Today’s Truants Are Tomorrow’s Murderers!!

May 27, 2010

Politicians say the darnedest things when they're running for office. Instapundit highlights a growing trend, prosecuting parents for their kid's truancy.

I feel comfortable concluding that Cohen’s appropriation is much too large if he has time for cases like this. I encourage the relevant officials to direct the money to more significant priorities in this time of hard-pressed public budgets.

Via Google News, it seems to be all the rage in the UK, even if results are mixed. Meanwhile, via the WaPo, take a look at this from May 14th. So, pot doesn't lead to heroin but truancy leads to murder? Really??

"It's much cheaper to focus to getting that elementary school student to school than it is prosecuting a homicide,” she was quoted as saying by the Bee.

Talk about parental responsibility. The California Senate just passed a bill that could send parents to jail for up to a year if their kids — from kindergarten through eighth grade — miss too much school.

Chronic truancy would be as missing 10 percent or more of the school year without a valid excuse, the Bee reported.

The bill is the brainchild of San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for attorney general.

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  1. Jeff Stone says:

    This will work !
    No way a parent will just pickup the phone for their truant kid and call them in ‘sick’ rather than face prosecution.
    So, now, the kid has missed school, made his parent a liar and learned a valuable lesson in how to get your way with government help.

  2. Philip McDaniel says:

    Just another chuckle-headed idea out of the great state of California.

  3. ck says:

    California was a great state until the foreign invasion.No, I’m not talking about Mexicans, I refer to eastern trustfunders and worthless layabouts.During the Dragnet era, LA had one of the lowest crime rates of any big city in the world.

  4. PA says:

    This is about one thing – M.O.N.E.Y.
    Schools receive state/federal aid based on the total number of student attendance days accumulated over the year. When some kid ditches school, that lowers the school’s funding level for the next year correspondingly.

  5. grrr says:

    What next? Labor camp for kids picking up corn lost on the field after harvest? It was tried in USSR before. Works great…

  6. juandos says:

    Well when do parents actually take responsibility for their brats?
    Truant children, well what about the taxpayers that are footing the brats’ education, will they get a refund for everytime the brats’ miss school?
    Having ranted on still doesn’t make me a supporter of this bill…
    As PA noted, its all about the money…
    Yes, just another layer of extortion laid on the taxpayers so that the stupids the taxpayers elected can get around the problem of not having enough money in the coffers to finance yet still more stupid ideas…

  7. Mark in Kansas says:

    You idiots in California can solve your problems with these politicians. Find a judge who’ll allow a RICO prosecution against the politicians, the school administrators and the union enablers whose dues and contributions make your screwed up government with it’s insane laws so lucrative.

  8. judy, nyc says:

    what about the black and brown ones.

  9. ronnor says:

    Under Kamala Harris the conviction rate for 1st degree murder is the lowest in the United States. Its easier to kill someone in San Francisco and get away with it than in any other city. Next the Attorney General of California and then the next black female Progressive President of the United States, another progressive political disaster in the making just like Obama.

  10. submandave says:

    Let me see if I follow this logic: you are a bad parent for letting you kid ditch and doing your kid a disservice thereby so we are going to deny your neglected kid his/her parent’s presence for a year? And this helps the kid how?
    Why don’t they just institute a point system, like for driver’s licenses. Assess points for truancy, curfew violation, arrests, etc. Accumulate enough points and your parental rights get suspended; accumulate more and they get permanantly revoked.