That Was One Revealing Campaign Commercial

April 10, 2010

Had to drop down into the memory bank for this one. How does this early Obama commerical work for you, now?

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  1. That is some scary stuff. You always have to watch out for what people accuse others of being… A lot of times, that’s what they themselves are.

  2. TL Davis says:

    IN one fell swoop, he rips off a famous ad, symbolically tramples a woman to get ahead, and with apparent message that he wants the mind-numbed followers for himself. Was this ad even thought out? Was this something Axelrod drew up while Obama was off the prompter?

  3. Sissy Willis says:

    We are all Hillarys now.

  4. xerocky says:

    It’s ironic for 2 reasons: 1) for a guy who’s got his black berry with him 24/7, it seems a little stupid to complain about a 1984 type situation. It’s not like he’s reversed any of Bush’s phone tapping or anything. He doesn’t seem to have some big pro privacy agenda or anything.
    and b) for a guy who uses a blackberry, it’s strange that he would invoke apple at the end like that.
    I wonder if I were to rip off the apple logo for my own purposes, would they mind?

  5. joyMc says:

    So Orwellian. So tongue-in-cheek. So much projection. The left uses projection in everything. Accuse your opponent of doing and being that which is worst in yourself. It washes over us every day.

  6. Comanche Voter says:

    Who knew that Barack could “do white face”? He would prefer zombies marching at his orders. But then I haven’t heard much lately about his proposed National Security Police.

  7. Bannor says:

    her thighness still scares me

  8. Elmo says:

    The likliehood of any violence this Thursday? Don’t really know. If I was a betting man, I’d put it in a larger context. One of an unbearable, near lethal shame and humiliation. As they watch, while King Hussein is stripped of his robes and vestments. And his supplicants are then forcibly marched, into the glaring light of a new day (one we here on planet earth like to call reality).
    Superficially, easy to say yeah, there might be some on Thursday. But my money is on a long hard slog until November. We will in continuum, be be exposed to libturd craniums … exploding all around us. Every day … every which way. As we inch closer to Judgement Day.
    They can only take what we are willing to surrender. DO NOT YIELD THE HIGH GROUND. Stay in pocket. Keep your cool. For there is nothing they can do.
    They have truly lost the battle. We only await the declarative end, on November 2. We witness the shape shifters attempting to retake the narrative … in the space of what .. 24-48 hours. Watching CNN. Changing from their now three/four year granite foundation modus operandi: ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!
    To dulcet tones. Overnight.
    From link:
    “The top 13 highest-rated cable news shows are all on the Fox News Channel”
    “Dobbs said several times he believed Obama was a U.S. citizen, and all he (only) wanted was the president to (simply) produce a copy of his birth certificate … Before the controversy, Dobbs show was drawing over 770,000 viewers, a number that would be good enough to make it the network’s top show now”
    (Oh my iron knee …).
    The random:
    Juss leetle itty bitty rocks, pebbles … nothin for them beeg hook nosed bagel eaters, with the big bombs ta wurry ’bout …
    “Rock Victim Struggles to Recover”
    I must say, at first, I was surprised when I saw the libturd nation. Continue. To keep pounding their own skulls, with ballpeen hammers. But such is their derangement. And unfortunately, the path they will continue on.
    We have a ways yet to go. Many days left to travel. We will encounter more obstacles along the way. Do no be disuaded. Do not let your spirits wane. America IS IN OUR HANDS. We are strong enough. We will not fail her.

  9. FatBaldnSassy says:

    As usual, you can apply a correction factor of 180 degrees to just about anything this guy or his supplicants say.

  10. “Cleverly Trained in the Alinsky Method.” Jon Voight’s Letter to America

    Via Liberalguy. Revealing: Riehl World Resurrects the 1984 Campaign Video.

  11. Frog says:

    This wasn’t an official Obama ad. It was a viral youtube thing (maybe by someone is his ad agency).

  12. ThomasPD says:

    By no means am I singling you out here, Dan, but you have one of the most accommodating comments sections, so I’m taking advantage. You wrote:
    How does this early Obama commerical work for you, now?
    I seem to see this, more and more. It’s all over the web, these days. I’m talking about commas, inserted into weird spots in sentences. Like the one in the quoted sentence, above. You see it a lot with the word “now,” now. It’s not grammatically wrong, necessarily.
    But it is sort of superfluous.
    I don’t get why I keep seeing it. Can someone explain?

  13. ThomasPD says:

    Well, at one time the above comment had italics around the quoted sentence, “How does this early Obama commerical work for you, now.” But the italics disappeared, and now the comment is just a big, confusing mess. Ugh.

  14. Peg C. says:

    ThomasPD, I believe you mean quotation marks. ;-)

  15. MAJ Mike says:

    Remember, remember the 2nd of November,
    Democrat treason and plot.

  16. WesternActor says:

    I don’t get why I keep seeing it. Can someone explain?
    Posted by: ThomasPD | Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 09:50 AM I’m a professional writer and editor, so I’ll break it down this way: Commas are hard. They have a lot of rules, which a lot of people have a lot of trouble remembering. In addition, so many different publications have styles that use them in different ways still that it can be really hard to know what the “correct” way to use them is. Assuming there is even one correct way, and there probably isn’t. If schools and parents did a better job of teaching grammar and punctuation, this might be alleviated a little bit. But commas have been problems for a long time, and the Internet has only made even more of the 500 different ways to use them more visible to everyone.

  17. Otto Maddox says:

    Orwell laid all this out a long time ago.

  18. PTL says:

    We have a national police.IRS. FBI.

  19. Elhaym says:

    This wasn’t an Obama campaign ad. Somebody made this up and posted it on Youtube. This is obvious with some cursory information gathering about the video. Fail…

  20. comatus says:

    There’s an irony, too, in that the pabulum Hillary is spewing was some of her more American utterance: business about everyone being part of a national conversation. Obama’s ‘national conversation’ has been with a pretty select group. Look for Hillary’s supporters to make a strong 2012 primary bid. Or, you know, a coup, which at the moment would probably have some support. Plus, who wouldn’t want Bill back in the WH? Interns are still legal there.

  21. ThomasPD says:

    “ThomasPD, I believe you mean quotation marks. ;-)”
    No, I meant italics. I just didn’t mean “around,” haha.

  22. ThomasPD says:

    “Commas are hard.”
    Yeah, I get that. Grammar in general is hard for people. But the phenomenon I’m pointing out is this distinct sort of usage, conducted by people who (like Riehl) are generally solid with grammar and punctuation. And it seems of a fairly recent vintage, though you may be right that it’s simply a case of the Internet revealing its widespread use.
    It almost seems to be a stylistic flourish of sorts. I know of another web writer for whom it seems to be a deliberate affectation, for instance. I’m wondering if it represents a certain oral usage — is there a certain American dialect that pauses before a “now,” as in Riehl’s sentence?

  23. Dan Menes says:

    I remember being disturbed by Obama’s ad for exactly the same reason that I disliked the original Apple ad. While the overt message of both ads encourages independence, the implicit message, from which the ads derive all of their emotional power, is exactly the opposite. They play on everyone’s fear of not being part of the “in” group. Vote for Hillary (or buy IBM), and you are one of the dweebs, the men in the gray flannel suits, the unhip, the losers. Vote for Obama (or buy Apple) and you are part of the cool crowd, the colorful, the hip, the winners.
    Of course, it was one thing when this blatant play to peer pressure, fashion and mob dynamics was used to sell computers. That was pretty much par for the course on Madison Avenue. But when the same message was used to seduce viewers into worshiping a political personality, that introduced something new and sickening into American presidential politics.

  24. ThomasPD says:

    “But when the same message was used to seduce viewers into worshiping a political personality, that introduced something new and sickening into American presidential politics.”
    Yeah, but wasn’t this clip just some random amateur mash-up by some random amateur YouTuber? I mean, not that you’re technically wrong — it still “introduced” that meme into American politics — but it wasn’t like this introducing was done (or even sanctioned) by a candidate himself.

  25. Morton Doodslag says:

    Love the jackboot storm troopers rushing in behind the hammer tossing bimbo, and especially he Lidless Eye at the end…

  26. HhomasPD writes:
    “‘How does this early Obama commerical [sic] work for you, now?’
    I seem to see this, more and more. It’s all over the web, these days. I’m talking about commas, inserted into weird spots in sentences. Like the one in the quoted sentence, above. You see it a lot with the word “now,” now. It’s not grammatically wrong, necessarily.
    But it is sort of superfluous.”
    Actually, it’s not; it might be torturing usage, but the comma could also denote a pause, in this case for emphasis.
    For the strict rules, if you’re curious, can be found here:

  27. ThomasPD says:

    “… but the comma could also denote a pause, in this case for emphasis.”
    That’s why in my follow-up comment I wondered whether there’s a certain oral dialect whose speakers pauses in such instances. Such a speaker would be apt to punctuate it that way.
    But no such speech pattern comes to my mind. In fact, a pause in this situation seems to dilute the emphasis, not enhance it. “Working now” is the operative point of the sentence “How’s that commercial working for you NOW?” A comma that separates the modifier from its verb robs the sentence of the very punch it’s intended to deliver.
    (Sorry for the off-topic pedantry! I’m not sure Riehl intended his comments sections to be THIS accommodating …)

  28. ThomasPD says:

    Also sorry for the whole “speakers pauses” thing…

  29. SurferDoc says:

    The Comma Police should pull their thumbs out of their colons.

  30. Dan Riehl says:

    I don’t mind the discussion, TPD. I overuse commas because they’re cheap and not taxed. I actually have a small handbook of rhetoric – about 20 years old, now. ; ) But I rarely use it. In this cse, I used it to mi9mic my speech pattern, which would convey emphsis. SOme will use all caps to do that, some quotation marks, neither of which fit the formal rules of English, either.
    So, in that context, the comma may come closest of all of them. ymmv

  31. Sophie says:

    Did he ever pay Apple for this?
    Did they ever go after him for copywrite infringement?
    Did they let him use the ad gratis because they were Silicon Valley Obama fanboys?

  32. el polacko says:

    i don’t think i would call an ad for ‘’ just some mash-up from a random guy. this was part and parcel of their ‘use the new media’ campaign. believe me, apple would not have allowed just any guy to use their original ad this way..branding the woman hammer-thrower in an obama logo t-shirt, no less.

  33. buckjohnson says:

    Great ad. Loved the imagery. Thanks for the link.

  34. Steve says:

    What was it that Orwell said in Animal Farm? “All animals are equal, some animals are just more equal than others.” Boy, if this doesn’t just drip with irony!

  35. Estragon says:

    ThomasPD ~ You some kinda commanist?

  36. NikFlorida says:

    which would all be really interesting if the video actually represented an Obama campaign ad, which it doesn’t. The ad’s creator, Phil DeVelils, reigned from the ad agency that was handling the Obama campaign (among others) to avoid even the “implication” that the Obama campaign had approved the ad. He said, THREE YEARS AGO, that he was well aware that the ad didn’t represent Obama’s campaign style at all… that is, the POTUS wasn’t interested in campaigning by scaring the bejezus out of people (rightly or wrongly) to keep them from voting for the other guy. Kinda like this “ad” does. Then, and now. The President is not turning the world into a 1984-style dictatorship, and providing health care access for tens of millions of people who were previously denied it is not a Bolshevik plot. And countering upward wealth redistribution is not socialist. And having a reasonable insurance purchase in place to create a pool varied enough to cause private universal insurance coverage to work is not fascist. It’s not fascist in the other countries where it has existed for years, and it’s not fascist in the US now.
    If you’re tired of being scared to death, and you’d like to make decisions based on REAL facts and not lies and partisan spin, go to and follow the links.

  37. Kevin says:

    Dan Riehl
    You need to check about Obama boot-licker and ass-kisser Oliver Willis’s post at Media Matters, It’s extremely hilarious, Obama zombies like fat ass Oliver could see Obama beating the crap out of someone with a baseball bat on clear video and then blame Fox News for it.

  38. Barry Soetoro (D-King Of The World!) says:

    Heh, I thought it was a real peach!
    OsamaHusseinIslamObama 2012′
    (the terrorist-Uighur-ACORN-media choice)
    -It’s never too early to campaign-