“Dan’s not here so I can say anything. Muwahaha …”

May 21, 2010


By Sissy Willis

"When I guest blog, I try to emulate the voice of the webmaster,"
writes co-Riehl-World-View guest blogger Melissa Clouthier:

So, expect foul language, polemic rhetoric
and fire breathing. P.S. Dan's
not here so I can say anything. Muwahaha

And here we were going to be so good, too, knowing of our host's
ailurophobia. When the dog's away, the cats will play? Uh, oh. The
cats are invading the Holy See

Time for some gratuitous cuteness. It's bad karma to keep Rachel Maddow at the top of your blog
too long, even if it DOES elicit a Michelle Malkin
"Buzzworthy" link
. Above, Earl Grey hurries off on his rounds after a
quick nip on the front porch. He had stood in the open doorway as if to
enter the house. After focussed high-level talks, he agreed to stay
outside in exchange for a spot of the weed.


While Earl snorted and chawed, Sweet Tiny Pea sat mysteriously nearby
amidst the lower branchlings of the privet and lilacs — a heraldic lioness in a William-Morris-inspired
— her studied indifference acting on her lover like another
dose of catnip. Drawn irresistibly to her side, he paused to drink in
her fragrance and mark her bower with his scent.


Note large fur clump along Earl's lower midsection halfway between
the two white paws. At first we'd thought it was just a grooming issue,
what with his luxuriantly fluffy coat, but no. Looking more closely, we
realized he had sustained a battle wound, the fur having been apparently
ripped right off his hide. Seems to be healing okay. Not much we can
do, given that he's unapproachable beyond an occasional nose meep to our
outstretched hand. Like Dan Riehl, Chelsea Cats are tough.

Crossposted at sisu: "Far from the Maddow crowd: Karmic relief."

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  1. joyMc says:

    I had a cat once 35 years ago. She bore children in my closet.

  2. Sissy Willis says:

    Same thing happened to me. Out of the closet now.

  3. brooklyn says:


  4. Mr. Sauce says:

    Cat pictures. I’m outa here. Bookmark deleted.