Updated: Steele Is Correct On Blacks And The GOP

April 21, 2010

RightScoop responds to my post here, we've been hitting it on Twitter. As I said there, if some want Steele gone in January, have the discussion, argument then. For now, the enemy has a D after it's name. As I have mostly been doing, I want to keep my sights targeted on them … if I want to be all eliminationist about it and everything!

By focusing on only one line from remarks RNC Chair Michael Steele made to a group, one has to wonder if some folks don't have issues with blacks they actually do need to resolve. Slamming Steele for these remarks is not helpful to the GOP because Steele is correct. He isn't calling for the GOP to change it's positions, as many white so called RINOs regularly do. He's speaking to the GOP's inability to pierce barriers built up by the Left in his own effort to do that very thing. And for that, he should be criticized? I don't get it. I really don't.

While it's true that blacks tend to monolithically support Democrats, it's also true that the GOP often abandons black outreach because they see it as impractical. That may jibe with the economics of voter outreach required to win one election. But it does nothing to reverse the overall trend. That so many white Republicans and conservatives seem so ready to embrace a misleading Politico headline, while being reluctant to have a candid conversation of the underlying truth is more dangerous to the GOP and the Republican Party, than anything Michael Steele has ever said, or done. Attacks on Steele for this are simply pedaling dumb, lowest common denominator crap and they, not Steele, deserve to be called out for what they are.

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele told a group of students that African-Americans “don’t have a reason” to vote for Republicans.

“You really don’t have a reason, to be honest,” Steele responded, as was first reported by the Chicago Sun-Times. “We haven’t done a very good job of giving you one.”

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  1. Chris says:

    Dan, what’s the highest %age of the black vote the GOP has gotten in a presidential election? 10%? 15%? At what point do you just acknowledge that anything > 20% is not going to happen and pursue policies that recognize that if the GOP is to win national elections it simply needs to acquire 60% of the white vote (something it is very good at doing)?

  2. Dan Riehl says:

    “it simply needs to acquire 60% of the white vote”
    Which means in 10 years they won’t win any elections, whether u like it or not – grrrreat strategy. It’s time to get better at taking THE CONSERVATIVE message to blacks and if I thought Steele were saying something else, I would critizie him for it. That is not what he is advocating.

  3. Ricky says:

    As Limbaugh would say, Steele has accepted the “premise” put out by liberals and the MSM, namely that conservatives are racists.
    He deserves to be fired for his unpreparedness to take advantage of an opportunity provided by this great question from the student.
    So what is the GOP offering to Steele? Why is he part of us? What convinced him? A fool he is. It is guys like him that gives us (blacks) a bad name.
    I know what the GOP, or rather conservatism, offers me, because I do my own research. I do not need the Republican or DemocRAT party to convince me about anything. I take responsibility for my life and my decisions. Information is out there, those blacks who do not get it about conservatism, do now want to get it. Or they are too lazy to think for themselves.
    BTW, there are way more black conservatives out there than what MSM and the Democrats would like us to think. And we are wide awake now, just you wait and see… I predict a huge support from the black community for Sarah should she be the candidate. She is one of the few political leaders I can really relate to on so many levels, as a black conservative. And I have good reason to think there are many like me out there.

  4. Dan Riehl says:

    Oh that’s BS Ricky. I see, … blacks are just lazy, but you’re not racist, or anything. Check.

  5. Bruce says:

    No, he’s wrong and this is a great example of how he’s failing as a spokesman for the party.
    He should point out Republicans want to prevent illegal aliens from taking jobs black people might get and that Republicans support school choice and voucher programs. Democrats favor giving illegal aliens drivers licenses to make it easier for them to live here illegally and are in the pocket of teachers unions.
    Those are two positions that are important to poor blacks and the position of most blacks is closer to the Republican position.

  6. Chris says:

    Ricky, I want to believe, but it’s just not true. 90/10 is how it will be (unless you did something revolutionary, like trade blacks affirmative action preferences for removing illegals from those same preferences – which would be brilliant).
    Dan, you’re hopeful, but naive. If blacks didn’t support Reagan, why would they support Romney/Palin? Not happening. Jack Kemp could walk the walk but after him, no else is close. So yeah, Steele’s question is right – what can we offer them? the answer is the only group that has a legitimate claim to preferences in hiring in exchange for reducing everyone else’s claims.
    Whites are slated to become a minority until after 2040. There is plenty of time to acquire power, limit border immigration and then enforce exist immigration laws. There’s your issue if you want to attract blacks AND split the Dem coalition while perserving (R) rule for years to come.

  7. Dan Riehl says:

    “So yeah, Steele’s question is right”
    Fair enough. But I see no good in shutting down the debate out of anger by some that he raised it. The conversation needs to be had. As things stand, that hasn;t been happening. In the end, I think it’s a net net positive that he’s at least raising it, even if some might not like the way he is doing it.
    He’s on enemy territory for conservatives. And I haven’t seen or heard him sell out conservatism. If he did that, I’d denounce it. Until then, I think he is right to try and engage as he is.

  8. Ricky says:

    Dan, yes I am a racist, I have already acknowledged that some time ago. It is part of the make up of being human.
    However, I did not say “blacks are lazy”. I say those who do not do their own research and just want to know what is in it for me. Those are the lazy ones, regardless of skin color. If it will make you feel better, white liberals are also veeerrryyyy lazy!

  9. David says:

    Dan is right, I think.
    1). The Democrats cannot win without a monolithic black vote. The GOP can, and has, but the Democrats can’t.
    2). The GOP needs to understand that if they’re going to win the support of any voting bloc, they have to convince at least a significant portion of the bloc that their vote benefits them. It’s basic salesmanship–you don’t make the sale unless the customer is convinced that the benefit of the purchase (lower taxes, stronger families, secure borders, higher wages, is worth the cost(vote). Steele says the GOP hasn’t done a good job of salesmanship, and I think he’s right.
    4). Poll after poll after poll shows that black voters are closely aligned with GOP positions on a lot of key issues. When the economic and demographic cross tabs are examined, the alignment is even stronger. Married, middle-class, church-going black Americans are just like most other married, middle-class, church-going Americans. There are a lot of people with center-right leanings that aren’t being reached, and the GOP is responsible for doing the reaching. That means if the GOP finds a way to reach those voters, a big chunk of that monolith can be chipped away.
    5). I know the MSM meme about the GOP being a bunch of white closet racists is false, and that their continued use of the mantra is patently unfair. That’s just too bad–life’s not fair. If you have to beat the guys in the striped shirts to win the game against other team, find a way to do it. Quit whining, and get it done.
    That said, there are plenty of other reasons why Steele should be replaced after this cycle. The lavish and conspicuous spending is one thing. The committee’s support for Scozzafava, Crist and other RINO’s in contested primaries is another. There is no reason why the national committee should be spending precious resources in primaries. Period. He’s a poor tactician, but I think his strategy for peeling off more black conservatives is a winner.

  10. Dan Riehl says:

    Unfortunately Ricky, your argument is doomed to bring failure for conservativism. The vast majority of Americans, black and white, are apolitical, or politically lazy. A great many vote for progressives because Dems make an effort to reachout to them, load them on buses and get them to the pols.
    Your argument only means cons should sit back, let it go on, as their increased numbers eventually smash us at the pols. My argument is that it is un-lazy conservatives who must do among minorites what progressives do, but with a mesage of our own. Steele was talking about just one dynamic of all that. So putting the entire conservation on a couple of snipped quotes demonstrates nothing serious about STeele or anything related in the end.

  11. Ricky says:

    Chris I am hopeful. I see some very positive signs around me. Deep down we blacks are very conservative. If America can wake up from its slumber, why can we as blacks not return to our conservative roots? Don’t give up on us, not now!
    And do not under-estimate the power of conservatism, it is calling us back, and we are heeding to its call. Barack has done some good for the black community, not in the ways you may think, though.
    That night of Michelle Jackson’s memorial service I could sense the anger and determination from MLK’s daughter ( I think it was his daughter) and other black conservatives who spoke there. Did you notice how prominant they proclaimed the Name of Jesus and their Christian faith, as if to say to Obama, We Are A Christian Nation, and PROUD of it! That is the sense I got from it, and my heart was with them all the way.
    Do not under-estimate the power of conservatism!

  12. Ricky says:

    Dan I agree that the GOP has always been pathetic in their PR. But Steele should have been more prepared. Such an opportunity and HE WASTED IT! That is just not excuseable. In my book, Steele you are fired!

  13. Ricky says:

    That should be Michael Jackson (not Michelle!)

  14. Brian says:

    It starts with outreach. Ken Mehlman tried but then disappeared into the ether.
    Honesty is the best policy. Don’t walk in front of group of black folks and ask them what it’s going to take to bribe them for their votes in so many words (i.e., a prescription drug benefit for seniors, amnesty for illegal aliens, etc.). You can never outspend a Democrat in the arms race for legalized bribery.
    Has 60 years of Democrat policies made life for black Americans any easier? The drug-riddled communities, the high incarceration rates, intergenerational poverty, the failing schools, the broken families, single motherhood as the standard with the alternative being that 15% of the black population constitutes over 30% of the abortions.
    The Democrats have failed Black America. They’re treated like a homeless bum at an interstate off-ramp. They throw somebody else’s money out the window to salve their aching consciences for the problems they created.

  15. Chris says:

    What Steele said was stupid. All he had to give was reasons to vote Republican and then state Republicans haven’t done a good job of communicating that to the black community. He didn’t. He was at that speech for outreach and didn’t provide a good answer. Instead he just perpetuated the belief that blacks have nothing in common with Republican policies.
    Brian, what you say is true, but it’s also true that blacks have benefited from certain policies such as quotas, minority set asides, affirmative action, gov’t jobs, welfare, etc.
    As someone pointed out above, the Republicans might be able to make a dent if:
    1. They supported vouchers
    2. Stood against amnesty and a halt to immigration until unemployment drops to 6-7%.
    3. Supported trade policies that encouraged decent paying manufacturing in the country again.
    Pound those things and you might get 20-25% of the black vote.

  16. Jimmie says:

    Dan, do you think that instead of saying that Republican’s have done a good job of delivering a message Michael Steele could have, you know, delivered a message? What purpose did he have for going there if not to deliver a Republican message to young black voters?
    Why didn’t he show up prepared to lay down a convincing sales pitch for the GOP? Why was his first and strongest reaction to bash his own party? His behavior was inexcusable.

  17. Dan Riehl says:

    Jimmie, for now at least, all I have seen is a couple quotes selected via the MSM filter. Perhaps there’s more and it’s damning. But I haven’t seen it, yet.

  18. JayJay says:

    I found this… http://www.suntimes.com/news/politics/2181538,african-american-vote-gop-steele-042110.article
    I must admit that I have been on the fence about Steele but I liked what he said here and how his mind is thinking and his honesty with the people. We need honesty and we need to admit our wrongs and then try to correct them. Ricky says there are actually more black conservatives than we know, I know several but they are all registered Dem. I see how many, even in the inner cities that attend church on a regular basis. We need to start asking ourselves what the Repubs can offer them and we need to ask them what the Dems can offer them and have really done for them or to them. History is on our side in this one and even though Steele says we catered to Southern whites, I think that is only partially true as the Dems intimidated many to vote Dem in the beginning. Do they really like living in the projects that basically the Dems created for them? I don’t think so. The same with many other things the Dems have been so kind to give them, are they good things or not? Have something to offer and challenge their thinking.

  19. bishop says:

    He still didn’t provide an answer, which was ostensibly the reason why he gave the interview

  20. Rob Miller says:

    Steele is 100% wrong. I am soooo sick and tired of him shooting his mouth off.
    His job is not creating soundbites for the Democrats, but telling blacks the very real and compelling reasons they should vote for the GOP – at least at its conservative best – and it’s vitally important to say that:
    If he’s incapable of that,why open his yap in the firat place?
    Thanks loads ,Mr. Chairman

  21. giantslor says:

    You’ve got it exactly backward. The reason black people don’t vote for the GOP is because THE GOP IS BAD FOR BLACK PEOPLE — not because the GOP doesn’t pursue blacks. Not to mention the fact that the GOP, not the Democratic Party, is now the home of Southern racists, and has been for decades.

  22. JGault says:

    Conservatives either start increasing their black and Hispanic base or they will be in the political wilderness for a long time with older, Southern white guys running the party. Like Mark Steyn says, “it’s all in the birth rate.” Before the Republican’s historically stupid Southern strategy, most blacks were Republican so it’s not impossible. Jackie Robinson was a Republican and so were MLK’s parents. Why do you think Democrats are crying racism all the time? Because they know any significant shrinkage (say 20-25%) of their monolithic minority base of both blacks and Hispanics to the Republican side and their party is doomed. Think about it, 95% of black America voted for Obama. The Democrats are maxed out in terms of representation. They have nowhere to go but down in terms of keeping those numbers. As a Libertarian, I hate race politic because it’s collectivist, but there is no denying the trends. You guys want to keep squeaking out 1 to 2 percent margin election victory with Karl Rove’s strategy go right ahead. I’d rather bring in more voters than try to win with what we’ve got. There are currently over 40 black conservatives running for Congress and the Senate this year. Probably the most since Reconstruction. This includes Allen West FLA, Ryan Frazier CO, Les Philip AL, Princella Smith AR, Vernon Parker AZ, Isaac Hayes IL, Charles Lollar MD, and Angela McGlowan MS. Obama’s victory ironically makes the Republican party a better opportunity for middle class, fiscally conservative blacks to be heard. 20-25% of Black Americans will come over to the Republican side if they see some black faces in the party establishment. Put some money into the campaigns above and make them feel welcomed!

  23. JayJay says:

    giantwhatever… I suppose that depends on what you consider good for black people. If you feel keeping them dependent on handouts from the government is what is best for them then perhaps the Dem party is best but if you think enabling them to stand on their own two feet and have greater self esteem then you are wrong and they should look at the Repubs. As far as racists, I think it is the Dems that are totally fixated on race, although they tend to see it in others but not themselves.

  24. Patterico says:

    Blacks have many reasons to vote Republican. What they need is a spokesman who can articulate that fact.
    Steele is NOT that spokesman.

  25. Dan Riehl says:

    Yes, P, I bet they just loves them some Italian Republican DAs down in the hood! heh! You go, dude, grow the GOP! I’ll wait.

  26. Patterico says:

    Dan says:
    “Yes, P, I bet they just loves them some Italian Republican DAs down in the hood!”
    I’m German-Irish.

  27. giantslor says:

    “As far as racists, I think it is the Dems that are totally fixated on race”
    That’s nice that you think that, but you’re wrong. The fact is that the old racist Dixiecrats of the South are now Republicans. Strom Thurmond and his ilk just couldn’t stand that Northern Democrats were giving blacks their civil rights. It’s also a fact that there is a much higher percentage of racists in the Tea Party than in the general public. It’s really no surprise that the GOP can’t attract black voters. But I guess you think 95% of blacks (and a large majority of Hispanics) are too stupid to figure out which party will be better for them.
    The GOP isn’t going to attract black votes by appointing more black leaders, or putting a bunch of long-dead black Republicans on the website. Nor will blacks be attracted by Limbaugh or Beck’s obvious antagonism toward them. The GOP will attract black votes by renouncing Limbaugh and his ilk, and by pursuing (rather than trying to kill) legislation that most black people want.

  28. JayJay says:

    giantwhatever… I don’t and never have claimed Strom. Much like the Dems don’t want to claim McGovern I suppose. It was the Dems that opposed the Dyer Bill. It was the Repubs that fought for their rights. Read the link to Patterico’s post as there are many things we have to offer. While you is getting educated you may as well read this… skip down to the US and then Dyer Bill http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynching Killing legislation they want? The Repubs are for school vouchers that they want. O is opposed. There are other things to you can read at P’s link. Appointing? Have you ever seen Col Allen West in action. Think he is running in FL 22 but he knocks my socks off…

  29. Dan Riehl says:

    “I’m German-Irish.”
    lol Oops, that was dumb of me. I always get the P mixed up with Patterico. Well, I blame the Irish, then. Because I am German uber alles!!!

  30. giantslor says:

    Please, JayJay. That is some weak, weak sauce. In the event that you’re actually that ignorant, let me give you the highly condensed and simplified history. The Republican and Democratic parties of yore are long gone. Once upon a time, the Republicans dominated the North and opposed slavery, while the Democrats dominated the South and supported slavery. Over time, that situation has reversed. Southern Democrats became Republicans when Democratic presidents started supporting civil rights for blacks. Eventually, Northern Republicans couldn’t believe how douchey the GOP had become, so they became Democrats.
    It took a long time to completely play out, but the parties have almost totally reversed. (Although some racists in Appalachia still haven’t gotten the memo.) The Republican Party, spiritually, is no longer the party of Lincoln (one of my heroes) or even Teddy Roosevelt (ditto). It’s laughable to see Republicans worship Lincoln, who asserted the authority of the federal government over the states, and destroyed a Confederacy who tried to assert “states’ rights” (i.e. the right to own slaves). It’s too bad Lincoln was assassinated and his successor flubbed Reconstruction so badly, since those racist Southern scum flourished and now form the angry white base of today’s Republican Party.
    If Lincoln were alive today, he’d be a Democrat.

  31. JayJay says:

    You are correct about Reconstruction. I disagree about Lincoln being a Dem today. Must remember he said that if he could win this war without freeing even one slave that is what he would do. Also, as you say the parties principles reversed a couple of times and I think that is exactly what is happening again. It was more than the right to own slaves as even Jeff Davis and RE Lee believed that slavery would fade away on its own accord without any intervention. Slavery was a part of it, yes, but not the main one until Lincoln made it so by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. It was more about taxes the felt were unjustly imposed on them by the North. If you really think about it, in many ways there was little difference in the sweat shops of the North at the time. Have a feeling many of them were treated worse than the slaves of the South but at least they had the security of knowing their loved ones wouldn’t be sold or moved elsewhere. There was also this thing with Lincoln out West where he relieved the commander there for freeing slaves and seizing the owners property. Think was Fremont and this was done because slavery was legal. Just like with the Proclamation that actually did not free a single slave because a Prez Proc. cannot overturn an existing law.

  32. He sucks as a chair. He could be talking about the ideals of conservatism, but instead he’s pandering to the diversity crowd, whining about discrimination. He just really sucks.

  33. Jeff says:

    Steele is exactly right …
    I lived in Harlem for several years, thru several elections and not once did I see a GOP candidate step foot inside a Harlem church. Yes it would be a hostile audience. But why is that ? Because liberals have painted the GOP as racist and guess what, if you don’t show your face they have no reaason to think otherwise. Only when the GOP stands up and gets called racists face to face and PROVES that it is not will the black vote adjust. African Americans of the older generation are largely christian and somewhat conservative in their views. They can be convinced and can convince the younger generation that the GOP has their interests at heart.
    Go into the lions den and face down the lies.

  34. zuul says:

    Steele just doesn’t have a clue, to lead with this point, which I’m sure his interviewer would have raised eventually, just defies understanding. Now in NYC, they preferred Sharpton who has always been a fraud, right of Tom Wolfe’s Bonfires to Guiliani, who did something about rehabilitating the city from the brink of insolvency, He is making it very easy for those American Crossroads people to dispatch him, and I trust them about as I trust Tim Kane

  35. mariner says:

    If Ricky says he’s a black conservative I believe him.
    But the simple fact is that conservatives are as conservatives do, and the black community votes Democrat, not conservative.

  36. brooklyn says:

    Well stated Mr. Riehl. Could not agree more.
    Mr. Steele is imperfect. All human beings are. Conservatives used to grasp human fallibility, especially as a primary reason why they want no one in Government to have too much power.
    The misguided focus on Steele, is a product of the reactionary, hyperbolic, rise in anti-GOP obsession which rose after 2004, facing fears with the battle in Iraq.
    Yeah, the frustration with RINO elements is understandable, but the loss of objectivity, the portrayal of all in the Republican Party as RINOs is absurd.
    Steele is not the problem, nor the priority.
    The overt self destructive mantra, is ‘stuck on stupid’.

  37. Ricky says:

    It seems it can be done. Bush did it succesfully in 1998. Ironically though it seems his “compassionate conservatism” is what has also caused his fall from grace with conservatives.
    Time, however, for Steele to stop whining and start selling!
    Obama’s policies have created an environment ripe for Republicans to go in and get the black vote back! Much as I hate the identity politics. But I guess it is more about being a smart salesman than it is about identity politics.

  38. Ricky says:

    Mariner, thank you for the vote of trust.
    If conservatives do as conservatives are why did so many of them vote for Obama? Conservatives are human and can be mislead and bought also. But since conservatisim is based on truth, it always comes calling you back. In the end, the truth always wins. But the power of relentless liberal propaganda and its pursue of blacks and minorities should not be under-estimated, especially in the absense of a forceful GOP PR strategy.
    BTW, I am a white guy, actually.
    We are only comfortable with “white-man approved black-man thoughts”.

  39. Ricky says:

    Dan my man, you are happily race-baiting here. We can have the conversation, but the race-baiting is cheap. And you know what they say about race-baiters.
    The problem here is Steele is not properly preparing for the job he was appointed for. The problem is not race. Stop giving Steele a pass because he is black. That is quite insulting, thank you.
    Have of him the very high expectations you would have of any other white guy and boldly hold him to it.
    If he goes on “enemy territory” for us, he should not surrender to the “enemy” he should fight for our cause! And it can be a good and beautiful fight if he uses his imagination just a little bit more than he currently does.
    Personally I would fire him. But that would be a huge mistake. There is too much at stake right now. But Steele owes it to us to now start doing the job he is being paid for. We get it, the GOP made mistakes, he wrote the book about it, he should now show us how to do it better, that is why we appointed him!

  40. JayJay says:

    ” But since conservatism is based on truth” Ricky, that is why i slid to Steele’s side of the fence on this one. We may not have liked that he wasn’t better prepared on this one but the fact is that he was honest and truthful. Hopefully he will get back to these students at a later date and give them reasons. Perhaps this was to shake up the RNC to change so he had solid reasons. Words are just words and the RNC needs to stop talking and start doing and maybe that is what he is trying to bring about. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt even though I know now that the Repubs do have a great deal to offer.

  41. Paul A'Barge says:

    “African-Americans “don’t have a reason” to vote for Republicans.”
    Good grief. And you’re running interference for this guy?
    “reason” to vote for Republicans? You mean like all the fundamental principles that Conservatives in the Republican Party espouse?
    Or, do you and Steele mean to imply that the rest of us have to give blacks some kind of goodie bag with all kinds of goods and services (aka bribery) before they’ll vote Republican?
    Man, if that’s what it takes to get blacks to vote Republican and if they can’t find their own way to the fundamental-principles-buffet-table, then frankly I don’t care if none of them ever vote Republican.
    Do you?

  42. BD57 says:

    David wrote:
    “Poll after poll after poll shows that black voters are closely aligned with GOP positions on a lot of key issues. When the economic and demographic cross tabs are examined, the alignment is even stronger. Married, middle-class, church-going black Americans are just like most other married, middle-class, church-going Americans. There are a lot of people with center-right leanings that aren’t being reached, and the GOP is responsible for doing the reaching. That means if the GOP finds a way to reach those voters, a big chunk of that monolith can be chipped away.”
    I agree.
    And then I ask “why is it black voters don’t appear to know or appreciate these things?”
    I see two big contributing factors:
    1) Democrats & their willing accomplices in the media pound the “Republicans are racists” theme constantly.
    2) They never pay a price for doing it because Republicans think the correct response is to play defense – “No we’re not, etc.” It puts Republicans in the position of proving a negative, and no matter what proof you put on, people who accept the premise as an article of faith aren’t going to be swayed.
    As I understand it, Steele did more than say the GOP hadn’t given blacks a reason to vote GOP, he also endorsed the Democrats “racist southern strategy” canard.
    How about something more like this:
    Democrats have supposedly been the protector of the black community for 45+ years now.
    Under their stewardship, there are more illegitimate black children, fewer intact black families, a generation of young men who sire children and reject their role as “father” – all of which are demographic traits that make life more, not less, difficult.
    This isn’t “protecting the black community” – it’s exploitation.

  43. martin says:

    What the black electorate wants, and what they get, is pandering, welfare, excuses for their bad social behavior and affirmative action.
    When the GOP tries to pander to that, they will lose the rest of us.

  44. Michael Ejercito says:

    “Has 60 years of Democrat policies made life for black Americans any easier? The drug-riddled communities, the high incarceration rates, intergenerational poverty, the failing schools, the broken families, single motherhood as the standard with the alternative being that 15% of the black population constitutes over 30% of the abortions.”
    Democrats refute this by screaming “racist!” And this refutation works in the minds of the target audience.
    When people like Charlie Rangel say, “It’s not ‘spic’ or ‘nigger’ any more. They say ‘let’s cut taxes.'”, with our fifth columnist mainstream media covering for them and excusing them, you can understand how such attacks are very effective.

  45. Dan:
    For several months I have been on the fence regarding Steele. I’m ready to jump off and say let him go. But maybe not for the same reason as everyone else.
    Michael Steele’s recent comment was not so much wrong as woefully incomplete. TO be perfectly honest, I agree with the first part of his assertion – the RNC has NOT historically done enough to reach out to some ethnic groups. Instead the RNC has ceded that fight to the DNC, chalking it up to a fight it cannot win. THIS is where Steele loses my support.
    Conservative ideology need know no ethnic border. There are people of all races and creeds who believe in Conservative principals. White, Black, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander – doesn’t matter. The message rings true within all groups. As an educated man of a particular ethnic heritage, Steele should be EMBRACING this outreach, and taking ACTION to rectify it. Not simply making excuses as to why it’s been done that way before. Maybe we will never have 90% of the black vote. Big deal. Want to bet if blacks who support socially conservative candidates added 30% of their vote to the RNC, we wouldn’t have the “SUPER-MAJORITY” in Congress right now?
    I am now convinced Steele is not equipped to succeed in this position – not for white GOP members; and especially not for GOP faithful of any other group. And the longer he stays on the job – botching the job – the more damage the GOP will inflict upon itself in upcoming elections. It’s as if Steele is saying “load gun, point at foot, pull trigger…”
    Or, to say it another way – Steele will have the GOP snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. It’s time, he has to go. And respectfully Dan, you have it wrong to go any other way. Meaning indeed, you DON’T get it…