Obambi’s Bottom Baiered on Fox News

March 18, 2010

Barack Obama was just one mindless platitude after another. He can't, or won't answer the real questions, and, as always, can't deal with being challenged without getting snippy. Obama's bad policies, poor temperament and willingness to mislead, avoid, distract and demagogue when he can take center stage in his interview with Bret Baier. Interview here.

Via NRO. I imagine Baier's Fox mentor, Brit Hume, is smiling tonight - and deservedly so.

Bret Baier just concluded the single best interview of President Obama in a year, by any reporter. He was resilient in the face of the president’s obvious attempts to run down the clock by stonewalling; Bret continually hammered a series of questions the president did not want, and yet he was polite in explaining to the president the meaning of the questions just in case they were not what the president was familiar with (see the question about Connecticut for example). It was a model of how not to be cowed by a strong and charismatic leader and a model of a truly independent anchor/reporter.

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  1. Mad Monica says:

    Where are the trolls? I expected to see a bunch of whiny, sniffle-filled posts talking about how disrespectful Baier was, etc. I saw some of the interview and came away with a sense of a man very irritated that he had to come down off his pedestal and answer questions. Apparently, this man feels the only time he should speak to reporters is when things are all set up in advance and he’s had a chance to practice the questions.
    Let me be clear on this: the left has put its faith in someone who has done them no favors. He may well be the first black president for which he will be lauded in the future. But his legacy will be nothing more than four years of lies, corruption, broken campaign promises and at least one constitutional crisis which has the potential to leave this country’s future in tatters.
    No matter WHAT you believe, whether its in a big, fat, bloated government set up to stick its nose up the behinds of the American people to make sure they’re eating right and not using too much TP to clean up afterward or if you believe that after 200+ years the people of America are capable of making such decisions for themselves, 2010 WILL be a year to be remembered.
    2010 will either be known as the year the people woke up, stood up and refused to be bullied by a gang of power-mad thugs who came to Washington D.C. to transform America or it will be known as the year the Constitution officially became nothing more than a set of “guidelines” only to be followed when those in power choose to do so. And, to be brutally honest, I firmly believe that should the latter become reality, there won’t be much for the people to do, because should the left manage a power grab of such magnitude, they will not stop at completely taking over every aspect of American life. I still just find myself gobsmacked that so many Americans have been so willfully blind and stupid when it comes to this man and his agenda.
    I sure hope those who still snooze in ObamaZombie slumber wake up, wipe up the drool and rub the boogers out of their eyes soon. Maybe today’s interview will bash its way into some thick skulls and let ‘em see what they’ve gotten us into.

  2. gsr says:

    Obambi, like many totalitarians (like Chavez, who he admires), is not used to being asked tough questions and he came off more like a slick, power-hungry Chicago pol and less like “the Messiah”.
    Remember, the MSM did not tell the American public who this man is. His biological father was not only a moooslim but a communist. His mentor during the teenaged years was a huge communist. His preacher is a nut job communist. His friend Ayers is a communist. He is what he is, a product of his upbringing. He believes in government and hates business enterprise because business creates differences in people due to their inate intelligence, ambition, work ethic, etc.
    He wants equal results – socialism/Marxism/communism. Call it which ever name you prefer.

  3. gary gulrud says:

    Got to watch the whole thing, Baier’s show is the best new’s criticism analysis in many years. Dear Leader’s last Fox interview evah.

  4. Lightwave says:

    Baier CRUSHED the moron!
    FOX needs to replay that interview nightly until Obama resigns!

  5. J.George says:

    Bret Baier needs a hero’s award for standing face to face with evil. The man’s got courage!!!

  6. Senator Fuller Bull - D says:

    Reckon they’ll give Bret one of those awards they gave to Kattie Couric for her Palin “interview?”
    I won’t hold my breath.

  7. Keith says:

    Keep drinking the Fox kool-aid wingnuts!
    meep meep!

  8. mark l. says:

    wtf did the wh think was going to happen?
    since his iowa primary speech, his skills have continued to diminish, with each passing speech. All those idiosyncratic mannerism seemed to increase as his actual confidence and skills have vanished.
    I’d like to say that his skills in an interview have also diminished, but since I have no other real interview to gauge them against, who knows…
    he just had no clue what he was talking about.
    [Reckon they’ll give Bret one of those awards they gave to Kattie Couric for her Palin “interview?”]
    if ANYONE else, had come up with that Hawaiian earthquake line, they’d be laughed off the stage for being a complete moron. The 57 state gaffe wasn’t a mistake in some sense…when he doesn’t know something, he just makes it up, and honestly expects people to accept it.

  9. Live Free Or Die says:

    Trying to have a conversation with O-bah-muhh is like arguing with a dining room table. Brett Baier had an unfair advantage. He actually knew what was in the bill.

  10. zaugg says:

    keith- you keep nuthuggin the Won and I will continue to get the truth from Fox.

  11. Ad rem says:

    Kudos to Bret…Hume knew what he was doing when he picked him. Obamuh look pale, pasty-faced, and cornered. The boy’s not used to being told no for an answer….after all, he is “the one”. Ah, I love the smell of desperation in the morning!

  12. Senator Fuller Bull - D says:

    and honestly expects people to accept it.
    Apparently, Keith above is one of the faithful.