Cheerleaders Say The Darndest Things

May 13, 2010

Students offer some ideas on how to reduce teen driving accidents. A varsity cheerleader responds:

(This) young woman … is a varsity cheerleader.

The basic mathematical equation is simple: a new driver, in other words a teenager, plus a license, in addition to a car, equals a possibility of an accident. When attempting to solve this problem, to produce a different sum, a mathematician should take in account every strategy such as elimination, substitution, and basic addition. Managing every variable in the equation carefully and concisely will lead to a more favorable result — lower teenage automobile accident rates.

What else can I say?

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  1. Paul A'Barge says:

    Oh Lordy …. look at those matching Epiphone Casino guitars!

  2. xerocky says:

    Japan 66.

  3. joyMc says:

    So here is a girl who not only is well in touch with reality but is a good driver. Gives me optimism.