Working Families Party Threatens Democrats Over Obama Care

March 15, 2010

The communism-loving Working Families Party is threatening Democrats to pass Obama Care, or not be endorsed in the future. Meanwhile, the Marxist in the WH is having undecided Dems in for a little one-on-one. I imagine the opening salvo will be a bribe, then a cold shower with Rahm, and maybe they'll move to the sauna once things start heating up.

New York's labor-backed Working Families Party, a major state player whose ballot line is a prized asset to Democratic candidates, will deny its endorsement to any member of Congress who votes "no" on health care legislation, party officials said.

“This week’s showdown on health care could be one of the most important votes a Member of Congress make in their entire career,” said Dan Cantor, the party's Executive Director. “Even if we supported them before, the WFP simply cannot endorse Members of Congress who would waste this once in a generation chance to improve our broken health care system.”

The party's state committee voted Sunday night to prohibit the endorsement of any member who votes against the bill.

Leftism is on the rise in America, and assuming that the accidental, managerially incompetent clown we're stuck with in the WH is finally going to pay-off in destroying America the way they've been plotting for decades.

We'll see about that, especially as they are still talking about using un-Constitutional processes to accomplish their goal. The immediate battle ahead is tomorrow. Show up in DC, or find out who needs to hear from you and make certain your voice is heard from back home.

No excuses, no surrender. And no one should believe this battle ends here. We may win, yet. But even if we don't win this week, that means it's time to ramp it up, not turn it down. Focus on what's in front of us right now. But be prepared to do whatever it takes to rip these people out of power no matter what in the days ahead. Freedom loving Americans are not going to go quietly into that good night the way any of these minor tyrants, including Obama, may believe. We will crush them in the due course of time. We just have to keep up the fight. Liberty is a powerful force and motivator and it is on our side.

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  1. USMC says:

    I admire your fightin’ spirit. Keep it up. Tomorrow and all week I will be calling the folks in DC constantly.

  2. rrpjr says:

    Right on. I can’t go to DC but did two hours of calling and mailing today. More tomorrow.