magistrate Judge Donald A. Scheer at 10 am. Joshua Stone is currently a fugitive. Any person with information as to the whereabouts of this individual should contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation at (313) 965-2323.
    The charge of seditious conspiracy carries a statutory maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, Attempted Use of a Weapon of Mass Destruction carries a statutory maximum penalty of life in prison, Teaching the Use of Explosives Materials carriers a statutory maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and Possessing a Firearm During a Crime of Violence carries a mandatory minium penalty of at least 5 years in prison.
    An indictment is only a charge and is not evidence of guilt. A defendant is entitled to a fair trial in which it will be the government’s burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
    The case was investigated by special agents of the FBI and the Michigan State Police.

  24. McVeighIsARightWingHero says:

    They finally picked up the last right wing “Christian” terrorist:
    May the motherfuckers rot in jail for eternity.

  25. Vynotagoose says:

    Wow, just when you thought the crazy right wing couldn’t get any crazier, now we have dipshits like Dan defending a militia group that wants to KILL LAW ENFORCEMENT PEOPLE.
    Truly off the rails
    He has a lot of company. To name but one, Glenn Reynolds is having a paranoid, psycho-sounding meltdown.
    Don’t ALL grownups know people can do nice things one day and evil things the next?
    Hitler loved dogs, so he can’t be a bad guy?
    I don’t think it’s time to get too frantic. Every era produces angry, maddened people who might resort to violence. I just never expected grown men to make excuses for them or whine about the timing, as did Reynolds.

  26. Vynotagoose says:

    “Wow, just when you thought the crazy right wing couldn’t get any crazier, now we have dipshits like Dan defending a militia group that wants to KILL LAW ENFORCEMENT PEOPLE.
    Truly off the rails ”
    That was a quote.

  27. Jesus Christ, you guys are actually defending these people? Post McVeigh? With as much revved up anti-government sentiment as we are seeing? You want another federal building to blow up? THIS HAS HAPPENED. IT’S REAL.
    It kind of makes me sick. I can blow off all the loony talk of us becoming some kind of Communist state, but when you downplay domestic terrorism when there are families out there mourning the deaths of 160 innocent men, women, and children, it makes me want to throw up.
    Right wing terrorism is REAL. Like it or not, it is a threat, and to ignore it is an insult to those who have died and those who may die going forward.
    Go to hell, you crazy bastards.

  28. McVeighIsARightWingHero says:

    “Jesus Christ, you guys are actually defending these people?”
    Yes, Dan and his tiny collection of mouth breathers ARE defending a group that was just rounded up by the FBI for plotting to kill law enforcement people. In large numbers.
    Because, you see, they may have assisted in a search previously. Which I guess means that it’s OK to go on a cop killing spree.
    Or something.
    Sick motherfuckers.

  29. Theocracy says:

    You folks need to stop what you’re doing, right now, and go and make sure your guns are clean and ready. If you think they are, clean ‘em again. Please keep cleaning them and making sure they’re ready for the impending apocalypse (I promise, it’s coming!). Maybe, just, maybe, some of them will go off. Of course, I imagine most of your arms and munitions are virtual in the video games you play. In that case, please, take a few moments and take stock of your life, and what you purport to stand for. I have to think, upon honest reflection, most of you would do the decent thing and start the car, close the garage door, and go to sleep. Jesus will forgive you, I promise, and we’ll all be in a better place.