Josh Marshall Embarrasses Himself With A Chicken

April 22, 2010

Take a look at Josh Marshall's headline below. Oh, if only it were so. But it only launched last night, no doubt by the same idiot campaign hacks who promptly emailed the link to Josh asking him to make it go viral! You would think Marshall would have more sense than to play the game.

ChickenCare Goes Viral

People know what Lowden said and what she didn't say. And most Americans are quite familiar with the concept of bartering. Just ask around. Harry Reid must really be getting desperate. But let the Lefty blogs have at it for a day, or whatever. It doesn't matter because the energy and enthusiasm just isn't on their side. It's on ours. And this silly meme isn't going to do Dingy Harry any good in Nevada, of all places. And certainly not this year.

But, that's okay. It's actually kind of fun to watch them sweat. So, Harry, Josh … you boys just keep right on f***in' that chicken. We always do appreciate a good laugh out here in the blogosphere. If this is all ya got, like they say back home on the farm and out in Nevada, you are in a heap o' trouble, boys! heh!

Perhaps inevitably, as you can see in the picture at the left, a progressive group has now created a special ChickenCare dance remix of senate candidate Sue Lowden's proposal to bring down health care costs by adopting a barter economy in medical care.

A bit more seriously though, this does put the Nevada senate race into a certain clarifying perspective.

It does do that, Josh. It does do that. LMAO

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  1. Lightwave says:

    Who the hell is Josh Marshall?
    You know, all this sad episode has done is prove that people who make enough money to not have to worry about the cost of their health care really do think the rest of us are inbred, stupid, dangerous hicks. Any small business owner absoutely is familiar with the concept of bartering services from other small business owners…hey asshole, are these folks stupid hicks too? Hey, this Marshall guy owns a blog outfit or something…does he ever barter blog ads for services like health care or whatever?
    Sue Lowden gets the last laugh when she becomes one of the new permanent majority in January.

  2. rrpjr says:

    Agreed. I ran a small-market radio station years ago and was part of a bartering network. This is a case of elitist ignorance, and contempt.

  3. Walter Ronten says:

    Wait until the “progressives” get a Value Added Tax (VAT) online. Everyone not on the Government gravy train is going to get a lesson in barter economics.

  4. Joseph Brown says:

    I used to own an automobile transmission shop. One day, a local morning dj came in and offered us 250 ads on his radio show to be broadcast during the state fair if we’d o’haul his nephews transmission. Great idea, right? Wrong! We got our 250 free commercials(I think), his nephew got his transmission overhaul and I didn’t make one nickel off the free commercials!
    Of course, mr.Freebie never came back.

  5. Ed in NJ says:

    Could you imagine if a Democrat said something as stupid?
    Tell me how anyone can barter with their doctor when it is against HIPAA regs? And give me a list of MDs across Colorado who will accept goods in lieu of cash. Until you can do that, you need to stop defending the defensible just because a Republican said it.

  6. Ed in NJ says:

    meant to say defending the indefensible

  7. leilani says:

    Ed in NJ, I have a slew of MD’s in my family. Bartering is not unheard of, even in Starbucks-infested suburbia, and especially given the special challenges created more recently by the disastrous impact of Obamanomics. A highly successful physician I know got a complete redesign & installation of the family homestead grounds in exchange for treating a nationally well-regarded landscape architect’s kid.
    Dan’s absolutely right here. Leftists & Democrats only serve to reinforce their growing reputation for being out-of-touch elitists when they advertise their shocking ignorance about this. By all means, leftsphere, keep up the snickering. It just convinces more & more uneasy democrats to reconsider their traditional allegiance to the party of Goldman Sachs which can no longer call itself the “party of the common man” with a straight face anymore.

  8. Elmo says:

    Hey … if they wanna get their groove thang on wit a chicken? Let ‘em.
    I remember many a year back, a friend of mine, introduced me to his neighbor (‘you gotta hear this guy!’). Who grew up on a farm.
    Neighbor weren’t proud, even going to the trouble of recounting (I think I won’t provide any particulars): “yep, chicken was thuh best!”
    Where’s pita (bread) when you need them?

  9. Ed in NJ says:

    Leilani, who is being the elitist here?
    To add to my request, please tell me how many middle class patients have the ability to barter services such as landscaping or architectural services in order to pay for health care. Who’s being the elitist here.
    If the Republican solution to rising health costs and lack of coverage is to go to your doctor’s to barter with items or services that most people don’t possess, such as landscaping services, you have lost the argument. And even if this ridiculous idea was feasible, what do you tell the second landscaper that walks into the doctor’s office in need of services? Do you see how stupid this is? Citing isolated and extremely rare instances of bartering for medical services is the epitome of “the exception that proves the point”.

  10. Anna says:

    We’ve bartered. My husband is a doctor who owns and operates an imaging center — MRI, CT, ultrasound, the works — and sometimes people just don’t have the money to pay for these things. One local artist paid for his MRI with a custom wall art. Another paid for his CT with several hundred dollars worth of food and wine from his deli shop.
    This has nothing to do with HIPAA. The IRS doesn’t like it, but as long as no cash changes hands, it’s kind of hard to pursue a case since doctors write off charges ALL THE TIME due to people’s inability to pay for services.
    So there.

  11. Anna says:

    One more thing, Ed in NJ, the employed middle class, i.e. those who work for others, tend to have health insurance because of the distortions that the current tax code provides to employment-subsidized insurance. Those who normally don’t have insurance are either self-employed or indigent. If self-employed, they WILL have something to barter with, whether it’s landscaping, art or sandwiches. Those who are indigent are covered by Medicaid.
    Now come up with a better argument or just admit you know nothing about how small businesses and medical practices operate.

  12. leilani says:

    Ed, how is paying in kind any different than paying in cash? One person gets a valuable service in exchange for another thing both agree is of equivalent value. Just because it’s not conveyed through a green piece of paper doesn’t make it any less legitimately valuable or any less equivalent. Doctors in rural areas in particular have been accepting in-kind compensation since rocks cooled.

  13. leilani says:

    I was going to add, for the benefit of any Goldman Sachs party members who may be reading this, is that docs are not the only ones who do this. I know of a cash-strapped single mom starting her own business who traded incorporation advice with a lawyer in exchange for clerical services in that lawyers’ office.
    Go to Craig’s list any day of the week and you will see hundreds of people trying to trade goods and services for other goods & services of what they hope to agree with prospective traders will be of equivalent value.
    Go to any urban area & at certain intersections you will see people with signs that say “Will Work For Food”.
    They don’t need an official list, Ed. They just need to offer & receive the go-ahead from someone who is amenable to the trade. Nothing elitist about that.
    And, from what I can gather, that was evidently this NV candidate’s point. If you need something and, thanks to Obanomics, don’t happen to have the spare cash lying around, just ASK if you can trade a service for something else of equivalent value you may be able to offer instead.
    Believe it or not, most Americans really don’t need elitist government bureaucrats in DC to tell them how to be resourceful.

  14. leilani says:

    Oops. Just remembered another in-kind trade I know of: a graphic designer traded free rent in exchange for creating a website for her landlord.
    OOOOOH, IT’S E V E R Y W H E R E, lefties!
    It’s ironic in that all of the examples I cited above are people I know to have religiously pulled the lever for democrats all their adult lives!
    (Or at least they used to, before the Democratic Party morphed into the party of Goldman Sachs and started sneering at regular people in flyover country who’re just trying to get by the best they can.)

  15. Elmo says:

    Shoot, I once interviewed for a construction job. A high zoot remodel, of a dentist’s office (waterfalls etc.). At the office under reconstruction.
    In exchange for … dental work.

  16. leilani says:

    GASP! Dentists too, Elmo? Run for your life Mr. Marshall!
    Next thing you know printers and beverage companies will be providing signage & refreshments at the Democratic National Convention in exchange for privileged access to Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid and President Goldman Sachs!

  17. cinnlater says:

    Used bartering years ago with a DR. Did not have insurance at the time. For as little as an apple pie. My husband has a small business, he barters alot. Exchanging services with other contractor’s. Works quite well.

  18. JayJay says:

    We had insurance but still bartered when I could for the co-pay. Have always requested itemized bills from hospitals and asked up front that something is going to cost me. Have always asked my doctors if they read their own xrays and if not, I find someone who does and put on any hospital forms before signing that I will not pay for a radiologist to read the xrays as my physician will do that. People have asked why I fight the charges when I have insurance but they do not realize that even insurance through an employer is not free. My vet did whatever we needed on the farm for a side of beef every year.

  19. jw says:

    I have been bartering with my (licenced)hairdresser for 10 years now. She does my hair, to my liking, and well. I make a mean jam, bread, and pie. We exchange these services on a regular basis. We exchange no money, except the cash gratuity I leave when I am able. Sometimes she waxes my eyebrows (I can’t see to pluck) for “free”.
    She had her basement remodeled into a “home shop” on the bartering basis.
    It all comes out in the wash and works to everyones advantage.