Paulbots Attack CBS At SRLC, Hilarity Ensues

April 12, 2010

If there's anything that makes me question the wisdom behind legalizing drugs, it's the already dazed and confused nature of so many Paulbots. heh! From a CBS write up on the SRLC. Kidz today! As I said to someone in email, this is like the crazy uncle in the attic meets the crazy kids in the hall. ha ha

Before Paul spoke, I stopped by the hotel bar for some coffee, where I struck up a conversation with two Paul supporters who were waiting for their man to take the stage. I asked them what they thought of Gary Johnson, the former New Mexico governor who had just spoken to a largely empty conference hall.

The Paul supporters said they hadn't heard of Johnson. I didn't know much about him myself, and said, "I think he wants to legalize marijuana." (That is indeed the case.) Suddenly, a woman standing nearby screamed in my direction, "stop spreading lies! He wants to leave it to the states!"

I tried to respond but she cut me off. "Are you a Ron Paul person?" she asked, eyes wide, finger pointed at my face. I said I was a member of the media. She seemed to think that was even worse. "Stop spreading lies!" she repeated again, jabbing her finger in my face.

I guess they'd be for leaving everything to the counties if a Paul ever ran for governor somewhere!

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  1. Elmo says:

    “I stopped by the hotel bar for some coffee, where I struck up a conversation with two Paul supporters”
    (Cliche alert): was his first mistake. One supporter, one time (in the atomic) … was enough for me, for a lifetime [well two, if we count the (virtual) “commentor” couple weeks back, here in thread/s [little miss attila (or something like that?)]. Anyone thinks November 2 is already here? Think again.
    It’s going to be long hard slog. I believe it will the greatest challenge of my entire life. Hands down. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, stuck in the middle with (enormous firebombs from) King Hussein.
    It’s no wonder that most the lil kiddies think American politics is so funny/entertaining (Gregory Bros. interview/C-Span). If they knew how serious, how dangerous, how utterly lethal events currently are? They would be crying. Not singing. America burns while the canaries twitter.
    Steelers’ Wheel

  2. Lisa Graas says:

    LOL! As a Kentucky blogger, I blog on Rand Paul a lot. They started out calling me “Satan” and I guess they figured people weren’t believing that, so then the story was that I’m a Canadian lesbian. Ha! Anyway, I play that Stealer’s Wheel song FREQUENTLY to keep my bearings. Thanks, Elmo!

  3. Elmo says:

    You know, even if the absolute impossible happens. And somehow, someway we lose the war?
    We did not fail.
    There is no failure in trying.
    [And soytunly duzn't mean I won't actually take a peek at bawt'lz uh bubbly ... in the next little while :-) ]

  4. FatBaldnSassy says:

    I really think there’s reality TV show in this: maybe Rand And The Paulbots, or The Floating Gold Checkbook.

  5. Lisa Graas says:

    How about we put Romney on an island with the Paulbots and see how long he survives.
    Then again, we might find them all wearing flip-flops and calling for healthcare for all if they’re leaderless on an island with Romney.

  6. Scrapiron says:

    If anyone, including the retarded POTUS, sticks a finger in your face, calmly grab it, break it off and cram it up their nose.

  7. Elmo says:

    Yo Scrap …. not me brudder. Doan know where that sucka’s been (though we can guess):–
    Caption reads: and under my health care plan, boogers will only be $2,500.