Boehner’s New Media Director Insults Blogs, Conservative Movement On Private Listserv

June 29, 2010

The unfortunate fact is, the GOP establishment, as evidenced by Minority Leader Boehner's New Media Director Nick Schaper's comments below, doesn't honestly appear to give a damn who we are out here, let alone what we do every day on their behalf – beyond wanting us to link to their often mindless tripe dressed up as web-based press releases on their own sites and donation pages. And they wonder why we don't carry their water day in and day out, as they fritter away money on New Media Directors and some consultants who don't have a freaking clue about New Media at all.

Nick Schaper, Director of New Media in House Minority Leader John Boehner's office, directed comments so personally insulting, as well as insulting to grassroots bloggers and the conservative movement as a whole, to me today on a private RNC-related listserv, I felt they were too insightful and newsworthy to not share openly.

They came while discussing a recently linked Instapundit item, ironically enough, on whether the GOP establishment gets New Media, or not.


I have informed the list of my decision and asked to be removed from said listserv for violating the presumed TOS for the private list I've been on for sometime to bring a grassroots blogger's perspective. Frankly, the more establishment members of the list have never really seemed all that open to feedback from the grassroots. But none have ever come close to being insulting, let alone going as far as Schaper by dismissing blogs and even the conservative movement as a whole.

As this blog is a reasonably well read conservative blog, frequently linked by Instapundit, often featured in Michelle Malkin's sidebar and at one point being very kindly called a must read blog by Eric Erickson of Redstate, Boehner's New Media Director's views on my blog, most particularly given the issue being discussed, are insightful as regards how members of the GOP establishment view blogs and the conservative movement as a whole. His sarcastic retort:

Nick Schaper, New Media Director for John Boehner:

"Well you can obviously Goggle, I'm already more impressed than when I read your blog for the first time this morning. I'd love to take the bait, it seems like you've got plenty of time on your hands. But on second thought- you're right. This thing is a game changer and is completely emblematic of a lack of vision by the movement on the right that you're presumably some part of.

Any lack of vision I suggested exists rests within the GOP establishment, not the conservative movement, as Schaper implies. So, not only was Schaper insulting, he seems a bit more than a tad confused in his comment. The exchange involved my sharing an item with the list that has caught fire among the grassroots, based upon re-tweets on my Twitter feed, anyway. I blogged it here this morning.

DNC To Use Activist-Based Video Tracking Of Republicans

I thought they disliked this kind of thing when Etheridge was recently caught on tape? Actually it's something I've been expecting and why I continue to insist that the DNC gets new media in ways the GOP still refuses to embrace. It's intent on controlling the narrative, while the DNC is more interested in fueling constituent and blog-based activism from the Left.

Here is Schaper's initial response:

Yawn. The GOP has a pretty amazing tool they use to upload video too. It's called YouTube and it didn't cost the RNC thousands to develop. I find it hard to believe that somewhere there are all these grass roots operatives saying "whatever will I do with this damning cell  phone footage of my local GOP candidate??". Hopefully the DNC will keep any footage they get there, where no one outside the beltway will ever see it.

Admittedly a bit frustrated by Schaper's apparent lack of appreciation for grassroots activism and the conservative movement as a whole, I had to look him up, as I had no idea who the hell he was, or what he did. That struck me as bizarre given his title. He had never before commented on the listserv, so far as I recall. Here is my response.

"Nick Schaper – Director of New Media at House Republican Leader John Boehner"

Me: As I said, our new media people don't even understand the game the Left is playing out here. The grassroots is the one yawning because you guys put us to sleep.

People can judge for themselves whether, or not my somewhat pointed short response warranted a personal insult, as well as an insult to my blog and the conservative movement as a whole. What I believe is undeniable is that the New Media Director for Minority Leader Boehner has no real clue what New Media actually is, or who is involved in it, at least not when it comes to blogs – and he doesn't seem to think much of the conservative movement, either.

To me, that speaks volumes. I can only assume people like Schaper get paid to open and man Twitter feeds under Boehner's, or whomever's names and write annoying spam emails that end up in my kill file. But, who knows? But, if, as Glenn suggests, I thought the GOP was blowing it as regards New Media earlier, I'm only all the more convinced of it, now.

"Well you can obviously Goggle, I'm already more impressed than when I read your blog for the first time this morning. I'd love to take the bait, it seems like you've got plenty of time on your hands. But on second thought- you're right. This thing is a game changer and is completely emblematic of a lack of vision by the movement on the right that you're presumably some part of.

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  1. section9 says:

    Ah, the AssClown GOP.
    So many feet, so few Clown Shoes to go around…..

  2. victoria_29 says:

    Everyone knows that Boehner is a RINO loving fake conservative. Remember he actually came to AL to campaign for flip-flop Parker Griffith-crashed & burned along with Griffith-when the fund raising dinner failed big time. He caused far left & far right to work together to protest his interference in local election.

  3. Barry Soetoro (D-King Of The World!) says:

    But I love Boehner!
    OsamaHusseinIslamObama 2012′
    (the terrorist-Uighur-ACORN-media choice)
    -It’s never too early to campaign-

  4. syn says:

    This is why I like Sarah Palin-she’s take on the Corrupt Bastard’s Club
    “Nick Schaper, New Media Director for John Boehner” just another Weigalite butt-sucking Steve Schmidt-Mike Murphy directing their poop for Corrupt Bastard’s Club.
    I left Brain-Dead Liberalism to get away from the butt-sucking Corrupt-crats Corrupt Bastard’s Club.

  5. Mike says:

    You don’t have to look very far to find these petulant little mewling pussies. Even “never heard of him” at-large congressmen from Montana have these new-media types working for them…and bragging about their beer drinking prowess on their “off time” on Facebook. You’re right, they spend their time manning Twitter and Facebook accounts and sending listserv’s press releases we could have read on our own if we were interested.
    They. Don’t. Get. It.
    Sadly, it appears they never will.

  6. Jazz says:

    Respectfully, I agree with your point, Mr. Riehl, but I don’t agree with your response to Mr. Schaper. There’s an end we’re working toward here – you, Mr. Schaper, your readers – and taking your ball and going home only diminishes the team, in my eyes. For that matter, though, I think the whole pseudo-“blogwar” thing with RSM and Smitty is a bit over the top, too: Rhetoric could be toned down without losing the force of the points being made.
    Not trying to incite – just offering my unsolicited $.02, so I’ll just return to lurking.

  7. JLancaster says:

    This is the reason we will no longer give to the GOP. We have given, every time they call, and through the mail. We have stopped, and now give to candidates across the country, who we believe are conservative. The GOP seems to be more of the institutionalized Republicans. We don’t want that. We want free thinkers. We want the Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ben Franklin, and John Adams of today. We don’t want those that apologize, and appeas the enemy. This is the first time in my life, I view the United States Government as the enemy. Here is an interesting post for all of you. Maybe this will explain why Obama is doing, what he is doing.
    Russian Spy Ring Bust in New York and New Jersey
    There were rumors that during the time Obama was supposed to be attending Occidental College, that he was in Russia studying. I’m starting to get the queasy feeling, something in the pit of my stomach, that maybe this could expose Obama. Is this what he is tied too? While he was refusing to waive the Jones Act for the Gulf Oil Disaster, he allowed Russian ships into San Francisco, or around there the other day, according to Michael Savage. A boater in the Gulf, came in contact with a periscope the other day. They chased it only to have it disappear, with bubbles in the water a week or so ago. He reported this to the Coast Guard, and hasn’t heard a word since. He is a very experienced boater, also. I’m wondering if any of these Russian infiltrators were on the oil rig, or had anything to do with this. Let’s face it, Bill Ayers is rumored to have worked for the KGB, Soros, and many others.
    Is it all coming together now? If I’m thinking this, I would assume with everything going on, our CIA, FBI and others are as well, right?

  8. Dan Riehl says:

    “There’s an end we’re working toward here”
    Unfortunately, Jazz, we’re not working toward the same end. I suspect the establishment GOP sees new media positions as another job opportunity for sons, daughters and nephews, etc of big donors who know squat about new media, but need to be put on the inside track.
    The GOP doesn’t even put energy into understanding it beyond – gee, we can now email press releases. And we will only get the same corrupt pseudo-conservatism under the current GOP, that we’ve had for years. I’m sick of it and I’m sick of them.

  9. Huey says:

    It always amazes me how so-called “professionals” can be so snarky when, especially when, acting in their professional capacity, and, most especially by those self-same “professionals” who have, as their job, communicating and networking (seeking and finding friends and allies) so frequently attack someone who should be a friend and/or an ally.
    Sheesh. Just how stupid do you have to be to intentionally turn a potential ally into a potential adversary?
    About that stupid, I suppose….

  10. SacTownMan says:

    More elite GOP attitude on display!!
    This tool is nothing more than another “wanna be” that needs a little more “seasoning” before he opens up his pie hole!!
    Kinda reminds me of “Conor”, these idiots wouldn’t know a “real conservative” thought if it smacked them upside the head!!
    The mainline GOP and the RINO’s like Mc Cain and Leslie need to go along with their half witted elitist staff!!!
    Time for some real CHANGE!!!

  11. Bob says:

    “Schaper” what a perfect name for a spinner. Please tell Mr. Schaper to inform Mr.Boehner that he’s orange.
    The best new media thing I’ve seen today is the parody ‘John McCain for Senate’ site.
    You do a great job Dan.

  12. Randy Jacobson says:

    I get that it’s uncouth to talk about one’s intelligence, but I’m pretty smart. In fact, I’m a lawyer.
    But I have no idea what’s going on here. Where is the insult? Is there some other link to emails from this Boehner staffer that are damning of the Conservative movement?
    He was pretty sarcastic to you, but I don’t see where he insults the whole conservative movement.
    You come across as thin-skinned for leaking these emails.

  13. Amy says:

    This post is ridiculously poorly written. I have not the slightest clue what the context is, who is speaking in which of the quotes, or who has done what to whom to make you so mad. Perhaps consider a rewrite so that we can understand it?

  14. jakee308 says:

    Dan, thanks for this.
    I’ve long suspected that the Reps are going to get a surprise in Nov. and it’s not going to be gaining control of the House or Senate.
    At best some new faces will be in town and even though they may caucus with the Reps and thus shift the nominal control of the House, they’re in for a surprise; these folks aren’t going to play pattycake like the regular pols.
    At worst (for us at least) they’ll wind up where they are now and wondering ‘How did we lose that so badly?’.
    They have folded when they should have fought to the bitter end. They have stood there ground and been made to look the fools they are. They are a bunch of old, tired pols with old, tired ideas. Is it any wonder they’re hiring people with old and tired ideas.
    Icing on the cake is when they start getting snippy and pompous and arrogant when they get put in their place and told to shape up or they’re not going to get any money anymore.
    This is like when Charlie Gibson never heard of Acorn or O’Keefes Tapes.
    CLUELESS == Old Republicans == Grand Old Party == zombies

  15. syn:
    So why does The Quittah endorse establishment candidates? Like the Iowa Governor’s race.

  16. Barry Soetoro:
    So The Orange One is not conservative enough for you? Just ’cause he hurt your poor widdle fee-fees?

  17. Rorschach says:

    With a name like Boehner, what do you expect?

  18. Rorschach says:

    So let me get this straight, he is the new “New Media Director”, has never read this blog before today, and is unaware of the problems that conservatives have had in preventing YouTube from taking down all of our stuff, and is actually dismissive of blogs and new media as nothing more than a know nothing peanut gallery with too much time on it’s collective hands. Somehow, I think he might just have a real problem being effective in his new job. Maybe he should go back to fetching lattes and dry cleaning, he must have been good at that to be promoted to his current level of incompetence.
    The “Peter Principle” is operative at all levels of incompetence.

  19. jwest says:

    This appears to be a case of someone confusing a new title with actual knowledge.
    The power of the “new media” is the ability to tap the collective innovation, experience and enthusiasm available to further a cause without the need for a physical presence.
    Our little Nicky is reveling in his first $35,000 per year job not realizing that some of the people he dismisses with his comments spend that amount on lunches at the club in a bad quarter. He obviously has little experience with the conservative online community, if he had never visited Riehl World before now.
    However, he is Director of New Media.
    In his mind, if you knew better than him, you would be Director of New Media instead of him. Never mind you would need to learn to live on a fraction of your income to take the position.
    Which is the point – the “New Media” allows people who couldn’t or wouldn’t give up their lives and income to take a Director of New Media or even a Senator’s job to participate in a meaningful way. People with real depth of experience and knowledge, people with talent and creativity, all there for the asking and waiting to coordinate with the politicians, think tanks and organizations that share a common goal except for roadblocks like our boy Nick.
    I’m certain John Boehner will hear of this soon. When he does, Nick will be gone.

  20. Bob says:

    I was fortunate to have dinner with my congress woman’s aide at a fundraiser dinner. A youngish guy, he had never heard of Mark Levin or Laura Ingraham, was unfamiliar with blogs, but admitted to listening to Dave Ramsey on occasion. I was depressed.

  21. I would also note that the same GOP Snobs dump on Sarah Palin for using Facebook and new media. Yet more has been gained from that than anything the RNC, RNSC or the RCCC can do to generate anything. And look at those that DO utilize new media. They are the ones that are being backed by the Tea Party folks. The revolution is happening from within and it would behoove these clowns to get on the right side.

  22. anon says:

    I’m pretty sure its correct that a lot of those in Congress admit they don’t even know how to use email! It is depressing that somone in charge of “new media” would be such a dips*t, but not surprising. People get jobs in DC because they sound good, because they are good at bs, results, not so much. Although there is a minority of uber talented workaholics who can turn straw into gold, most of the cadre of folks on the Hill and off the Hill are hacks, they say what everyone else says and they’re strategies are the same as everyone elses…once in a while you get some new talent, but mostly its a who you know, who likes you game and the backstabbing makes Manhattan look like Sunday school.

  23. artark says:

    Hey Beauregard, your performance at the confirmation hearings is making you look the fool. Come on, step it up.

  24. Veronica says:

    A prick who doesn’t know a legend when he sees one.
    Tells you how out of touch he is with the conservative blogosphere.

  25. It’s nice he praised your Googling capabilities, but that might actually be jealousy… Mr Schaper obviously hasn’t mastered Google if he’s never heard of this blog.
    Rep Boehner has made a mistake, and we all have hired losers from time to time… and we don’t realize just how bad they are until the customer complaints start rolling-in.
    But this year the GOP needs to have it together: best write him TODAY and tell him
    he needs to roll this arrogant, ignorant fool to the curb- I just did:

  26. Cecil Turner says:

    As a personal insult, this is pretty thin gruel. As a “they-still-don’t-get-it” illustration, it’s fairly illuminating. Perhaps the focus should be on education.
    A straight recapitulation of the conversation, starting with your initial blog and ending with the listserv back-and-forth, would’ve been a lot easier to follow, IMO.

  27. Barry Soetoro (D-King Of The World!) says:

    But, but, but I love the orange one!
    OsamaHusseinIslamObama 2012′
    (the terrorist-Uighur-ACORN-media choice)
    -It’s never too early to campaign-

  28. baggers are ignorant says:

    “This is why I like Sarah Palin-she’s take on the Corrupt Bastard’s Club.
    I left Brain-Dead Liberalism to get away from the butt-sucking Corrupt-crats Corrupt Bastard’s Club”
    perfect juxtaposition. out of the pan, into the fire. those corruptocrats are just conservatism-lite. vote conservative if you want true complete “Mammon Über Alles” moral corruption.

  29. Remarkulus says:

    Where is all the whinging and rending of garments over the stunning- stunning! I say- revelation that there are secret republican list serves where bloggers, journalists, AND RNC operatives get together and massage their messages? Or is this yet another issue where it is never wrong if done by the right?

  30. Kevin says:

    “Where is all the whinging and rending of garments over the stunning- stunning! I say- revelation that there are secret republican list serves where bloggers, journalists, AND RNC operatives get together and massage their messages? Or is this yet another issue where it is never wrong if done by the right?”
    Well? I mean, this is essentially the same as Journolist – so why is what you are doing OK but what they did was bad? I know you wanted to “expose” the brain-dead GOP establishment – not that it’s difficult – but you probably gave more ammunition to conservative opponents with your post.
    This highlights a larger problem with Conservatives: it’s OK if we collaborate with like-minded colleagues, but when liberals do it, it’s a “conspiracy” to “smear” conservatives and “protect” Obama by “burying stories.” It’s been this way forever – remember when Bill Clinton got a blowjob in the Oval Office? OMG THAT WAS TERRIBLE. But then we found out Newt Gingrich, supposedly the crusader against “The Pervert” was having an affair AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.