Sara Howard Is In Carnahan’s Coffin Corner

March 25, 2010


The item directly below is from a local news item. It's now Politico's story, as well. But we know the whole story of the Carnahan coffin caper wasn't put out at first.

The image at right is an ACT flier used as part of the Left's consistent dishonest attempts to malign the Right and Republicans. Guess who comes out of ACT, who did that flier, as well as out of the SEIU and team Obama? Carnahan's spokesperson Sara Howard. See more below. Given her history, it's very, very likely that she orchestrated the entire coffin smear in the first place.

A spokesperson for Congressman Russ Carnahan said a coffin featured in a weekend health care reform protest was placed on the Democratic lawmaker's front lawn Sunday night.

Communications Director Sara Howard said about a dozen people brought the coffin to Carnahan's private St. Louis residence. After holding a vigil they took the coffin away.

But that's not how it was originally reported, and broadly at that. UPI.

In the latest in a string of incidents, someone placed a coffin on the lawn of Rep. Russ Carnahan, D-Mo., Politico reported.

In 2009, Sara Howard scrubbed her resume when she joined Carnahan's staff.

When SEIU folks are shown on video beating up a black man in a parking lot after your town hall, when you’re caught on tape giving a top secret press conference and you totally fumble when asked about said beating, when your party is implicated in calling in the muscle to stifle dissent, the last thing you do is, say, hire SEIU’s former media person. Unless you’re Russ Carnahan. Just last month Carnie hired Sara Howard, formerly with SEIU, as his new communications director.

She's also been linked to ACT - also confirmed in an item from 2004. If anything, it may be Howard's career as a maligning spokesperson for an elected pol that needs to be put in a coffin most of all.

Meet Sara Howard.  She used to work with SEIU.  She also worked for a group called America Coming Together (ACT).  In the 2004 campaign, ACT was very active in registering voters on behalf of the Kerry Campaign.  ACT was later fined $775,000 for taking illegal donations (including those from SEIU), the largest FEC fine in history.  She also worked as a Senior Strategist for Obama for America.  On August 5th, the day before the St. Louis town hall meeting featuring Rep. Russ Carnahan, Sara Howard was named the Communications Director for the Missouri Democrat.

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  1. Elmo says:

    [Recurring theme (sorry)] … sheet do smell. And, just because I can …
    We are no longer amused by the Obamanation, and their muzzy chieftan.
    (duh) Obie Messiah
    He Who Won
    Hopey McChange
    The Great Divider
    Commander in Knee Pads
    President Duh-zaster
    Liar in Chief
    The Great Bamboozler
    Expiration date: 11-6-12
    Colonel Mustard
    (Welcome back) Carter
    (The Great and Powerful) Ozama
    Bumblin Barry
    Chi-town douche bag
    Karaoke Jesus
    Chairman Zero
    Chucklehead Hussein
    Commandant Sitzpinkler
    Barry Valentino

  2. JayJay says:

    You left off
    Jug Ears
    The Lyin’ King
    and a few others I can think of…but that is a real good start

  3. The Ayatollah Obambi.
    And his cadre, Al-Obambi.

  4. seekeronos says:

    Illegal Alien in Chief.

  5. Elmo says:

    The best one of all … former President Obama!